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What would you like more in The Trelamium Mod?

  1. Bosses

  2. NPCs (Town)

  3. NPCs (Monsters)

  4. Weapons (Melee)

  5. Weapons (Ranged)

  6. Weapons (Magic)

  7. Weapons (Throwing)

  8. Weapons (Summoning)

  9. Ores

  10. Furniture

  11. Armor sets

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
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  1. KittyKitCatCat

    KittyKitCatCat Skeletron Prime

    This is the Trelamium Mod's official Terraria Community Forums Thread!
    This mod is dead, it wont be supported and updated.

    07.09.2017 is the date of our end.
    Code and some sprties of this mod are now a part of the Taradoxian mod

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  2. KittyKitCatCat

    KittyKitCatCat Skeletron Prime

    Reserved? idk how that works XD
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  3. Determination!

    Determination! Steampunker

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  4. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Looking very nice. Good luck TerrariaMr.Black to you and the entire dev team.
  5. Determination!

    Determination! Steampunker

  6. Saber_Guardian

    Saber_Guardian Official Terrarian

    Thanks :)
    I just hope i can improve my spriting skills so i could make something close to starwrath and other weapons.

    Oh, and i didn't expect a Moderator would comment on this thread xD
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  7. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian The Destroyer

    Not bad!;)
  8. Saber_Guardian

    Saber_Guardian Official Terrarian

    Thanks, we are still working on this mod so be hyped ;)
  9. NineyTheTerrarian

    NineyTheTerrarian Terrarian

    G'day everyone!
  10. Saber_Guardian

    Saber_Guardian Official Terrarian

    G'day to you too fine sir!
  11. PankHairStudios

    PankHairStudios Skeletron Prime

    lel, nine is.... that's none of my business telling you that
  12. Saber_Guardian

    Saber_Guardian Official Terrarian

    How the heck am i supposed to know that if it doesn't even say that on her profile?
    yeah im still a bit confused about "nine is....", i want u to be more specific xD
  13. LeeTG3

    LeeTG3 Eye of Cthulhu

    On my computer most of the images say [​IMG] Did you upload the images to this post? because if you didnt, it might not work
  14. Le tromp du Jawa

    Le tromp du Jawa Eye of Cthulhu

    same for me
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  15. PankHairStudios

    PankHairStudios Skeletron Prime

    Ok I'll fix it on Monday, I would fix it Sunday but I have church and I will be busy the rest of the day
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  16. Ca595

    Ca595 Skeletron Prime

    [​IMG] can i be an developer? (i made a new harpy) i hope you like it [​IMG] (its a little smaller, but it isnt just a ripoff of the normal harpy (i came here because of @LeeTG3)
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  17. Ca595

    Ca595 Skeletron Prime

    [​IMG] i resprited the fire sword ([​IMG])
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  18. Saber_Guardian

    Saber_Guardian Official Terrarian

    Well that looks like its made from Palladium. But still cool.
  19. PankHairStudios

    PankHairStudios Skeletron Prime

    yeah dude!
  20. Determination!

    Determination! Steampunker

    ca595 nice sprite!
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