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Wacky NPCs Mod



wacky NPCs banner2.png


Wacky NPCs is a mod compiling some of my previous mini mods and expand upon them with some new things.

Currently, there are 5 town NPCs in the mod, the Corruption Fangirl, the Crimson Fangirl, the Picklock, the Scam Artist, and the Professor.

Corru & Crim (From Corru Crim NPCs Mod)

The two fangirls got new sprites that follow the female NPCs strandard design, and hopefully their walking animation is also better now than it was before. Their spawn condition is reversed now - crimstone in inventory for Curru, and ebonstone in inventory for Crim -, so it's easier to get both of them move in. Otherwise their shop works the same way as before, they're selling vanilla stuff related to their respective favorite biome.

Picklock (From
Pickloc Mod, a Collab minimod with @Moonlight_Fae)

Like before, this funny guy sells various keys. Currently only vanilla items, but in the future, he could sell keys from other mods too. His spawn condition is a safe in inventory, so he's meant to be a post-Skeletron NPC (he's not selling anything useful before that anyway)
- actually, he is selling gold keys and shadow keys from the time he moves in, so it could be possible to aquire a shadow key early game, but in normal playthrough, safes are only for sale by the merchant post-Skeletron.

Scam Artist (From Scam Artist Mod)

(This NPC does exists in a minimod I released somewhat accidentally before, but it wasn't really announced.)
The Scam artist sells various rare vanilla utility gadgets, vanity and other stuff, waaaaaay overpriced. She meant to help if you want to aquire some rare things but RNG is being unfriendly, but you're rich. She's selling things like Nature's gift, Magic mirror, Umbrella, Hand warmer, etc. from the time she moves in, sells Angler's tackle bag and Fish Finder once you found the Angler, Bezoar after Queen bee, Nazar after Skeletron, and all the rest of the Ankh charm components, as well as all 6 early hardmode ores, and some other stuff in hardmode. So if you're rich, she can help you with crafting the Cell Phone without doing a bajillion quests for the annoying brat angler, and can save time with rare gadgets, as well providing an alternate means to aquire early hardmode ores without smashing any altars or fishing for crates.

She's half a nymph (though won't transform) and she's the daughter of the merchant. She'll move in if you have a piggy bank in inventory.


This wacky, old professor is interested in researching various stuff, he will move in if player has fossil in inventory. He's selling various insects, crates, and some other stuff such as more fossil. Part of his shop changes with the biome he's in, as well as selling more stuff after certain bosses are down, so it might be good to make houses for him in several biomes and make him move at times to conduct some researches in another biome. He has several things he's selling regardless of the biome, but he has biome-exclusive items for the desert, the jungle, the hallow, and the beach currently. Oh, yeah, and he's selling truffle worms too, post-Plantera.

Hire a guard - crafted with 3 gold coins at the guard captain's desk. main crafting material for crafting guards

"Furnitures" - AKA NPCs who aren't technically NPCs
All the "furnitures" that currently are in the mod:

various polearm racks, scarecrows and snowmen.

guard captain's desk, iron armored guards - now with archers added - crimson guards, and possessed armors.

desert town guards (desert town civilian set planned too, but that's for a next update), forest squad, and outlaws.

royals (show a throne to the guide for the recipes)

Dynasty civilian set - monks, and various townspeople. Make your dynasty builds more lively!

Dynasty guards. (The general's desk functions exactly the same as the guard captain's desk)

Dynasty clerks (the clerk's desk functions the same as the guard captain's desk). and a few additional furnitures.

Traveling gypsies, pirates, and a green old hag.


Dwarven set.

Werewolves, Lihzahrds, Lamias, Merfolks, Mermaids and Mermen.

Lunar creatures, solar, and lunar cultists - and the Lunatic cultist...

Odds and ends (some can be placed on tables too, but not all works like that yet...)

Most furnitures can face left or right.

The Guard captain's desk is crafted by hand, with a bar (furniture) and 10 gold coins. It functions as the crafting station for "hire a guard"s and the guards.
Dynasty variants are crafted with ornate dynasty bar instead of the normal wooden bar. they function the same.

Guards are crafted with 1 hire a guard, and metal bars, silk, or various other material.
Civilians, monsters and stuff also use one "hire a guard" in the recipe. They aren't really guards, but this way all recipes can be aquired easily by showing one to the guide.
(Scarecrows, snowmen and some other gadgets doesn't need "hire a guard" to craft)

None of the guards, scarecrows, or anything has any function, right now they're purely decoration. Tables and chairs function as tables and chairs though.

All of these should work now. I would like to add more things to the mod in the future though. For example, pet variant of the guards. Some critters and other stuff could be interesting too.
And of course, more guard variants! Share your ideas on what sorts of guards you would like to see!

It would be nice to add cross-mod content too, eventually.

Guards are craftable, placeable "NPCs". They are stationary and are only be decoration, but they could add a lot to the ambience of places, I think!
Of course, there could be even more variants in the future, and if someone could code them to be actually more than just furnitures, they could do a lot more too, such as walking and talking. They aren't meant to be actual town NPCs, in order to not take up valuable housing slots from the more useful town NPCs who actually sell stuff or provide other things.

And if someone could help with that, it could be interesting to have at least some of them having pet (and maybe even light pet) variants. Wouldn't you want a trusty ally armed with a spear or halberd - or alternative holding a torch? -, to follow you in your adventures?

Some plans for the hopefully near future (after Tmodloader caught up to 1.4)
New NPCs


Gravedigger - selling gravestones to help making a graveyard biome. sells the graveyard-specific items (e.g quad barrel shotgun) of other town NPCs too, if he's housed in a graveyard biome, and the respective town NPC is present in the world too (not in the graveyard, but just anywhere in the world).
moves in if player has a zombie banner in inventory.
defends himself with a gravedigger's shovel. (doesn't drops it if killed, just like in general, none of these town NPCs drop anything if killed. I don't really see the point of encouraging murdering your own neighbors like that...)
still not sure if this would be useful enough though.


Waitress/Waiter (there are 2 designs here, a more generic one, and a Hideri. and might just change it to something else later. these are still just at brainstoming phase afterall.) - has a special currency called "restaurant voucher" which sometimes drops from some monsters. sells foodstuff (fruits included) for these vouchers. shop repertoire grows with more bosses down, and should also change depending on moon phase. moves in if player has a restaurant voucher in inventory.
this could be a great help in aquiring food that are rare drops from monsters. for completionism in journey mode, as well as just in general for fun.
defends herself/himself with... dunno yet. maybe throwing plates like Thorium's cook.

also could have quests too!
these would give restaurant vouchers, etc. as reward.
also maybe stuff too, like that "sleepy guard's post" - only one per world.
Some quest ideas:
  • "the sandwich-man" - waiter gives you a breastplate that is a sandwich signboard. it's made out of metal and actually gives some def. too, wear that armor (works in vanity too for the quest) and talk at least 10 different town NPCs to advertise the shop. XD
  • "the cake is a lie. ...or is it not?" - bring a slice of cake (that buff station the party girl gives you at parties) so the chef can investigate it. after it, the clice of cake becomes available at the waiter's shop (for a high price in vouchers)
  • "the mysterious crimson kitchen" - waiter gives you something that can be crafted into (or would it be that right away?) a crimson kitchen pamphlet. it works like the grim pointer for the blood chamber, it points towards the crimson kitchen's bar. find it and talk the face monster barkeep.
  • "everyone hates fruitcakes" - bring a fruitcake chakram so it can be investigated further. (I do think the professor actually sells fruitcake chakrams at blood moons. he's using that as his self-defense weapon too (he doesn't drops that))

hallow fangirlB.png

Hallow fangirl - working the same way as the Corruption & Crimson fangirls, selling hallow-related stuff. I'm not sure actually if that is needed since the hallow has no counterpart now, so technically should be present in every hardmode world, but it do happens sometimes it generates in places like the jungle, making the hallow biome pretty much nonexistent... Of course, there are also rare hallow-related stuff that might would be great to be available in her shop too, like blessed apple and rod of discord.
She might could appear once the world is in hardmode, as a bound NPC, similar to the goblin, wizard, etc.
she has something like a holy crusader complex, and is a tsundere towards the player.
defends herself with an excalibur. she is malee so each fangirl represents a class with Corru being a mage, and crim being a ranger.

New NPCs with "if"s
These would require some stuff to tinker with. If could figure out a way for furniture-spawned NPCs and such... Based on how some furniture-spawned critters work in Chad's Furnitures mod, just with entities with town NPC AI or something similar.

sleepy guard.png

Sleepy guard - would look like an iron armored guard, stationary, friendly NPC who is not the most vigilant guy around. this sleepyhead is spawned by a furniture like "sleepy guard's post" which might can be aquired via a waiter's quest.
has a "listen to his sleeptalk" option or something, and he gives out quests for food when sleeptalking (one quest a day). if you bring him that, he'll give you restaurant vouchers, etc. in return. he can ask for really common food too, so it could be easy to aquire vouchers for buying fancier food if you're lucky and he's asking for stuff that are easy to get, like cooked fish.

crimson kitchen barkeep - blackhair.png
crimson kitchen bar1.png

Crimson Kitchen Barkeep - Based on the quote the Crimson Fangirl says about this mysterious restaurant she visited in her travels, and, what if it would be actually in the game...?!
This one would require quite some fancy coding, but an idea is, that worldgen would create a small structure underground which is not valid housing, but looks like a restaurant with shadewood furnitures, etc. - also could contain a meat grinder and cauldron (halloween variant) which can be looted from there. it also would contain a furniture like a special bar, which spawns this NPC so he stays around that. - this can be looted too, and placed elsewhere after.

this posh gentleman would have a shop that also uses restaurant vouchers, and sell some special foodstuff - they could give immunity to ichor & cursed flames debuffs and such for example, in addition to high level well-fed.
The waiter could give a quest to find the mysterious Crimson Kitchen, and could give/sell an item like "Crimson Kitchen pamplet" which works the same as Thorium's grim pointer pointing at the direction of the blood altar, this one would point towards the bar that spawn this NPC. his face (lol) doesn't shows up on the map, so that wouldn't tell where he is.

cyber fangirlB.png
cyber fangirlA.png

Cyber Fangirl - (with or without a large wrench or something) the 4th fangirl, who should be there, but this one would make sense really only, if there would be a mod or something having the awesome Cyber biome. Otherwise she could be added as a novelty sorta NPC spawned by a furniture just to walk around, and take up no housing slot.
But if the Cyber would be in the game, I would love to add this fangirl too. Similarly selling stuff related to her favorite biome, like the other fangirls.
She tries to behave like an android, but she's actually a human. though not shows much emotions on the surface, and is an odd girl in general, like the other 3 fangirls too.
defends herself via summoning mini mod - like entities similarly to the spores the truffle summons which stay in place and hurt monsters who walk through them, so she is a summoner to have all 4 main vanilla classes represented by these 4 fangirls.


Mimic Merchant - this one would be kinda similar to the skeleton merchant, appearing randomly underground/cavern layer (in hardmode), but it would be stationary. it's more for a bit of a surprise and wackiness, as I'm not actually sure what it could sell, but maybe some of the stuff mimics drop normally. So, like, you see an offset gold chest, you know it's a mimic, but then instead of attacking, it sells you some stuff. it might be also unaware it's a mimic or just generally being odd, so be like "Mimic?! Where?!" and stuff like that.

(While Lost girls could have similar merchant variants too, but I don't want to tinker with that one because of T-modloader's strict guidelines regarding stuff like nudity too (even though Lost Girls are naked in the vanilla game too. but still. better be safe.) Scam Artist uses the Lost Girl as her base sprite too, anyway, just wears some clothes too.)


restaurant voucher.png

Restaurant voucher - a special currency for the shops of the waiter and the crimson kitchen barkeep. some monsters has a chance to drop them. Fancier food would cost more vouchers.
e.g. cheepest - cooked fish - 1 voucher,
most expensive - golden delight - 10 voucher
and other stuff are for various prices between these.

mystery bento.png

Mytery bento - a grab bag type item that also sold by the waiter (and maybe the face monster guy too) that contains one random food. it would be a middle ground in price (e.g. 5 vouchers) so you might get a foodstuff that would be cheaper or more expensive than that, depending on RNG. sounds like a funny gamble? what do you get? perhaps a golden delight? a christmas puding? a lobster tail? ...or is is just a cooked fish again...?

- no pic yet -
Grilled fish seasoning - a random idea that could be a material to use with cooked fish, to craft a tastier varsion that gives the lvl 2 well fed buff instead. also could have a variant Royal fish seasoning, which upgrades it to give the lvl 3 well fed buff. The former might be sold by the waiter, the later might be by the crimson kitchen barkeep, for some vouchers.
This idea occured to me when looking at all the bass in the chest with fish I caught, that those things are so omnipresent, and only useful for cooked fish, a foodstuff giving lvl 1 well fed. if you caught at least a flounder, or a red snapper, tuna or whatever, you can make at least a sashimi which gives lvl 2 well fed, so there's really no point in cooking all those bass. you can sell them, but still...

harvesting cane.png

Harvesting cane - a stick to "harvest" fruits. it's an axe with 0% or 1% axe power (depending on if 0% would be impossible to code) which can shake trees but wouldn't really be able to chop them.
Might be a waiter quest reward, or something that can be simply crafted. - if craftable, might would use tissue sample/shadow scale in the recipe to make it mid-pre-hardmode, around the time when you can aquire actually good axes like a meteor hamaxe which would end up greatly reducing your chances of getting fruits from the trees.
(or maybe simply crafted with something like 10 wood + 3 silk at a workbench.)


buff - guarded.png

Guarded - placeable guards would give this buff in their vicinity. It gives +5 def to nearby players, similar to a Bast statue. It does stacks with Bast statues, so could get +10 def if both are present, but they don't stack with more guards, so it gives +5 def regardless if there's one guard or more, so it can't be abused too much.
It still could be an awesome thing to have around, and actually make guards "guard" areas a bit.
Since guards are easy to aquire in larger numbers too than the rare bast statues, most towns and important roads could be guarded. Would make sense too, to actually guard towns, and tame the wilderness a bit at roads that are frequently traveled.
Of course, the guards won't fight, they are just stationary furnitures, but this would make them actually more "guard-like" still.

buff - market town.png

Market town - placeable civilians (since they're not really guards) would give this buff in their vicinity. It gives 5% discount in the shop of nearby town NPCs. Not a huge difference, but could be useful in some cases.

Crafting stations


Sculptor - this one is a placeable "town NPC" like guards and such, and like guard captains, function as a crafting station. This shaggy artist dude is a crafting station for crafting statues. No idea on balanced recipes yet though. The most important things, like heart and star statues might require 5 crystal hearts and 10 mana stars respectively, in addition to 50 stone or something.


Adding some stuff to shops of the NPCs already in the mod. E.g. Decay chamber to Corru, all the crates to the professor, also, prismatic lacewings too, and maybe a few other stuff...

(maybe) adding a new type of platform, that looks like a rope. It could be used to easily place diagonal rope, as well as to hang banners, lanterns, etc. (alternatively could add a few furnitures that looks like drying laundry too) on it when it's hammered to lower position. probably would be crafted with 1 rope + 1 wooden platform, at a workbench. or something like that.

Several new guard and civilian sets. Also, some more furnitures too, such as for example placeable decoration shoes, so that you can for example make Thorium's Cobbler's house look like an actual shoemaker workshop.
Also, if can code such, Mannequins & Womannequins that look more like town NPCs - have eyes, and skin color (probably comes in a few variants). so player can place clothes/armor/etc. of their choice on them, as an alt. way for placeable guards/civilians. How to deal with their hair style is still a big question though...
These are not the main focus of the next update though, but for after.

Special thanks for everyone on Tmodloader discord who helped with getting the town NPCs to work.
Special thanks for @Waasephi for coding the scarecrows, hire a guard, guard captain's desk, and the guards!
Special thanks for @Moonlight_Fae for helping and tinkering with codes.

V.0.3 - Lots of new guards, monsters and civilians added. (With big focus on dynasty things)
V.0.2 - Added scarecrows, hire a guard, guard captain's desk, and several guards
V0.1.2 - Added icon & github repository
V0.1.0 - first relese
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First version released! All 5 town NPCs should work well (at least in single player). Please post here if you notice any problems or errors regarding them.

You should be able to find the mod in the mod browser!

And still looking for help and/or collab regarding this mod. Perticularly looking for a coder who could help coding furnitures, and maybe other things too like pets, critters, etc.


Update. added icon and Github repository.

Please share your opinion on the mod! I would love to hear what you think about it, and I'm curious of suggestions how to improve it.


Duke Fishron
Well hey, I'm always happy to build another house for another brave new talkative NPC that's willing to move into a dirt house on my trash planet.

The idea of guards looks really interesting for decorations, even if they don't actually act as living turrets. I know I'm not much of a programmer, and I don't make mods, so I likely shouldn't post, but what did you think of the basic furniture guide page? It doesn't look too tough to follow. There's a list of the Item Classes and their documentation here, which looks useful.


Well hey, I'm always happy to build another house for another brave new talkative NPC that's willing to move into a dirt house on my trash planet.

The idea of guards looks really interesting for decorations, even if they don't actually act as living turrets. I know I'm not much of a programmer, and I don't make mods, so I likely shouldn't post, but what did you think of the basic furniture guide page? It doesn't look too tough to follow. There's a list of the Item Classes and their documentation here, which looks useful.

Yup XD And as far as being talkative is concerned, I think the Crimson Fangirl wins the day XD I originally created the two fangirls' personality to go along with (my interpretations of the) biome they love. The Corruption is more of a sort of dead land, and so the Corruption Fangirl is more quiet and on the surface, shows less emotions (but she's actually quite adorable too with her stuff like hugging ebonwood trees). The crimson on the other hand is a very alive biome (a bit maybe too alive? XD) so Crim is super energetic and she talk a real lot. I mean a real lot XD I think they're both pretty funny. I hope XD

As for the guards, I do thought about the idea too to be living turrets, or more elaborate traps (e.g. if wired act as some sort of dart/spear/whatever sort of trap... but at this point, I can't even code them as furnitures, so, anything fancier is only possible if someone helps me how.
I did read some of those stuff and looked at examples in example mod, but I don't quite understand how to get stuff to work, like, furnitures that has no real use besides decoration, on the other hand have several variants, such as the blaceable books, seashells, etc.
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Duke Fishron
I like your descriptions of the talkative nature of the two Evil-related NPCs. That's so cute. ^-^

As for the Soldiers, if you look at it from an artistic perspective, the hard part is already done. At least, the part that "creates" the soldiers. I have zero idea how to code as well other than what I cobble together from examples and extrapolate from the dark inner recesses of my mind that thinks it can try things. But for now, even the bare minimum of having a placeable statue of the different variations on the Soldiers would be interesting. They would share the same code as an Angel statue: Placeable on 2 horizontal square tiles, three tiles high, two across, with nothing able to be placed on it. They don't even need to blink. (Who even blinks these days? That's so 2017.)

So, that right there is a great placeholder. People would love that. It certainly beats putting a mannequin with armor down. In adventure maps, people could steal that armor. Good luck working with a colorful statue of an unblinking NPC. :p

Then, if need be, someone else could offer some coding tips. Personally, I have no idea how Town NPC attacks are coded, but I can't help but wonder if there's anyone else that would be willing to donate some pre-typed code and have some variables adjusted, then credit given. I'll bet people like having their names in the credits of other peoples' projects.

The goal is to just create it, and have something that the community can enjoy. I will forever be grateful to people like Chad for his Furniture mod, or Luiafk for altering the game in a brilliant way, or Scooterboot for his Metroid mod.

I look forward to seeing your name on that list some day. Every town needs soldiers. Right now, all we have a pre-trained bunnies and cardinals that only know how to fly into ceiling traps.



Riight? I tried to give an interesting (and wacky XD) personality to all these NPCs

As for the guards, of course, these are just some possibilities. In the future, there could be even more variants, but for start, let's get these to work, I think XD
The armored mannequins were basically one of the main things that inspired it. They can look great, but it is visible they are not actual people but just mannequins. masks, full helmets, etc. that cover the whole face creates a fine "illusion" but even that's a bit lacking, and other sort of headgear won't really work. plus they have no weapons...

(here's a cropped screenshot of something I built using mannequins like that. they look cool, but a bit lacking. and it wouldn't work with helmets not covering the whole head. on a side note, I love how Thorium's durasteel armor looks like on these "guards". they look like some sort of officers compared to those iron armor guys. but I would need Thorium's permission to have such a durasteel variant. so nothing like that for now

village border outpost.png

Actually not angel statues though. Well, similarly useless (besides decoration purposes) but these guards are actually 3 blocks wide. they aren't much wider than 2 blocks but still a bit wider, I think so can't be fit into a 2 blocks wide space.
And yeah, animation would be cool too, but if they would have blinking animation, they would probably blink all the time, which would look weird XD lol. I thought of other possible variants too though like sleeping guards with eyes closed and Zzz floating above them. they certainly would be the most vigilant guards of the town aren't they? XD

And the idea could be expanded upon with all sort of other "furniture" NPCs, like how about animated stationary dwarves mining something, or random guests raising their mugs in a bar? There are tons of possibilities!

I know a little bit about town NPCs attacks (after all, these 5 NPCs also have attacks) but I have no idea how could you make a furniture attack... Or, if it would be possible for a furniture to chat with the player like NPCs do, and possibly even have a shop? Well, that's (the shop) not as much for the guards, but there could be stationary merchants, vending machines or anything like that (I do think there are vending machines in some mod though? dunno how those work though)

Yup, I agree with you on Chad and the others! I love Chad'furni mod too! (you can even see those stuff on the icons and banner too XD
I would love if I could make a popular mod too. But, yeah, I need help XD


I'm....honestly not too sure. Maybe something like the Zora armor from LoZ:BotW?
Hmm, that's an interesting idea. Don't think there's anything similar in Terraria though? I probably can sprite something similar, but I'm curious what sort of build you would use them in? Would it be associated with the beach or more like something underwater?
Hmm, that's an interesting idea. Don't think there's anything similar in Terraria though? I probably can sprite something similar, but I'm curious what sort of build you would use them in? Would it be associated with the beach or more like something underwater?
I feel like underwater would be a lot cooler. Also, maybe instead of that armor from before, maybe some slightly edited Anc. Cobalt armor. The helmet kinda looks like a fin.


I feel like underwater would be a lot cooler. Also, maybe instead of that armor from before, maybe some slightly edited Anc. Cobalt armor. The helmet kinda looks like a fin.
Hmmmm... interesting idea. I will try to tinker a bit with it. I dunno whether it looks like a fin though...
I do wonder about guards for various areas/biomes, or, like associated with a certain area/building type. I have some ideas for some areas, but not quite sure about some other. the beach is being one of those too. Also not quite sure about the jungle either, and some other. ...what about the Hallow for example...?
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