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Greetings from the dead.

My computer finally died, which isn't a very good excuse since I've been using my wife's computer to play League. However, I should be posting again now since I have a work station more or less situated.

The week I come back, your PC dies? Very suspicious. Hm...
I was here all along, just forgot about this place, anyway, I will try to be active here.
PS: For personal reasons, I don't play games like League, I have many reasons.
Yeah, don't blame you for not liking those types of games. They've become much worse over the years.

Also, didn't get home from being out with my wife's family until after 1:00AM this morning/last night, but expect replies today. I might not be able to post the pictures as my scripts to automate those are gone. ):
So there are a few things that will forever haunt me.

  1. How to kill the regenerating bears in the Void
  2. What that green crystal at the end of the RotWL ark does. We did a time skip right before I was going to have Regnil grab it.
  3. How to get the spirit or whatever it was out of the dirt circle.
  4. And last but not least, what Magdar had in store for Regnil and Bainor.

Also fun fact, there was a certain point where if things went differently, Regnil may have ended up being N/NE.
I was wondering, how old is The Island now? The site has the dates of acceptance for all but the oldest characters, and my first character was accepted 2013-09-02, the oldest I can find that aren't legacy are from May that same year. So I'd say it's very likely it's older than 5 years, since I'm pretty sure the legacy period was longer than a month. Too bad TO is gone, otherwise I'd look up the exact date.
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I used the ol' trusty WayBack Machine to check it out, and this past March the Island turned five years old, at least starting from Reaper's original thread. Can't look through the hundreds of pages we used to have back then, but you can at the very least look at the first page.

Man, time flies, don't it?
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