OOC The Island - OOC

Oh, sorry, I misunderstood.

Yeah, it is full, but you were already in it before so I would understand if you wanted to continue there and am okay with that. If you want to join a different one, let me know.
If there is room in one, place me there, or if there is no more room, then I would like to keep going with Relics. I didn't make much progress anyway there.
I'm in! However, please check my stats and tell me what do I have to fix; I'm accustomed for the DM to check what to change so it fits the story more.
@Charmander27 I think we need your input here.
((This is getting... slow...))

"Uh? Guys? I saw Francis in the distance, he seems to be heading towards Bariston."
Replying to Azaka "Sure thing, let's start with chopping down a tree." Platinum takes out his battle axe.
((Will this work to chop down a tree?))
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