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Official The Oasis!

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Redigit, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Ilmarinen

    Ilmarinen Santa-NK1

    Red actually makes a post and we get a new biome. Will wonders never cease?
    Wait... how does this biome actually work? I'm not seeing a new block to carry the biome. Is it sand in the presence of water that creates the biome?
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  2. TUMM11

    TUMM11 Plantera

    This is the content I have been o-aiting for. Looks great!
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  3. Redigit

    Redigit CEO, Lead Developer Staff Member Re-Logic

    You are correct! If there is enough water within a certain distance, oasis plants will grow instead of cacti. The cattails will grow anywhere on sand if the water depth is right. Dragonflies will spawn anywhere near cattails.

    GAMINGPEA_64 Skeletron Prime

  5. that homie

    that homie Plantera

    @Redigit it's good to hear from you, sir, especially bearing news like this! I look forward to playing the new update!
  6. Ilmarinen

    Ilmarinen Santa-NK1

    I always love when you guys try out and implement new mechanics.
  7. AntithesisEK

    AntithesisEK Golem

    That is so good to hear for pre-existing builds and new environment works!
  8. Xman101

    Xman101 Cultist

    Well then, I know the fate of all my worlds that do not currently have deserts with water in them... :naughty:
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  9. Sm-ArtThings

    Sm-ArtThings Terrarian

    Something I noticed and have been wondering, does this mean brown desert water is a thing of the past? Since now the water is just gonna be an oasis if there's enough of it
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  10. Yello_X

    Yello_X Plantera

    Wait, so this isn't a mirage? Cool! So now everyone's mad at their pre-1.3.6 worlds for not having this?
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  11. Iamdarkbowser

    Iamdarkbowser Terrarian

    I can't wait to find a pyramid peeking through the water.
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  12. Shyguy

    Shyguy Spazmatism

    My God, Terraria is evolving! New backgrounds, New music, New Mini-biomes!?!? The hype is unreal!
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  13. Redigit

    Redigit CEO, Lead Developer Staff Member Re-Logic

    Brown desert water is now underground only. The Desert Fountain will also make brown water.
  14. Yello_X

    Yello_X Plantera

    Just add a Dehydrated buff in the Desert and the Oasis can be used for something lmao :dryadindifferent:
    Brown water is underground because somebody broke the sewage pipes and toilet junk ended up there lol
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018
  15. ItsDaSuperNoob

    ItsDaSuperNoob Terrarian

    When is that gping to come out for mobile
  16. Makishima

    Makishima Golem

    That's really interesting to hear all these new more advanced biome mechanics ! Can we expect all kinds of minibiomes ?
  17. RoM

    RoM Terrarian

    It looks wonderful
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  18. Jetstream ∞

    Jetstream ∞ Cultist

    Hey, that’s what my girlfriend says all the time
  19. Sm-ArtThings

    Sm-ArtThings Terrarian

    Oh, I guess putting it underwater is a nice compromise. I like it though because the desert is a biome that could use more love
  20. Apple User 193

    Apple User 193 Terrarian


    Okay looks really cool