There & Back Again: A Summary of Journey's End

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Finally finished reading it all. The addition of whips really makes it even more difficult to choose what to play next, mage or summoner...
I also still have to decide if I want to try Master mode first, or Journey mode with Master difficulty and only using the research and duplication... maybe time manipulation too so I don't have to wait to fight certain bosses.
The side of me that loves challenge says just Master mode, but my collector/builder side says Journey+Master difficulty...
Is that a proper weapon for summoners?


At first I thought block swap was the most exciting part of this patch. Then critter shampoo happened, and I thought that was the most exciting part. Then Journey Mode got announced and I thought that was what I'd be most hyped for. But more than any of that, summoners getting a proper weapon besides the squad fills me with glee and unbridled hype. Goodbye Megashark. Goodbye chlorophyte bullets. I won't be needing you anymore.
This news is so good that not even the forums itself can handle it!

yea nerfs of many melee weapons and armors and boosting ranged so amazing... not.

Damage decreased from 26 to 24
Use Time increased from 20 to 22
Knockback decreased from 5.3 to 5
Is no longer autoswing

Enchanted sword nerfed too... Cactus sword... beam sword... But yea let's make phantom phoenix like 30+ dmg, fire faster, fire phoenix every 3 instead of 4 shots, let's boost ice bow to be autoswing etc...

Beam sword was useless now it's even more.
Wow, this is one hell of a changelog. I'm blown away by how damn long it is!
I can't wait to play this. every second of the work the team has put in is on display.
I was literally just thinking about how whips could be implemented the other day, so I'm hype.

EDIT: Nice reference to FF4 giving summoners whips ;)
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woah this is the longest changelog i've ever read

thanks to the dev team for sticking around and giving us a proper final update, and giving modders a better opportunity to promote their content on steam

: )
Is there anything to help us animate Vanities and/or Armors to make more NPCs? Or is this something available in Journey Mode?

I love the NPCs, but by late game, I have a lot of vanities that I don't use but really like. I just want to keep them in the world without just having mannequins everywhere
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