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Should I continue with the development of this mod?

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Thanks for the happy b-days guys! Now, Gyrolite is back in progress. Should be back at full pace tomorrow, since i'm a bit sore from a 10 mile canoe trip. ^w^;
How the hell could anyone not support this mod? Also, why are there 2 people that voted no on the poll? I know people have different opinions, but I just dont understand how someone that actually likes Terraria could not support this mod.
Those were there from a very early point in development,(but, like you said, every one deserves an honest opinion, and if someone disliked the mod, they probably left a suggestion) and thank you for your compliments!
Hmm. I wonder what this could possibly be. Maybe finally some desert love? :D

Now what exactly could it be for? :eek:
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