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PC Welp. Hello then.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Derunih, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Derunih

    Derunih Steampunker

    So. Before two months ago, I had never even logged into TCF. In fact, the only reason I had an account was due to getting one automatically, as I had an account on Terraria Online. And the only time I logged on THERE was for the NPC competition (The one that gave birth to the Stylist). So, in the grand scheme of things, I'm still pretty new.

    The only reason I came to these forums was actually a pretty stupid one. It was a story. A funny little idea I had, which just would not go away. And so, bored and with little else to do with my time, I decided to make it a story properly, and publish it here, on TCF. And then things exploded.

    I had written 2 chapters by the time I got my first reader, and that was in less than a day. 2 more, and another day, brought in another reader. This trend continued up to chapter 10. After a week of writing 2 posts per day, the story had a proper following, with absolutely no expectation from my part. To the point where I had expected the story to be abandoned in that time frame. But I had been wrong.

    And here I am, almost two months later. I have started to get along with other members here, drawn together from the simple act of typing the first thing that pops into my head. My story is coming to a close, and another will start up in it's place. I have people I have never met, nor will meet, eager to read what I produce. Had anyone told me this would happen, I wouldn't have even laughed, that is how little I would have believed them.

    So. That was then. And this is what will come next.

    First off, note the PC prefix. I only play the PC version of Terraria, and I am unlikely to get the others. Mostly out of laziness. So, pardon me if I know little about Dragon Skulls or Ocram.

    Second, I am actually pretty unsociable and lazy most of the time. This can be observed, by me playing Terraria for about 3 years now, and only talking to other players now. Heck, I will still play the game on my own, barring special circumstances. So, I will likely come across as rude at some point. And I am okay with that.

    I am not here to make friends. I will take any that come my way, certainly. And I'm not saying to leave me alone. But I probably won't approach others. Should my writing die down, I may not even log on for weeks at a time, and then months if that persists. So, if I am not writing, pardon the lack of replies.

    Another surprising thing, for how much I have written: I am not that interested in writing Terrarian lore. Sure, I am diving into it right now, and will write some over the next few months. But before 1.3 came out, I had actually not touched Terraria in months. Same thing happened before 1.2. I generally only get involved around major patches, then wander off for other things. So, yeah... I am a fan. But not a huge one, by any means.

    And lastly, I can draw. I can write. I can program. I can act. I am very unlikely to take commissions for any of the above. While I can draw and act, I am not good at it. While I can program and write, I often only tinker with said things while I am bored. So, most of the time, I will be doing other things, or I'll be half asleep.

    Sorry for the rant. I do those. Most of my story has been ranting, just somehow done in an interesting fashion. I literally wrote the first thing to pop into my head, minimal filtering (I may have held back on some of the less PG details. Blood, gore, etc.) But yeah, I have been in a weird mood. This thread will also serve for people to ask me questions, and I will happily answer them! (If nto always with the necessary answer)

    TL,DR; Yo. I wrote things. I will write some more things. That is my purpose here. Come say hi! `:D
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2015
  2. Aardvark123

    Aardvark123 Terrarian

    It's an honour to meet you on an official basis, Derunih. I'm sure we'll all enjoy the things you write in years to come.
    Derunih likes this.
  3. Derunih

    Derunih Steampunker

    Read back on my content, realized I have only been here 2 months, not 3. Main post edited accordingly.

    Also, I'm sure I will enjoy people reacting to said written things! And hi! `:D
  4. XenoCat

    XenoCat Steampunker

    Hi! Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay here!

    Don't cause trouble.
    Derunih likes this.
  5. MrToni250

    MrToni250 Terrarian

    Welcome to the forums. :)
    Derunih likes this.
  6. Derunih

    Derunih Steampunker

    Hello to you as well! Cute avatars, by the way `:passionate:
  7. Pixel

    Pixel Terrarian

    Hehey, you seem familiar. Well, I've already been talking with you for a good bit, but I'll welcome you here anyway. You definitely do seem to have a promising future if you continue with your literature ventures, that's for sure. I really like your work, and you're an awesome person to be around. Don't disregard that compliment, I really mean it, as much as you may or may not think otherwise.

    I wasn't actually aware that you did programming as well, which is cool. You're almost a bit like Samrux, in the sense that he likes drawing, programming, and writing, and is good at the three.

    Derunih likes this.
  8. Terra Prime

    Terra Prime Cultist

    I know you, but welcome! Your writing is amazingly amazing, and you should never stop.
    Derunih likes this.
  9. Derunih

    Derunih Steampunker

    More people for me to corrupt! Muhahaha~ `:naughty:

    Ahem. Not evil at all. Thank you for the compliments, by the way `:passionate: May you have fun reading!
  10. Derunih

    Derunih Steampunker

    Huh. Haven't posted here for a while. Been too busy working on other stuff, I suppose.

    Also, I am now doing a Writing help thing! The reason I mention this: No asking about personal stuff there. You can bombard this thread with game requests and opinions on my hobbies all you like. Just don't do that on the Writing FAQ.
  11. Derunih

    Derunih Steampunker

    I hope you guys are prepared for my entry for the contest (Not the LotML placeholder). It is going to be epic! `:cool:

    Now, experiment time: How many of you only found out about Lamentation due to the Bunny Diary?
    And how many of you were inspired to write your own stuff? I have heard of, like, half a dozen stories now `:passionate:
  12. Drak

    Drak Cultist

    Welco- Wait, Ive seen you! Your the guy who reminded me that I actually have a very, very small tiny miniscure bit of writing talent. And now im writing 2 stories. Yay =D.

    But, can i just say your awesome. And your writing is incredible. And i dont think there is much point of throwing more complements towards you.

    Do you have any tips for me about writing btw? I dont mind if you dont have any.

    Anyways, I think its cool that you can do programming. Have you done anything cool with that skill so far (i feel like taht is a dumb question)

    Thank you, and welcome.
    Derunih likes this.
  13. Derunih

    Derunih Steampunker

    In order: Sweet, one more person inspired!
    The compliments encourage me to continue writing, so they do have a purpose `:p
    For writing tips, practice and read a lot, mostly. There is also my writing FAQ in my sig, for things people have asked.
    I have made a game with friends, but it isn't really distributable. It was fun though!
    And Thank you in return, for being one of the people to keep me motivated!
  14. Drak

    Drak Cultist

    Yes, encouragement. Must speed up chapter creation
    Ok, so that means im no track, somewhat, good.
    I actually went to your writing FAQ a while ago, but apparently i forgot, that it actually, exists..
    A proper game? Cool!

    And Its My Pleasure! ^^
    Derunih likes this.
  15. Ades

    Ades Terrarian

    Hello! Welcome to the forums!
  16. Sun

    Sun Cultist

    Welcome! Since you are a pretty good writer, you should enter the TCF contest
    Derunih likes this.
  17. Drak

    Drak Cultist

    He did.
  18. Derunih

    Derunih Steampunker

    Thank you~ I have been here a bit now, but I am still not well known.

    My entry is on the first page `:p My entry is incomplete though, so I'll let people know once it is done~
  19. Rookas

    Rookas Plantera

    No! Don't corrupt me! *reads second part* okay procede.
    Derunih likes this.
  20. Sun

    Sun Cultist

    I probably didn't see it, sorry. Haha, good luck
    Derunih likes this.