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tAPI Thorium Mod+

Discussion in 'Released' started by DivermanSam, Sep 27, 2014.


Should I keep throwing out little updates here in there or stock pile a bunch of new things for 1.3?

Poll closed Jun 13, 2015.
  1. Keep adding little things here and there!

    48 vote(s)
  2. You should let the new things build up!

    85 vote(s)
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  1. DracoLee

    DracoLee Terrarian

    Ok thanks
  2. zeeborphis

    zeeborphis Skeletron Prime

    Oh ye
  3. Ruthless Chaos

    Ruthless Chaos Terrarian

    Woah, chill your beans, maybe i'm a bit rude with the "rip-off" and the "better" but gosh, i think these 2 mods are pretty the same so i just ask, these hates, damn. :s Also, i didn't find out when did you release the mod so, i don't know sh!t
    Maybe i should put "no offends" at the end of every-"hate" comment then.
    Zadum, you don't have to deal with this, this is my fault, so go back and improve the mod, i'll stay here and try to chill these nerds.
    EDIT: I posted this, 5 seconds later, instant alert, CHILL YO BEANS, gosh dammit.
  4. DivermanSam

    DivermanSam Golem

    Bogdan made it clear that it was not their intention to steal our stuff, so were cool now, so we nerds don't need chilling out. ;)
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Not open for further replies.