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There will be focus on everything in the future. But the motivation is lacking. There's so much I'd want to change, and even add while trying to keep the vanilla feel to the game.
hello! I would like to make a suggestion!

I recommend buffing the weapons that came with the defenders forge update. The weapons have amazing concepts, but they feel a tier lower than what they should be. For example, the betsy's wrath and the dragon's fury under performs in comparison with their conterparts in vanilla. The final tier event is meant to be harder than duke fisheron, but the item drops are inferior by a noticeable margin. This is only one of many examples. lower tier defenders forge event drops also feels worse than their counterparts. Please consider buffing them!
since you are still working on this mod, (yay!) I have a few more suggestions!

first there are tons of weapons that are just terrible or a tier below what they should be by the time you get them, eg. wand of sparking, Life Drain, crystal vile shards, venom staff, Venus magnum, the earth boulder staff etc

The friendly NPC really do need a buff in expert mode/ hardmode. No matter how protected your town is, they always ended up dying at least once in hardmode events with wall-phasing enemies. they do respawn after a while, but the party girl takes an expectionally long time to respawn. Also, it is very disheartening that a single deathly sphere in expert mode can slaughter an entire town of NPCs by itself. I don't expect them to be legendary fighters, but at least an individual npc need to go toe to toe with a wraith or almost down a deathly sphere to 30% hp in expert mode. They need to double the health in expert' mode (like their hostile counterparts), and they need an overhaul that gives them weapons with better damage and fire rate in both pre hardmode and hardmode.

in terms of the armours I would say all the original hard-mode ore armor need buffs, since they are vastly inferior to their counter part in terms of passive abilities and armour ratings. the chlorophite armour could also uses a buff to be a more viable option.

Bosses wise, the Golem is too easy to farm, It is meant to be harder than plantera except it is not. Maybe alter the drop rate for the rarer items as well if the boss is going to be tougher to farm. the expert item, brains of Cthulhu, is underwhelming compared to the wormscarf, which is ironic considering the brain of Cthulhu is the harder boss.

hopefully these are the suggestions you are looking for!
Those weapons and more are already going to be buffed.

I can buff the town NPCs but editing their weapons can be a little tricky as they are hard coded.

Armors are going to be overhauled a bit.

Golem will be buffed and made more aggressive.

I can buff the Brain of Confusion and/or nerf the Worm Scarf.
I feel the worm scarf is fine where it is, its just the brains of confusion is too weak for its tier. I will watch this mod with great anticipation! I always fall back to playing Terraria in "vanilla", and this mod is essential to my games!
I just disable this mod when i want to do DD2 events. Out of curiosity, will the major bug be fixed in the future? Also, hows mod progression?
Do you have a release date for the new version? Im travelling soon and would like to have this mod installed and fight DD2 stuff. If the version is not ready, can you release a hotfix for the old version?
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