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Yes please. Monk playthrough would be awesome.
I love the fact this mod gives such unique items not really found in Vanilla.

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Hooray it's finally in a state that I'm pretty much ready to leave it alone for a while! Anyway, here's the fist update (finally) with that long overdue "pugilist" or monk class. This update adds/reintroduces 32 fist items from the start of the game to roughly around Plantera. Anyway, these might not be fully balanced but generally they are more powerful than other weapons of the same tier, at the cost of putting you very much in harms way. Please give feedback if it's too crazy or just not good enough - discord server link in signature. This is why I don't do content mods...

Oh, by the way I have a work-in-progress space on the Terraria Mod Wiki, if you want to read some more about this.

I'm just going to leave a basic guide here, go explore the cool things you can do with this yourself!
  • Normal Punch - LMB (Can be aimed up and down)
  • Uppercut (ground) - UP + LMB (Doesn't bounce off NPCs)
  • Divekick (air) - DOWN + LMB (Refreshes double jumps and wings on hit)
Additionally, each fist falls under one of three types:
  • RMB (Dash) - Go fast. Fists with this ability are all about movement.
  • RMB (Parry) - Reflect projectiles or damage enemies that collide with you, then counterstrike them.
  • RMB (Combo) - Consumes a specified amount of combo charge to do something cool.

Attacks build combo power, which resets after 2 seconds of not punching something. Various effects trigger after a certain amount of combo, or at the end of one.

The following accessory(ies) is really recommended:
Fighting Sash - Crafted from Silk, Jungle Spores and Amber. Heals back a certain amount of missing life at the end of a combo.
Hyper Sash - Upgraded from Fighting Sash with Chlorophyte Bars. Makes fighting bosses a bit easier. Also immunity to knockback.

As well as fists, there are 6 sets of armour, 3 in pre-hardmode and 3 hardmode ones. They can be combined with the certain headgear for fun set bonuses.

Attack - Better damage and special fighting bonuses
Apprentice Headband - Crafted from Silk and Fallen Stars
Veteran Headband - Bought from Clothier after Skeletron
Master Headband - Bought from Clothier after Golem

Defence - Increased defence and other damage reducing effects
Boxing Helmet - Crafted from Silk and Gel
Prizefighter Helmet -Crafted from Bone and Black Thread
Champion Laurels - Crafted from Plantera Mask

All headgear share the same bonus ability: During boss fights, damage slowly increases over time until you next strike an enemy. Use this to deal massive damage after finding an opening.

Crafted from Silk and Cactus (Hardmode upgrade material: Souls of Fright)

You like dealing damage? You like dive kicks? This armour set is all about death from above, short(ish) combos and generally taking things down quickly. It's not so good against beefy bosses though.
Bought from the Travelling Merchant. Increased chance while wearing another fist-based armour (Hardmode upgrade material: Souls of Might)

Maybe you prefer taking things at a more leisurely rate, or plan on surviving more than a few seconds in Expert Mode. This set is more focussed on maintaining longer combos and gaining life.
Crafted from Blinkroot and Silk (Hardmode upgrade material: Souls of Sight)

This set is all about speed. Increased movement, reduced combo power costs and generally finding as many safe(ish) openings as possible.

Known Bug: "The Underdog" has the same crafting recipe as the "Cobalt Tekko". Please ignore it :p
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WeaponOut 1.5.1 (Download)
Some bug fixes and other TLC. Also a few more early game dash fists to fill the rarity 1 gap between Boxing Gloves and the Fists of Fury, from King Slime and Granite Golems respectively.
  • Added two early game dashing fists:
    Slime Slapper,
    Granite Smasher
  • Change some weapons to be droppable from certain NPCs rather than crafted
  • Altered recipes for hardmode armours to not need the previous armour
  • Fix certain weapons not appearing in the offhand sprite
  • Fix master headband crit chance beind 3% under intended
  • Fix wanderer headband being unavailable before hardmode
  • Fix The Underdog using Cobalt Tekko recipe
With the advent of fists, you've created a marvelous, fun, and intricate play experience. This is the most fun category of weapons in the game right now, I had to stop a throw-based run and immediately switch to punchin' stuff with fists because they are so amazing.

That said, with the recent update, where are you supposed to get the underdog from?
@Yowesephth Thank you, I'm glad you (and others) are enjoying it! The Underdog is a weapon drop from Bone Lee. I'm slowly updating the wiki with information in the meanwhile.

@TheDankOne I probably won't have the time to do so for a while. I am open to sprites and suggestions etc. but I certainly can't guarantee I'll get around to adding anything substantial anytime soon.
this mod is great, gloves and fists are actually fun to use and are really strong with the right strategy.
it's like you managed to fix terraria's melee ranged fighting to be more than "pseudo melee and beam swords".
May I suggest an few cross-mod fists?

Thorium - "The Diablo" - Hardmode Fist (30 Unfathomable Flesh at a Soul Forge)
Type: Parry / Parry effect - Unleashes 5 Feeders to strike down foes

"The strongest of the Cross Modded fists, The Diablo is a flesh-formed gauntlet that wriggles and lurches at your foes. Reacts violently when it's used as a counter tool, unleashing several feeders to lay waste onto your foes"

Spirit - "Guardian Buster" - Pre-Hardmode Fist (Titan Glove + Bone Glove + 5 Talons)
Type: Dash / Blinks from one location to another, causing an explosion of bones to fly about, hitting foes

"An Tabuu gauntlet forgotten by the Dryads, The Guardian Buster is an tricky fist weapon that taps into the old bones of the ancient dryads, allowing an short-ranged explosive teleportation that uses the Dryads' bones to leave behind an painful gift to any would-be attackers."

Calamity - "Boundary of Evil" - Pre-Hardmode Fist (Mana Overloader + 3 Bloody Worm Teeth + 2 Shadethrowers)
Type: Combo / Combo requirements: 6 / Effects of Combo Trigger: Next 66 strikes now inflict Ichor (upon impact) and fires two streams of cursed flames with each punch
*Behaves like an Ultrabright or Normal Torch in Revengence Mode

"Despite the pure evil lingering within this somewhat weak gauntlet, the Boundary of Evil beacons an aura of calmness, as well as an reminder of how you conquered the horrors of the Corruption and Crimson. It hums beautifully when it reaches the hellish number, and allows none to survive when you tap into that power."

Joost - "Reforged Excalibur" - Post-Moon Lord First (Drop from Gilgamesh)
Type: Combo / Combo requirements: 109 / Effects of Combo Trigger: Negates nerfs and summons Gilgamesh for 15 minutes
Nerf: "Paper Trigger" (70% reduced HP)

"An mighty sword reforged into an pair of gauntlets. While it saps away at your life, it's power and the spirit of Gilgamesh inside it makes it much more than worth it."

Peculiarity - "Beast Hacker" - Pre-Hardmode Fist (10 Hologram Prisms + 50 Dark Quartz + Comet Fu)
Type: Parry / Parry Effect: Unleashes an flurry of lasers that inflict magic damage

"An upgrade to the Comet Fu, this fist allows you to fire lasers at foes. If those annoying Man Hackers show up, you got a way to inflict the pain"

Blood-Soaked Arm Impants
"I ain't done yet!"
Drops from Brain of Cthulhu
If you have an Fist Weapon equipped, and take fatal damage, you regain 300 HP and have your melee damage be buffed by 500% for 20 seconds (Last Breath)
Lowers Combo requirements by 3
-Combines with the Hallowed Vanbrace-

Ultratech Vanbrace

"An mechanical advantage, but it's better to keep an tight lid about it..."
Parry Style / Shares effects of both Hallowed Vanbrace and Blood-Soaked Arm Implants
The higher the combo, the longer the damage buff from Last Breath last (max time: 5 minutes)

Poisonous Arm Straps
"Would you be willing to fall into despair?"
Drops from The Eater of Worlds
Gains defense the less HP you have left
Fist Attacks have the chance to poison foes (or Venom if using the Spiked Gauntlets)
-Combines with the Demon Hand-

Monokuma Paws
"I would had made the pun, but even I got standards"
Special Style (Left Clicks dash and Right Clicks consume combo) / Shares effects from both Demon Hand and Poisonous Arm Straps
Gains defense and bleed duration with each strike the less HP you have left

Mysterious ARM Briefcase
"I would like you to be my master, senshi"
Drops from Skeletron Prime
Dash Punches have 50% bonus Crit Chance
Dash Uppercuts have 50% bonus Melee Damage
Counters inflict 100% enemy damage back to the attacker
-Combines with both the Ultratech Vanbrace and Monokuma Paws-

GENOS Gauntlets
"Forgive me, but my scanners seem to have confused that S for an C..."
Special Style (Left Clicks dash and Right Clicks Counter) / Shares effects of both Ultratech Vanbrace and Monakuma Paws
Punches inflict multiple debuffs (On Fire!, Venom, Cursed Flames, Frostfire, and Ichor) for 2 minutes (Engine Overheating)
Uppercuts grant multiple buffs (Regeneration, Ironskin, Inferno, Rage, and Wraith) for 4 minutes (Engine Overclocking)
Counters extends duration of Engine Overheating from 2 to 8 minutes
Combos spent increases duration of Engine Overclocking (Max time: 20 minutes)
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two suggestions:
Champ's Gloves: made with green dye, clorophyte and souls of sight
type:combo / combo requirements: 30 / combo effect: a super-powerful uppercut capable of one-shotting lesser enemies
(special effect: +50% speed, but halved jump height and no divekick)

Buffalo Gloves: made with red dye, clorophyte and souls of might
type:dash / dash hits more than once, but has a long cooldown
(special effect: halved speed, but +50% attack power)
There are 3 expert accessories i don't know how to get it. What boss do i need to kill to get it?
>played this with some famous content mods
>used dual wield
>got a lead(perhaps) knuckleduster
>wanna be a monk class
>11/10 would be like Kenshiro/Any Jojo again
@ALFA I've added them to the wiki here.

@HallowKingJerrold @Moon_Man Thank you for the suggestions, I appreciate it. Mirroring what I said on Discord, I have plans for more stuff (mainly vanilla) eventually, but for the time being I can't devote much time to my mods other than hot fixes. In the meanwhile, I can give some feedback:

The Diablo: Feeders sound like a corruption not a crimson thing. Also, I'm assuming they are meant to act like the mini-eaters from Scourge of the Corruptor? Otherwise a sound concept.

Guardian Buster: I'm avoiding any prehardmode "teleporting", though a short range one might be acceptable (if that's what you mean by blink). Also what is going on with the theme and recipe?

Boundary of Evil: A recipe involving 4 expert mode accessories and 2 of the same weapon would be frowned upon. Why not make it a reduce it to just 1 accessory from the two bosses and the constituent ingredients of the shade thrower. Counting the next 66 strikes is sort of meaningless and streams of any projectile is bad because penetration rules prevent you from actually hitting the enemies yourself.

Reforged Excalibur: Why 109? Why not Excalipoor? Summoning Gilgamesh? What is this a summon class? Also when does that 30% reduced health kick in? Why not just increase damage taken by about 300% for basically the same effect? Too many questions, most of which don't seem appropriate for a weapon based on punching things.

Beast Hacker: Change "Comet Fu" to Metoer bars first. Otherwise that's ok, though are the lasers random, or aimed (and how).

Blood-Soaked Arm Impants [sic] & Ultratech Vanbrace [sic]: Why not trigger when taking fatal damage during a combo, and buff damage until the end of the combo. Lower combo requirements is not really needed and this is kind of too powerful for an pre-hardmode accessory.

Poisonous Arm Straps & Monokuma Paws: Would have to be quite weak of an effect for how early you can get it, but I like the interaction going on between health and defence. Also I'm too dense to get danganronpa references. Also bleed duration? huh?

Mysterious ARM Briefcase: This sounds ok, however see the aside below regarding the uppercut damage. I don't get the reference, sorry.

GENOS Gauntlets: Too many things going on, how are you supposed to fit this into a concise tooltip? I know I'm guilty of this as much as anyone else but generally try to avoid this. Check out the KISS principle.

Special styles are cool, and I think a couple of fists already acts similar to what you've suggested in that respect.

Champ's Gloves: Interesting, a boxing-specific weapon. See the aside below. Also halved jump height seems at odds with being uppercut based? On a more technical note, does speed refer to how quickly the player reaches max speed, or the maximum run (and air) speed?

Buffalo Gloves: Dashing already hits more than once, unless you mean hitting a single enemy multiple times. In which case, why? Also dashing is an important tool for dash-type fists, so putting it on a bigger cooldown is not ok. Big, limited effects belong to combo fists only.

Aside: The weapons provide the tools the player can use to make things dead, whereas armour and accessories suggest a playstyle to compliment the tools. Don't front load effects on weapons, and avoid making accessory effects too strong (or wordy) too early. You have 5 (6) accessories vs 3 armour slots. Notice how each of the fists weapons I've made so far have only 2 effects, one active and one passive, and don't discriminate between people who favour uppercuts or divekicks as this distinction is made by armour sets. I'm not quite sure yet if I want to start doing weapons that are too specialist favouring one or the other, but we'll see.
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