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IC The Underworld

What will our major event be?

  • Read post number 10

  • Murph’s idea (Massive Storms)

  • Corruption spread

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Duke Fishron
"*I... don't know... how... you'd do that... I haven't... seen anything... like you... before.*"
Lavin tried to get up, clearly in a lot of pain, likely due to her still present leg injuries, at least they're not quite as bad anymore.

Anthony Slyck

Duke Fishron
Huh... how is the dragon trying to move... I want to co- AGH! Still hurts badly, too much to me to move actually... - Tr: "*AAAAAUGH!*" - Probably they'll hear it now, won't they?

Anthony Slyck

Duke Fishron
Okay... this might be not working for now, I'm too injured to think...


Okay, the hell are the screams doing? I swear I can't concentrate on interrogating the wizard (dead guy). - Th: "I have bit of trouble with the screams - they're too common and too loud for me to concentrate!" - Of course I had gotten inside the shack of the wizard (just a normal cabin) to ask some digger-guy... was he named? Let me try to recognize...

Anthony Slyck

Duke Fishron
Well, I can't focus since screeches. Great. - Tr: "ץєคђ... ՇђคՇ ๒єՇՇєг ภєє๔ร Շ๏ Ŧเא เรรยєร, ๏кคץ?" - Cause' I'm not gonna go there for a vain!


"Yeah... I think I'm going to go look for everyone else and tell them that we found a place to stay at."
*Heads out to do so*


**Walking in the cave, there are many worm corpses. They all seem to be cut directly along the middle and are very clean cuts that even cut through the bone. There is a blood trial onwards.**
*I am nowhere to been seen*


*Stumbles upon the two and then takes a bunch of steps back*
"...Should I help the two? I mean, one of them I saw transformed and the other's a dragon. Clearly though, I must be dreaming, because dragons aren't real." *Chuckles*
*I seem to be trying to deny the fact that I got myself into a crazy situation*
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