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tAPI The halo mod

should I continue work on this mod?

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    Votes: 72 84.7%
  • no

    Votes: 3 3.5%
  • undecided until more info is released

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For those of you who may be wondering, stats have not been added to the Op becuase the items are still being balanced and changed constantly.

this is mod created to add some features from the halo games(and books),
my mod team:
sprited most of the weapons with the exception of a few, check out his sprite page

Sin Costan

Trinium Bar: crafted with twenty Cholorphyte and twenty hallowed bars gives 40 trinium
Titanium A plating: crated with 1 titanium or 1 adamantite
Titanium B plating crafted with 1 orichalcum or 1 mythril
titanium C plating crafted with 1 iron bar or 1 lead bar
Fuel Rods: ammo for the fuel rod cannon
Promethean Steel Crafted with 20 trinium bars and ten hallowed bars creates 30
E.V.A armor.png
E.V.A Armor(Unreleased)
mc battle dm.png
Mjolnir Armor Set bonus Gives a jump boost, 40% ranged and melee damage, speed boost and 40 life
Helm Titanium Bar: 15, Chlorophyte Bar: 18
Chestplate Titanium Bar: 40, Chlorophyte Bar: 30
Boots Titanium Bar: 30, Chlorophyte Bar: 12
SPI armor.png
SPI armor (Unreleased) prehardmode ranged armor
(these will be updated to use the Titanium A plating in the next patch)

Assault Rifle.png
Assault Rifle: TitaniumA: 26, TitaniumC: 15, Megashark: 1
Battle Rifle.png
Battle Rifle: TitaniumA: 30, TitaniumC: 18, Clockwork Assault Rifle: 1
M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Launcher.png
Rocket Launcher(Unreleased)
Shotgun: TitaniumA: 28, TitaniumB: 20
Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Materiel.png
UNSC Pistol.png
Magnum: TitaniumA: 20, TitaniumB: 15
Fuel Rod Cannon.png
Fuel Rod Cannon: Trinium Bar: 80
Gravity Hammer: Stone Block: 50, Diamond: 4, Trinium Bar: 20
Plasma Pistol(Unreleased, will be added in the next patch)
Energy Sword.png
Energy Sword: Diamond: 16, Sapphire: 12, Trinium Bar: 28
Promethean Boltshot.png
Promethean Boltshot(Unreleased)
Promethean Incineration Cannon.png
Promethean Incineration Cannon: PrometheanSteel: 30, PrometheanScrapMetal: 4, ShockCore: 3
Promethean Scattershot: PrometheanSteel: 20, PrometheanScrapMetal: 6
Promethean Suppresor: PrometheanSteel: 20, PrometheanScrapMetal: 6
Promethean Binary Rifle.png
Promethean Binary Rifle(Unreleased)

Promethean watcher: spawns after planetera has been defeated, drops promethean scrap metal and promethean shock cores

Buffs and Debuffs
Plasma burn: when applied this debuff will give the target 10% decreased health for a minute (4% is the target is a boss) after the minute is over the target will regain any health that was lost due to the debuff (does not include damage taken while the debuff is active)

Future Ideas and updates:
The flood
A biome to replace the corruption spreads quicker and is harder to cure, requires the use of A portable Halo. Spawns flood enemies that can infect other NPCs.

A possible forerunner biome to replace the hallow, seeing as the forerunners were the first to fight the flood.

More UNSC things. accessories to match the genetic modifications that the Spartans went through, an ONI agent NPC to sell you certain materials and items.

More complex recipes will be added when I have time

Finally if you want to support this mod use this banner


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  • Promethean Scattershot.png
    Promethean Scattershot.png
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reserved for mod realeases

New Release
Recipes for weapons (will likely be changed and balanced as I get more user feedback)
Promethean Scrap Metal: dropped from prometheans
Shock Core: dropped from prometheans.
Promethean Steel: TriniumBar 20, Hallowed Bar 10 at a mythril anvil* gives thirty bars
Trinium Bar: Chlorophyte Bar 20, Hallowed Bar 20 at a mythril anvil* gives forty bars
Assualt Rifle: Titanium Bar 16, Iron Bar 15, "Megashark 1 at a mythril anvil*
Battle Rifle: Titanium Bar 30, Iron Bar 18, Clockwork Assault Rifle 1 at a mythril anvil*
Energy Sword: Diamond 16, Sapphire 12, TriniumBar 28 at a mythril Anvil*
Fuel Rod Cannon: TriniumBar 80 at a mythril Anvil*
Gravity Hammer: Stone Block 50, "Diamond: 4, "TriniumBar 20 at a mythril anvil*
Shotgun: Titanium Bar 28, "Palladium Bar 20 at a mythril anvil*
Magnum: Titanium Bar 20, Palladium Bar 15 at a mythril anvil*
Incineration cannon: PrometheanSteel 30, PrometheanScrapMetal 4, ShockCore 3 at a mythril anvil*
Scattershot: PrometheanSteel 20, PrometheanScrapMetal 6 at a mythril anvil
*All of these can be crafted at an orichalcum anvil

Patch Notes:
Added Promethean Items and weapons
Added Promethean Watcher
Added Fuel Rod Cannon
Added Fuel Rods
Multiple patches and bug fixes on weapons

Download below


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the mjonir mark VI armor spritesheets are done and once the code is finished I will be uploading a semi stable build of the mod that will include mjonir mark VI and some of the weapons.
Update list:
Armor sets implemented: Mjonir mark VI.
Bugs fixed: None as of yet,
Items Implemented:
M41 sts rocket launcher
UNSC Magnum
UNSC Assualt Rifle
(possibly DMR and Sniper rifle but the code turns up errors for those)
Covenant Energy Sword
Covenant Gravity hammer.
these items should be released sometime tonight

EDIT: the code for the mjolnir armor is finished (minus a few of the bonuses) and the weapons are following
EDIT2: I ran into some major errors and I am working on fixing them, in the meanwhile the rocket launcher and assault rifle will be unavailable mjolnir armor magnum and energy sword will be released shortly
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new download uploaded to second post includes gravity hammer mjolnir armor and energy sword. there may be some bugs and as soon as I have more time I will fix them and the rest of the mod. enjoy


Really awesome, amazing sprites. One thing a think it's a bit overpowered is the armor set bonus. For both of them, I mean, 45% not to consume ammo is a lot.


the Covenant Fuel rod cannon sprite looks kinda weird compared to the others though, it looks like the spriter didn't quiet get the "terraria feel" in it...

btw, did you sprite these yourself, or is it someone else?
the Covenant Fuel rod cannon sprite looks kinda weird compared to the others though, it looks like the spriter didn't quiet get the "terraria feel" in it...

btw, did you sprite these yourself, or is it someone else?
Look at the top of the OP, most of the sprites were made by ThatOneRobloxHater excluding the armor sets, the energy sword and some other things,

Also I will be updating the OP with information regarding future updates
Sometime tonight or tomorrow there will be an update to this mod adding the scattershot and M45 Shotgun, giving the assault Rifle some inaccuracy and some bug fixes.

Sin Costan

Eye of Cthulhu
I have played the Halo series and I really hope that you can finish this mod up, hell, I would like to help you make some of the items because I have some experience making projectile items.
A mod update will be be uploaded later tonight or tommorow including multiple small updates and some new item
Fuel rod cannon and fuel rods
promethean scattershot incineration cannon and possibly suppresor (These may be added as magic weapons with a new armor type to go with them)
some bug fixes
Thanks to Sin Costan for helping me with this update, he has been added to the mod team in the Op new items and info will be added later when I have time


Calling it rn,
Didact Drone & Didact Armor.
[DOUBLEPOST=1425702373][/DOUBLEPOST]New suggestion, pair up some biomes!
Covenant Biome = Corruption/Crimson
Forerunner/Didact Biome = Hallow
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