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    And some underwater ruins or shipwrecks at the depths of the ocean. We'd probably need a wider and deeper ocean to accommodate any mini-biomes.
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    Looks beautiful, Can't wait!
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    Makes me wonder what other minibiomes will be in 1.3.6 and if they'll use this sort of clever generation.
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    Different teams are working on Mobile and PC. Work on the PC version doesn't take work away from the Mobile version.
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    Looks great! And are those dragonfly’s I see by those cat tails? If so cool feature. Hopefully those dragonfly’s can be caught and used as bait or be put in a jar!
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    Are we going to get the reed furniture as well ? ^_^
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    In my opinion, this mini-biome add a sort of new decoration to the desert, which the desert is normally empty and dusty. Good idea!

    The mini-biome represents an oasis, am I wrong?
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    Uhmm, well. I like it, it looks pretty, but the Desert already got the Underground Desert semi-recently... And...
    I'm still as passionate as ever about fixing the Lihzahrd Temple. ;-; It's almost as dry as the Desert is.
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    How so?
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    Yeah, it's got a boss, and that boss is needed for progression, and it has traps (which everyone knows about, and typically don't die after a few attempts, especially since the Grand Design is so easy to get, and they can just sever wires to the traps.) and it has 2 enemies, which drop cells for the boss, and solar tablet fragments...

    Still.... 2 enemies, and a bunch of traps everyone knows about. The Desert pre-1.3 at least had Mummies, Vultures, and Antlions, which is 3 enemies. (5 if you count the Hallow/Crimson/Corruption Mummies, Dark Mummy and Light Mummy, 7, if you count the Shadow and Spectral Mummies, the Console/Mobile Exclusives.) It's dry, it needs a re-work. Every Biome except Space has more enemies... And even space, technically, since it doesn't prevent Forest mobs from spawning, while the Temple prevents Jungle enemies from spawning whilst within it. (Also, space is required for practically ALL wings, thanks to Souls of Flight, and has it's own mechanic, weaker gravity. The only "mechanic" the Temple has, is the traps within it, specifically the block traps, the spike traps are akin to the Dungeon spikes, which already exist. And the Super Dart Trap is just a better Dart Trap from the Underground/Cavern Layers.)

    Even for a mini-biome, it's low. The Witch Doctor, despite being a Lihzahrd, does not have anything to do with the Lihzahrd Temple, while the Spider Nest has the Stylist, and the Mushroom Biome (if you create an artificial Surface one.) has the Truffle, needed for Shroomite. The Spider Nest has 2 enemies, one for pre-hardmode and one for hardmode, and both cannot spawn at once, at least it has an NPC and some weapons, and an Armor, without a boss.
    The Marble and Granite Biomes has a few enemies each, more than the Temple. The Pyramid does not, there's only a chance for Mummies and other Desert Enemies, but it's in the previously mentioned Desert anyway. The Temple is part of the Jungle, but doesn't really have anything to do with the Jungle at all.

    The concept for the Jungle itself, being the home to a god, and being the Temple of the Sun, is really cool, and I think the result is not pushing the idea enough.
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    hey. i see every coconut at bottom with palm tree. its good with small rate,
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    new item material coconut ;);)