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Sprites The Mod


The Destroyer
The Mod

the Mana orb distributer a mages best friend

inflicts buff: Ether

Buff: Ether
buff tooltip: Mana courses through your veins
Buff effects: you are regenerating 18 mana per second and 2 health per second(can stack with any other restoring/regen effect),when over 30% mana mana weapons deal 5% more damage but you use 25% more mana
when this buff is active you are also constantly suffering from mana sickness

crafting recipe: 1 strange brew,5 super mana potions,10 nebula fragments at an ancient manipulator

tell me if this is Op or useless thanks:D


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yes I suppose so although I didn't bring magic power into account but I don't think it would be that overpowered
Honestly, I'm more concerned about Mana Regen. Considering the speed it already has, it would likely be pretty broken.

Edit: Also, does it apply to only magic weapons, or anything that uses mana?


That mana regeneration is kinda broken, 5% more mana cost isnt really gonna put a noticable dent if you have 20 mana replenishing back so quickly. Combine thus with literally any other mage armor or pot you can easily have nearly unlimited mana.

The Mod
- Acessory -
+16% Increased Mana Cost & Damage above 25% Mana
- Getting hit replenishes 40 Mana over 4 seconds.
Crafting: ×5 Celestial Fragments, ×1 Strange Brew, ×1 Super Mana Potion @ Ancient Manipulator

Make the item have a more meaningful drawback/risk whilst still serving its intended purpose. Also avoid big recipes they just complicate things.


The Destroyer
im now realising how broken it is ima make some changes it would be for anything that uses mana I guess
@ Ancient Manipulator
forgot to add this oops:happy:
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