tModLoader Thorium mod keeps saying that it didnt fully install


Hello, i was playing thorium mod as melee when i suddenly realize that im missing certain items, so once i killed all of the bosses and got the best weapons and armor, i went to reinstall it in hopes of the items being added after the reinstall when i noticed that there was a ⚠️ icon on the mod and it said that i needed to deactivate it and uninstall it because the mod was imcomplete so i did that and then restarted modloader, once it loaded, i activated the mod but the⚠️ icon is still there saying the same thing so i dont know what to do because im still missing the items

The items im missing are:

-Berserker shards and the items made out of them
-Magma ore and bars and the items made out of them
-Harbinger Catalysts and the items made out of them
-Danger shards and the items made out of the them
-Blood thrister and true blood thrister


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thanks now i know that they were all removed and the wiki was outdated
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