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should I continue work on this mod?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  3. undecided until more info is released

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  1. Thanks, I'm actually working on the promethean right now, lowering its spawnrate, it only spawns after plantera has been defeated, drops less gold and it will get a small buff as post plantera items will destroy it, but thanks for the feedback I will make sure they can't spawn during invasions
  2. new small update, doesn't do much except give the assault rifle a nerf and add some more spawn conditions to the promethean watcher
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    Hey, just some suggestions for future armor sets.
    Elite Armor (Armor that Covenant Elites wear) Ranger Armor
    Forerunner Armor (Armor that Forerunners wear) Mage Armor
    Didact Armor (Armor that infected Forerunners wear)

    Also, there should be two watcher variants.
    Infected, and non-infected.
    Mjolnir armor should be more offensive melee armor
    EVA armor should be more defensive melee armor
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 29, 2015 ---
    Infected Forerunners = Silver and Orange
    Normal Forerunners = Silver and Blue
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    I am new to tAPI so where do I put the folder so I can play the mod?
  6. I plan to add warrior servant armor into the game ( a mage forerunner set) and already have the armor sprite just have yet to make the animation sheets

    the path to the folder you put the mod in is Document/my games/terraria/tapi/mods/local
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    did you update the download file at the second post? because it says its 135.7 KB with 10 views..and that usually doesn't get downloaded 10 times so quickly
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  8. I did update it. it only has the many downloads so quickly because my friend who is playing through the mod with me downloaded it more than once
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  9. Well as promised prometheans should avoid spawning during pumpkin moons frost moons and the like, Assault rifle has received another small nerf. working on adding the rest of the planned promethean weapons--- Boltshot, Suppresor----.

    Also a small spoiler
    A prehardmode ranged armor set

    This update(will not include spi armor or promethean weapons) will be released later tonight

    EDIT: I decided to push the update to tomorrow and add the promethean weapons, I will update the mod tommorow night

    and because for some reason the image of spi armor doesn't work in the spoiler here: SPI armor.png
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  10. Update: added in the promethean suppressor, also promethean watchers should no longer spawn during frost or pumpkin moons the assault rifle has also received a small nerf
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  11. OP has been cleaned up and has additional info on weapons and armor.
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    where is the new version download link?
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  13. in the second post.
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  14. Small update: Once I finish my list of sprited mod content I will start taking requests for all things halo( as long as it isn't too complex)
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  15. Alright the plasma pistol has been added and can charge(Thanks to Sin Costan).
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  16. Small update: Promethean weapons should now properly scale with magic and activate magic damage bonuses such as spectre armors.
    plasma pistol SHOULD be chargeable now, please inform me if it isn't
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    How did you get the charging to work? Sounds interesting!
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  18. @Sin Costan made it, using some code to make it charge as long as the weapon was channeled, if you want, send me a pm and I will go into more detail about how to use it.
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  19. Tw[!]X.exe

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    How do I install the mod?
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  20. Download the .tapi file, then on your computer copy it to: Documents\my Games\terraria\Tapi\Mods\local