The Thing Flinger: A Versatile New Weapon

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Are you tired of your inventory getting filled with junk you don't need? Too many items you can't sell but want to rid of? Well, I suggest a new weapon to solve all that: the Thing Flinger!

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The Thing Flinger is a ranged weapon that can use any item as ammunition. It’s damage changed based on what is fired. Items are fired by selecting the item in your inventory and clicking shift+A, causing it to be ammunition for the flinger.

The Thing Flinger is purchased from the Goblin Tinkerer after defeating Skeletron. It costs 30 Gold.

Thing Flinger:
Damage: Rarity or Base Damage of flung weapons.
Knockback: 3
Use Time: 26
Crit. Strike Chance: 4%
Velocity: 5
Tooltip: "One man's trash is another man's ammunition."
"Can launch any item. Different items do different damage when fired."
Rarity: Green
Buy/Sell: 30 Gold/10 Gold
Flung items have a 25% chance to be retrieved.
Can not obtain modifiers.

When firing certain items from the Thing Flinger, certain things will happen.

Weapons/Tools: When weapons are shot from the Thing Flinger, they will do the amount of damage that the weapon itself does. (Example: You launch a Terra Blade doing 100 damage, the thrown Terra Blade will do 100 damage.) Same applies to anything else that does damage, like ammo.

Potions: If a potion/flask is thrown from the Flinger, it will give whatever it came in contact the corresponding buff/debuff would be applied to the enemy. This also means that you could restore player health/mana with those potions, but they would still get health/mana sickness. However, the buff/debuff would only last for five seconds. This also applies to Cursed Flame/Ichor spell tomes. Note that if you throw pure Ichor/Hellstone/other ingredients to potions, that they will NOT give a debuff.

Explosives: When explosives of any type are thrown, they will do 50 damage and explode/destroy blocks on impact. Any explosives with effects (sticky, bouncy, etc.) will have their effects for 3 seconds and then explode. Explosives can’t be retrieved after being flung. Items that count as explosives: All Grenades, Bombs, Dynamites, Fish Bombs, Explosives, Detonators, Beenades, Happy Grenades, Land Mines, and Holy Hand Grenades (which would do 100 damage, even though it might be removed.)

Thing Flinger: Flinging a Thing Flinger will cause another piece of ammunition to launch from the launched Thing Flinger, but will only do 1/2 of the Damage. If a Thing Flinger is thrown from a thrown Thing Flinger, it will NOT fling another item.

Everything Else: Damage depends on the rarity. Rarity damages: Gray=10, White=15, Blue=20, Green=30, Orange=35, Light Red=40, Pink=50, Light Purple=55, Lime=60, Yellow=70, Cyan=85, Red=100, Purple= 120, Amber=40, Rainbow=90.

I have thought this over many times in my head as to if it would be possible to code. Though I have never looked into the code of Terraria, I have theorized a way this could work.

The Flinger would detect the item in the last slot. If it had a damage value (not sure if that's how it works), it would change the damage dealt from 20. The same would go for potions. If it inflicted a buff/debuff (still not sure), it would give that buff/debuff.

The actual projectile would just be the texture of the item.

(I tried my hardest to explain my thinking here. It was a little difficult.)

Thank you for reading my (slightly overcomplicated) suggestion! I would gladly accept advice and constructive criticism!
So basically the rock-it launcher or junk jet from fallout....I like it `:happy:


Eater of Worlds
Maybe when the thing flinger was in the player's hotbar, a special area in the player's inventory would appear as a spot for ammo so you don't have to worry about accidentally wasting important items.


2 things:
1st: With this item, The seaweed will finally have a purpose.
2nd: The sell value for all things in terraria is 1/5 (20%) of the buy price. The correct sell/cost is 30/6.

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Added a new sprite and updated the thread as a whole!

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