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tModLoader [W.I.P] The Shepherd Expansion

A Sheepish Shepherd

Official Terrarian

The Shepherd Expansion is currently a work-in-progress.

Jackalope.png Discord Server Jackalope.png

A more in-depth post will be made on release but for now enjoy what I have created so far and post any questions you may have.
This mod will not been published until at least 1 boss is completed and I feel that enough content is added. Some problems I am facing are animations, some spriting, and coding custom AI and biomes. I am currently a solo developer with some spriting help from a friend. It may take a long time, but I am hoping to have it released before the end of the year. (Edit: The mod will not come out before 2019, and I have no idea when it will be released.)

SacredCrown.png Crowns
Adding crown variants for summoner armor for the following bar types:

Vitality Armor
10 Day Blooms + 18 Mushrooms + 35 Gel + 2 Sunflowers [Total] (Subject to change)
Health increased by 30 (10 from each piece)
Life Regen increased by 1 when near a sunflower (Breastplate)
Set Bonus
Health Increased by 10
Life Regen increased by 1 during the day time

A fairly easy armor to make that exchanges defense found in all other armors with flat health. To note, this health does not exceed past the 400(500) max.

Unihorn Armor [WIP]
Pearlwood Armor + Unicorn horns + ?
Max Mana increased by 40 (Helmet)
8% reduced mana usage (Helmet)
10% increased magic damage (Helmet)
Dealing magic damage has a chance to spawn a mana star at the struck enemy's position (Breastplate)
10% magic crit chance (6 from Breastplate and 4 from Leggings)
5% increased movement speed
Set Bonus
Double tap down to activate Arcane Magnetism for ##? seconds.
Arcane Magnetism
Movement speed and jump height increased if current mana is above 80%
Greatly increases mana star pickup range
Enemies damaged by your magic are guaranteed to drop mana stars
Picking up mana stars increases max mana by 10 for the buff duration
// Idea? Mana overloads and goes beyond maximum mana, potentially storing loads more mana than your max (while the buff is active of course)

Reactive Armor
Unknown recipe
#% damage increased based on current defense
#% movement speed based on current defense
Enemies who hit you will knockback themselves instead (with their own resistances applied, effectively making the player knockback resistant)
Set Bonus
Taking damage increases defense. Max number of stacks is #.
None, as of now
Dev armor will be made of course
BandageRoll.png Bandage Roll BandageRoll_Buff.png
The next source of damage from a trap will be halved, and will prevent you from being poisoned
Sold by the Shepherd and has an indefinite duration

DemonicDelight.png Demonic Delight FierySoulBuff.png
8% increased damage and resistance
Inflicts burn damage on attacks

SturdyPotion.png Sturdy Potion GroundFooting.png
Immunity to knockback

ImmunityPotion.png Immunity Potion ImmuneBuff.png
Immunity to most damage dealing debuffs

SilverTonguePotion.png Silver Tongue Potion SilverTongue_Buff.png
Shop prices are lowered by 50 silver if the original cost was a gold or higher.
To note, the price change is applied after the discount card.
GoatMilk.png Goat Milk
Heals the player by 80

MilkAndHoney.png Sweet Tonic SweetAftertaste.png
(Goat Milk + Bottled Honey)
Heals the player by 80
Heals the player by 80 again after 30s
Shadow Stone WolfBossExpertAccessory.png [Wip Sprite]
Dropped by the Big Bad Wolf Boss
Standing still for 4 seconds will mask you in shadows
While masked in shadows, enemies that can be confused will not damage you or attack you (Similar to Royal Gel)
While masked in shadows, you cannot use items and you max minions and sentries are set to 0

Proficiency Template DungeonBookKeepExpertAccessory.png
Dropped by the Dungeon's Book Keep Boss
While equipped all damage is increased by 5%
While mostly useless on its own, can be crafted with Emblems to increase ones true potential
All Proficiency books will increase respective damage by 20% and provide the following bonuses when you press the Finesse Key [F].
Finesse lasts 15 seconds and has a minute cooldown.
During Finesse, 200 mana is consumed over the duration.
Other classes from other mods may be added.
Pro_Melee.png Melee : Melee weapons pierce all armor. Pierces only half of bosses armor. Critical hits will lifesteal.
Pro_Ranged.png Ranged : Firing rate increased by 15%. All ammo types will not be consumed.
Pro_Magic.png Magic : Critical hits restore mana. 50% reduced mana usage.
Pro_Summoner.png Summoner : [WIP] I have 2 ideas, need to figure out which one to use.
Pro_Throwing.png Throwing : [Thorium] [WIP] Idea
Pro_Bard.png Bard : [Thorium] [WIP] Idea
Pro_Healer.png Healer : [Thorium] [WIP] Idea
Bindle Pack
(Bought from Traveling Explorer)
Adds 10 slots of inventory space while equipped

(Bought from Traveling Explorer after defeating Skeletron)
Adds 20 slots of inventory space while equipped

Rucksack [WIP Sprite]
(Bought from Traveling Merchant in hardmode)
Adds 30 slots of inventory space while equipped


The rucksack, piggy bank, safe, and defender's forge can be crafted together with undetermined items that allows them to be consumable and always accessible to the player via Inventory UI.

Warm Mittens
(Sold by the Shepherd)
Player is immune to chilling and freezing effects if near a campfire
Effect is nullified if underwater

NaturesRoots.png Nature's Roots
(Jungle Rose + Healing Potion)
Healing potions will provide 15 extra healing

Crystallized Vigor
(Nature's Roots + Charm of Myths)
(Cannot be worn with Natural Nourishment)
Provides life regeneration
Health potions will provide 25 extra healing
Health potions provide Life Force for 1 minute
Reduces potion sickness cooldown to 30 seconds

Natural Nourishment
(Nature's Roots + Mana Flower OR Jungle Rose + Nature's Gift + Restoration Potion)
(Cannot be worn with Crystallized Vigor)
10% reduced mana usage
Health Potions provide 20 extra healing
Mana Potions provide 40 extra mana restoration
Restoration Potions provide 40 extra healing and 70 extra mana restoration
Automatically uses mana potions when needed
Automatically uses health potions when below 25% health

SummonerCrown.png Summoner Crown [WIP sprite]
(? + ?)
Each summoned minion provides 2 additional defense

View attachment 204414 Fire Lotus [WIP sprite]
(Made with Obsidian rose, lava charm, and an obsidian skull)
Provides complete immunity to lava and fire blocks
Touching lava grants a fiery soul buff

LightningInABottle.png Lightning in a bottle [WIP sprite]
(Made cloud in a bottle and rain cloud)
Provides and extra jump that doesnt have much vertical height, but instead shoots the player forward as if dashing
None, as of now
None, as of now
CollectorNPC_Head.png The Collector
Spawns in after defeating the goblins (may change)
Sells hard to get items
Uses CollectorCoin.png Collector Coins as currency
Collector coins are sometimes found in chests and rarely dropped by all normal enemies

The Siren
Spawns in after the angler has moved in and it is currently raining
Doesn't sell much at first, but completing angler quests unlocks more for her shop, including items the angler would have given you if he wasn't a complete scum bag.

Miner_Head.png The Scrapper
Found randomly underground/cavern layer, buried under rubble
Sells mining equipment and can smelt your bars into ores and your tools back into bars for no cost.

ShepherdNPC_Head.png The Shepherd
Spawns after first modded boss?/Found in world (not implemented yet)
Sells sheep related items.
ShepherdsBlessing.png Blesses the player with temporary bonus health, dependent on how many bosses the player has defeated
Bonus health buff is lost if the players health goes below the "max" amount

The Traveling Explorer
Has a 25% chance to spawn in each day if 4 npcs reside in your town. Offers backpacks and unique items you cannot find normally in the world.
Items include critters, furniture, plants, and more. The items will not have a huge impact on game-play and is mostly for decoration.
SheepCritter.png Sheep

Jackalope.png Jackalope

Oriole.png Oriole

Platinumfish.png Platinumfish

Goose.png Goose
*No current enemies*
Big Bad Wolf [Spite Placeholder]
A wolf among the shadows. This boss is invincible most of the time, however it is very weak and is meant to be fought early on.
More in-depth details of attacks will come later, once I figure out how to create certain coding for its movements.
If the Big Bad Wolf has not been defeated, you can summon it by killing three sheep critters at night. Another option is to create and use a Sheep Decoy.

Celestial Harpy [Sprite Placeholder]
Not very original but still wanted to make it. The Harpy will be space themed, and use feathers as well as stars in its attacks.
More in-depth details of attacks will come later, once I figure out how to create certain coding for its movements.
Can be summoned by destroying naturally spawning egg nests in sky islands. Another option is to create and use a Celestial Gift.

Dungeon Book Keep [Sprite Placeholder]
A vary large magical skeleton. It summons many entities to fight for it, similar to the Cultist.
More in-depth details of attacks will come later, once I figure out how to create certain coding for its movements.
Can be summoned by activating a naturally spawned Book Altar in dungeon, using special books that are dropped by all enemies in the dungeon after Plantera has been defeated.
CH_Melee.png [Unnamed Melee]
A spear type weapon that throws struck enemies into the air. Critical hits generate charges which can be used to dash.
To dash, hold Alt-Fire and use the weapon. Dashing will make you temporarily invulnerable.

CH_Ranged.png [Unnamed Ranged] FeatherArrow.png
A bow type weapon that replaces normal arrows with feather arrows. Feather arrows are not affected by gravity.

CH_Magic.png [Unnamed Magic]
Sprays 5 harpy feathers in a fixed spread.

[Unsprited and Unnamed Summoner Weapon]
Summons a molecular cosmos that fires stars and feathers occasionally
Ammo_EndlessBlobBall.png Endless Blob Ball
(Made with 999 gel + 99 pink gel at a Crystal Ball)
Provides endless amounts of slime for flamethrowers

Ammo_EndlessRocketCanister.png Endless Rocket Canister [WIP sprite]
(Made with 3996 Rocket I at a Crystal Ball)
Provides endless amounts of rockets for explosive launchers

FlawlessStar.png Flawless Star
(Stars + Pixie Dust, and Souls of Light)
Triples output in return when crafting
Increased star damage
Derringer.png Derringer
Fires 2 bullets at once
Low Damage
Low Fire rate

QuasarCannon.png Quasar Cannon
Fires Stars
High Damage
Average Fire rate

ShepherdsCrook.png Crook
Heals friendly units around you (WIP)
DustCloud_Item.png Dust Cloud
A sand variant of the cloud block. Will have a "rain" effect.
Can be crafted with Clouds at a Sky Mill in a desert biome.
Used to craft the Sandstorm in a Bottle (and possibly other things)
HayCompressor_Item.png Hay Compressor [WIP]
Craft special furniture using hay (Hay Furniture in development)

CookingStation_Full.png Kitchen Counter
Combines the Cooking Pot, Furnace, Alchemy Station, and Sink

FurnitureCrafter_Item.png [Placeholder sprite]
Combines all the special crafting furniture stations and has a chance to not consume ingredients

RepairBench_Item.png Repair Bench

Right click to get 25% increased mining speed for 10 minutes (Debating whether to let it stack with potion or not)

LifeLanternItem.png Life Lantern (1x2) Vigor.png
Increases your max health by 20 when near

ResilienceLanternItem.png Resilience Lantern (1x2) ResilienceLantern_Buff.png
Increases your defense by 8 when near

serenity.gif Source of Serenity (3x3) SourceofSerenity_Buff.png
Provides the effects from: Campfire, Sunflower, Heart Lantern, Star in a bottle, Resilience Lantern, and Life Lantern
Does not stack with its ingredients (above)

Knowledge_Item_OG.png Knowledge Excerpt Knowledge_Buff.png
Right click to get the effects of: Sharpened, Ammo Box, Clairvoyance, and Bewitched
The effect lasts for 10 minutes, but standing near it will reset the timer and prevent it from using its duration
Piranha Gun
Now has life-stealing properties. Each hit generates 1 life (2 on critical hits).
Added this tooltip in-game.

Cloud in a Bottle and Variants
Cloud in a bottle can now be made with 25 cloud and a bottle.
The other variants can be made with a Cloud in a Bottle and the respective cloud types.

Firefly in a Bottle and Lightning Bug in a Bottle
Now provides fishing power when nearby (+10 and +15 respectively).
They will stack for a total of +25 fishing power.
Added this tooltip in-game.

Added tooltips for the above to signify what kind of buffs will be received when near that item.

The Party Girl now has a guaranteed chance to spawn if any of the Town NPCs throw a party.
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A Sheepish Shepherd

Official Terrarian
July 12 Small work update (Just accessories has been modified)
Don't worry, a lot of content has been made. I just need to get a lot of spriting done and get some work done on certain things.
I will hopefully have a LOT more content uploaded next month or so.

A Sheepish Shepherd

Official Terrarian
Lots of progress has been made. I think I am ready to learn how to create the bosses. The only thing standing between me and publishing the official release is spriting and a little more extra content. My plan of publishing by the end of the year is still on track.

Small work update to the homepage.


Duke Fishron
Goodness! I have to say, I am very, very impressed with this mod. It starts off so humble yet accomplishes so many great things! I can tell that this mod is going to be an incredibly useful one to have at any Terrarian modder's disposal.

A Sheepish Shepherd

Official Terrarian
You should try to make this available by late may right after the school year.
Good idea, but probably won't happen at the pace I'm going. Im still pretty much a solo developer and I've been working on my other mod much more than this one. I'll see what I can do in the next few months though.


Excited for this; the world of tModLoader needs more well thought out content mods that fill out content instead of adding poorly balanced items on top of it. Even if the release'll take a while, it'll be worth the wait.
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