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The Destroyer
Hello everyone, now has decided to finally published!
I love drawing, so I drew the Terraria boss! (I'm not good at it) I'm transparent as GB or BB, so there is a possibility that something like green or blue remains around the boss. I hope you enjoy this. I don't want you to criticize me, but it's okay.


Gore is not handwritten
Golem is gray
The Queen's slime is sometimes weird (is the image misaligned?)
I'm not good at painting
The light of the solar pillar is out of alignment
Moon lord's heart turns black
4/21 postscript: Golem light is not hand-painted. I'm surprised that this bug wasn't in the Confirmed bug column before, even though it's in the screenshot section ...
Lunatic Cultist's decoy summoning is bad.
Handwrite event bosses (pumpking, etc.), gore, corrections, and other than bosses
I also want to make a texture pack for the calamity mod, like the calamity paint Texture mod. I'm sure my hand-painted Calamitas is pretty terrible. I want to learn how to modding, but I'm not sure.
The music in the video is Stained, Brutal Calamity from Terraria calamity mod.
but this is Moon Lord.
1: Something is wrong with Duke Fishlon ...? It is based on Emote's Duke Fishlon. It became popular with friends.

2: The original picture of the event boss is ready.

Uh ... it's terrible.
3: I drew the boss of Calamity Mod for the time being. But it destroys brain cells ... birbbirbbirbbirb
[Deleted cuz too bad]
1.1-I don't know if I can change it, but I repainted the plantera and the icon.
Ignore the Discord notification in the upper left.
EDIT: wof's eyes have been fixed.
More edits: I need to fix this, but I'm very lazy ... a very slow job. I haven't done it in the first place. I think it's about time.
More More edits:I don't know when it will be, but I think I'll make a remastered version. I'm busy doing Among Us, Terraria, going to school, FF14 with my friends, so I might start it 114514 years later...
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I'm sorry, the image wasn't displayed, I'm fixing it now.
Edit:It has been fixed.
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I'm not sure if I'll download it, but these look pretty nice! I especially like Duke Fishron and the Lunatic Cultist, they honestly look adorable to me.
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