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tModLoader Trelamium Mod Remastered

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by Rubber Duck, Jul 20, 2018.


What Do You Think About This?

  1. It's horrible, I want nothing to do with it.

  2. It looks promising, better than the original.

  3. Not sure about this, I'll look into it.

  1. Rubber Duck

    Rubber Duck Terrarian

    This "remake" of Trelamium was originally intended to "be a meme". But overtime it grew into a fun project that we enjoyed.
    Unlike the orignal Trelamium Mod, this one has no plagiarism (For both codes and sprites), removed bad content/concepts, and adds brand new content.


    Weapons obtainable through upgrade
    TideOfTheGods.png CresentCutlass.png OvergrowthStaff.png
    AquaticScourge.png CresentClaymore.png LotusOvergrowth.png

    StormGenasis.png CreationClaymore.png ExtinctionExtractor.png

    Archglaive.png Archlight.png Uniglaive.png

    Unique Weapons obtainable through crafting/enemies

    EuropianPulsar.png VenusPulsar.png AngelsArk.png

    DreamSnatcher.png Hemoglobin.png Trinity.png

    PrimordialPike.png AntlionStaff.png AbyssSpire.png

    HyrdaBurst.png ApparitionStaff.png AvianEiserne.png

    Bosses and enemies

    Pyron_1.png Azolinth_2.0_1.png
    Pyron & The Azolinth

    RulerOfSkies.png ParadoxHive.png

    Aureolus & The Paradox Hive (Old Names: Cumulor & DarkWING)

    Special Thanks:
    @ShockedHorizon5 - Spriter, Legacy Dev
    @derpin'lolz - Spriter, Community Manager, Legacy Dev
    @blushiemagic & tModLoader Devs - Creating tModLoader :D
    Euphoria Mod Developers and Spriters - Merging of Mods
    @Koopahunter197 - Constructive Crits (They really helped, thanks :D)
    Trelamium Mod Fans - For waiting so long for us to bring the mod back to life
    tModLoader #Help channel - Helped with a lot of bugs for custom AI.
    Relogic Employees & Terraria Devs - Making terraria, obviously :D
    Tsuki'sStuffs - Willing to produce music for Trelamium Mod Remastered
    @ImActuallyTurquoise - Euphoria Mod Soundtracks, which were ported to Trelamium Mod Remastered.

    ^^^ Thanks to all of those people, this would have most likely not been a thing without them.
    We Appreciate it! :D

    -- Fan Art --
    "Aureolus" By: Mike and Ike

    "Carnage Armor" By: Mike and Ike

    "Paradox Hive" By: @Wild Woof

    "Archlight Abysalist" By: Mike and Ike

    "Rin, The Illusionist" By: Daddy (yes, that's their name)
    Thank's to all who has put their hard work into making fan art! Thank you! We really appreciate it!

    Discord Server:

    Youtube Channel:

    Toasted Marshmallow!
    Makes quality videos, you should sub!

    Mod Download:

    Trelam2 Banner (Put in Signature)
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  2. Wild Woof

    Wild Woof Eye of Cthulhu

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  3. Wild Woof

    Wild Woof Eye of Cthulhu

    Will this mod be updated after release?
  4. TOMKA

    TOMKA Terrarian

    There have already beeing try to remake trelamium (taradoxian mod), but it was dead. Hope, that this try won't die.
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  5. ITS FBI(DumbestManAlive)

    ITS FBI(DumbestManAlive) Skeletron Prime

    did Arna allow the usage of those?
  6. Rubber Duck

    Rubber Duck Terrarian

    Arna was a spriter for euphoria mod, which died so I merged it with trelam2, so all the content from euphoria was merged, including those biome daggers
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 20, 2018, Original Post Date: Jul 20, 2018 ---
    Yes, there will be content updates and such. You can expect us to have much more content in the future
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  7. Vlad Terrarian

    Vlad Terrarian The Destroyer

    This mod looks fantastic! And it is 2nd Remaster of Trelamium, first was Taradoxium mod.

    Keep it up @Rubber Duck!
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2018
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  8. TheRandomMidget

    TheRandomMidget Terrarian

    Trelamium was not great by standards, but the way you’re remastering it should make it an actual quality content mod. I look forward to playing this :)
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  9. Burst

    Burst Plantera

    So the mod is returning? Has been a while. But yeah, the sprites are actually cool. :)

    I'll keep my eyes on this mod. ;)
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  10. Wild Woof

    Wild Woof Eye of Cthulhu

    this mod is amazing! the sprites are cool, and everything else is too! :D
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  11. Wild Woof

    Wild Woof Eye of Cthulhu

    Sad that the thread is ded
  12. Kowbee

    Kowbee Terrarian

    So this mod is not coming out ?
  13. Burst

    Burst Plantera

    It will come out. May just take a little longer tho.
  14. Wild Woof

    Wild Woof Eye of Cthulhu

    This mod will be released soon, I'm just saying nobody is replying to the thread
  15. Kowbee

    Kowbee Terrarian

    Ok cool
  16. DitherDude

    DitherDude Terrarian

    This mod has great potential! I hope to see more! (btw it's me temper)
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  17. Wild Woof

    Wild Woof Eye of Cthulhu

    Oh hi temper
  18. KittyKitCatCat

    KittyKitCatCat Skeletron Prime

    I've had negative experience with the Trelamium Mod in the past, not in any means calling it bad right now though. As far as i know not a lot of people were into the mod but those that were, really liked it. The Euphoria mod made by the same creator got sadly killed for the sake of this. I was somewhat excited for The Euphoria mod, at least more than for this mod, i mean all you really changed was the name.

    Just having fun with a mod doesn't instantly make it a good mod, you can have fun with terraria mods in a lot of different ways! If a mod is well built, balanced and is at least decent spritework and codework based and on top of that brings at least some new and original ideas such as interesting boss attack patterns and attacks or simply unique weapons. From the shown spoilers for this mod thing's are looking okay, but i would in fact change my neutral as of now opinion if i were to see some new, unique and interesting content!
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  19. Wild Woof

    Wild Woof Eye of Cthulhu

    It's been a while since someone replied
  20. Rubber Duck

    Rubber Duck Terrarian

    The planned release date may be postponed by 3-7 days. There are a few bugs to fix and a few more items to implement.