Biomes & Nature The Outback: An Alternate Underworld

Geez, its so weird to think about these animals that we see on more or less a daily basis and then to think that Americans don't even experience them
That's just life as an Aussie. Knee-deep in snakes and funnel-web spiders. The TV Tropes page on Australia is particularly entertaining for us Aussies. :)
Just saying, a kiwi isn't Australian. It is from New Zealand.
Edit: Ninja Kiwi is from New Zealand too.
Maybe it could a Tasman themed underworld?
I think only us Aussies will understand this suggestion. :)

Sorry, I can't read it in-depth right now, but four things stuck out at me. Firstly, day/night cycles aren't really applicable underground. Secondly, the boss should be a Drop Bear. Thirdly, there's no Bunyip enemy. Fourthly, Koalas aren't bears.

I'll try to read through this properly later.

Edit: Fifthly, where's the Vegemite?
Kiwis will also understand it...
Since kiwis don't fly IRL, the one sin the suggestion should use rocket boots or similar equipment, and have limited flight time.
There should be Emus in some way. I recommend to put them to fulfill a similar role to Red Devils in terms of being a post-Mech enemy that is a lot stronger than the other enemies in the biome. To make them different, they could have a mercy invincibility mechanic similar to the Player's, which would make them resistant to fast-hitting attacks such as the Crystal Storm and the Megashark. Finally, they could drop a gun similar to the Lewis gun, which may or may not be wartime loot.
I haven't even read through this whole thing yet, but I saw Ninja Kiwi and a Dartling Gun.
Instant approval.
Yup, although I might have to get with the times and make the dart weapon one that's actually in #6. :p
Aw dang, but the Dartling Gunner's my favorite!
Well, maybe, since it's still a Ninja, it could drop a stronger version of Shurikens that can confuse enemies?
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