Game Mechanics Unloaded and Broken Weaponry: Making Silenced balanced

Fortanono 🌳

There are plenty of annoying debuffs out there, but to me, the worst of them is Silenced. Why? Because it singles out a class. While it's not the most annoying, it is unfair to mages since there's nothing similar for melee and ranged. Sure, most people don't actually use classes, but I feel like it's something that should be balanced. Since there's already an immunity item for Silenced, we can't remove it,and so I've thought of a different idea: Make a debuff for rangers and warriors.

7 second duration
Cannot use any items that require ammunition
Inflicted by:
  • Fungo Fish (20%)
  • Clinger (contact only) (10%)
  • Mummy (regular) (20%)
Broken Weaponry
7 second duration
Cannot use any items that have melee damage
Inflicted by:
  • Blood Jelly (20%)
  • Unicorn (20%)
  • Light Mummy (20%)
And of course, with these debuffs come new immunity items!

Ammo Magazine
Provides immunity to the "Unloaded" debuff
1% drop from Fungo Fish, Clingers and Mummies

Hidden Blade
Provides immunity to the "Broken Weaponry" debuff
1% drop from Blood Jellies, Unicorns and Light Mummies

Provides immunity to the "Unloaded" and "Broken Weaponry" debuffs
Tinker of the Hidden Blade and Ammo Magazine
Required in the Ankh Charm

What do you think?
Hmm, seems like a worthy balance to mages- they have a hard time early hardmode. So why not give the other classes the same feeling?
While its certainly not as severe, isn't the Weak debuff primarily a melee-centric debuff? I wouldn't say the concept is just targetted at Mages, especially since Weak lasts a pretty long time, or used to in the past.
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