The Great Tree vs Axe War

Make your decision!

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I'm undecided, (Please have mercy!) so I made a small list of Pros for each team.

Team Tree Pros:

It started as a very well deserved jab at Twitter. Got to love it for that!
How can you so no to Terraria's logo, especially on Terraria Forums?

Team Axe Pros:

I get tired of memes quickly and will probably want to chop down trees soon.
I'm a bit psychotic and it's hard for psychopaths to say no to axes, especially Lucy. (She says Team Axe.)

Team Something Else Pros:

Why just watch the world burn when you can do something, no matter how small, to add fuel to the fire?
Deal with it.
Even when mentioning the benefits of being neutral, you describe the benefits of working with the axes.

Like you said, the trees will quickly tire you out with simplicity, join us for the long term anarchy.

You know you wanttttt toooo…
Indeed it does, but sometimes it’s best to leave truth by the wayside..

As to not look bad..

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tree hate


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