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tAPI Thorium Mod+

Should I keep throwing out little updates here in there or stock pile a bunch of new things for 1.3?

  • Keep adding little things here and there!

    Votes: 48 36.1%
  • You should let the new things build up!

    Votes: 85 63.9%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Ruthless Chaos

You musy be "crazy". Tremor is terrible. No balance right from the start. Just a pile of items thrown in there. This mod is just so much better presented. And you know every moment what tier is next. And dont even get me started on the sprites.
I know, I know you said "better". Just think it is straight out outrageous to compare them.
I think its amusing when people draw the parallels between Thorium and Tremor... Considering mine came out way before his and hes been known to borrow ideas from my mod with zero credit.

Also, that's a pretty rude and unnecessary comment. How about being constructive in your criticism?
Compare to Thorium... Tremor is pretty bad
[DOUBLEPOST=1456148204,1456147900][/DOUBLEPOST]@DivermanSam btw you have to change the tag from tAPI to Tmodloader and release to WIP :D
Woah, chill your beans, maybe i'm a bit rude with the "rip-off" and the "better" but gosh, i think these 2 mods are pretty the same so i just ask, these hates, damn. :s Also, i didn't find out when did you release the mod so, i don't know sh!t
This personally offends me
Maybe i should put "no offends" at the end of every-"hate" comment then.
Wait, wait, wait. What ideas have we borrowed from your mod? o_O
Zadum, you don't have to deal with this, this is my fault, so go back and improve the mod, i'll stay here and try to chill these nerds.
Please let there be peace between modders. Even thogh it is easy to think of similarities like the coral set. It is such a good idea and anybody could think of that on their own.
Also Thorium Mod is out now on Tmod! So anybody that relies on replies go check the thread out!
Flesh Items, Magma Items, Coral Items... Doesn't matter though, both are great mods. These topics are pretty universal so these things often happen.
EDIT: I posted this, 5 seconds later, instant alert, CHILL YO BEANS, gosh dammit.
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