Sprites The Stats for Some Hardmode Headgear should be Swapped


For every armor set in the game with helmets for each class -Summoner, the masks give melee boosts, and the helmet gives ranged boosts, right?

Wrong, because for some reason, the Adamantite and Cobalt Helmet and Mask basically have their stats swapped with one another. With the helmet giving melee bonuses and more defense, and the mask giving ranged bonuses and less defense. It's probably late to change something like this, but still.

Also bonus equipment mishaps: The Jungle Armor set bonus says it reduces "mana costs", instead of "mana cost" like every other mana cost reduction armor in the game.
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This looks more like a bug, not a suggestion.
It's actually more of a suggestion to make the wording more consistent.
It's been in for so long, it could be assumed it's intentional design by the devs to switch the helmets names.
It's not wrong, but it could be changed for the better.
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