There & Back Again: A Summary of Journey's End

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I'm glad that summoner is getting love and melee is getting nerfed. Summoner needed love and it got exactly that :D

On the whole, Melee is not getting nerfed, its getting a lot of buffs. Just a few weapons that were too strong were reduced, while a lot of Melee weapons were boosted.
*looks at stardust guardian armour* Dear oh dear, someone's been watching JoJo, ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORRAAAA! im so frickin HYPE!
Honestly, its probably because as VP of the company, Cenx has info that the moderators (and even a lot of the team) might not have access to.

I can't blame the moderators for having a cautious, conservative approach to making public statements. If Cenx wants to make optimistic ones based on her current info, then that's her call, and I trust her judgement enough to figure she's probably right.

Feel free to be cautious as well, I wouldn't hold it against you. But give the moderators some slack, they are just trying to regulate expectations with the information they have! :)

wish she had some info on console, i know it's still very early... but man, i'd give my soul for any info on it.

it's such a mixed atmosphere, tons of excitement for half the fanbase, and the other half is miserable and some even thinking we aren't getting it for years, if at all.

i can't help but keep coming back here every 5 minutes, partially out of excitement, but mostly out of desperation for any info on the console version.

it's torture.

terraria is one of those games i fell in love with on sight, so it's always been agonizing getting left in the dust.
Final sword here we go, it looks so nice!
Terra Blade + Meowmere + Star Wrath + Influx Waver + Horseman's Blade + Seedler + Enchanted sword + Starfury + Copper shortsword = Zenith
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I wonder how pedguin server moderators will broke a whip when they want to have fun.

I hope not worse as laser machine gun
Im excited of the new changes of terraria but Im sorry for asking...but when is the next update for the terraria on the switch gonna come out?
regarding the desert tunnels, i imagine you just use any non-gravity-conforming block, and swap out the sand with it using the new block swapping mechanic, then dig out the sand that is now under the solid blocks.

that should allow tunnels to be made under sand, right?

Ah thanks, good point.
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