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What HAVEN'T you done in Terraria yet?


I've made it to hardcore with some friends, but after that I never really did a whole lot. Hopefully that changes soon though. :) Maybe at some point I'll try to make some more creative buildings in game. I've just been that guy with the tiny wooden rectangle house. :p

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Eye of Cthulhu
I have not done anything past the mechanical boss stage because they are so damn hard. I decided to give up on my world and start a new one with a new character. I'm going for a ranged approach this time as melee didn't seem to be that effective.

Plantera, Golem, Pump moon and frost moon seem fun to play. Lets hope I can kill the mech bosses this time!
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I have not even bothered to get the Rod of Discord, even though I want it. It's always the RNG that keeps me from wanting to try... :(
I've never:
  • Built more than a one-teleporter system
  • Beaten the Pumpkin Moon in Hardcore
  • Killed the Clothier
  • Bought a Diamond Ring
  • Beaten a boss with the Flower of Frost
  • Walked into Mordor


  • Build a house that I'm proud to look at. My best attempt was a box-y inverted pyramid of mix & match room themes, and... Bleaugh.
  • Complete any sort of teleporter system. I even BUILT THE WIRES for a teleporter between my house at spawn and my moon arena (which, following the above point, is nothing to look at) a fair distance away, but I was so lazy I didn't even buy the teleporters I needed to finish it. Seriously, who does that?
  • Acquire coins legitimately for reforging on my 1.2 main character. Most of my cash was 'borrowed' from my 1.1 main character, and most of that was acquired through illegitimate means. (Mainly because of the Terra Blade's crazy reforge price, before the update that balanced those costs.)
  • Complete projects related to Terraria that aren't playthroughs. (Ref. TSORC Vanilla 1.2 project - haven't worked on that since sometime last year.)
  • Get the Terra Blade on a Hardcore playthrough specifically designed to 'speedrun' it. If I could get a second solar eclipse, that would be nice RNG.
  • Acquire most of the Dungeon Key weapons legitimately. I was randomly given the keys to the Crimson, Corruption and Ice Dungeon Chests on a server I visited once. I am yet to acquire those keys myself, however I did get the Hallowed and Jungle keys legitly.
I might be missing a thing or two, but that is what comes to mind.


I've never been lucky, it's on my to do list but the problem is that to be lucky you must be lucky, and I am not lucky, so therefore I am not lucky.


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>-> Shoud I or...
fck it

I've yet to beat Skeletron Prime on my own *runs away crying*


*yells from around the corner* And I've still not gotten to post hardmode!


>-> Shoud I or...
fck it

I've yet to beat Skeletron Prime on my own *runs away crying*


*yells from around the corner* And I've still not gotten to post hardmode!
I would tell you how I beat him but, I think the best way to show how I dodge him is by video, for which I would have to get a video recording thing and figure out how it works, but here are some tips.

Fight him on a wooden platform arena at the very least 10 blocks in the air, because the bombs from the prime cannon don't explode on you and don't explode on platforms, so with that you will never get hit by his cannon, the best order to kill his arms in would be Laser, Saw, Vice, Cannon. But remember not to take too long in the fight or he becomes a 20000 HP Dungeon Guardian. If your trying to kill him with a mele character then you will have LOTS of trouble, I suggest using ranged or magic titanium/adamantite armor with a megashark for ranged (you can kill the destroyer, right? If not then a clockwork assault rifle) and for magic use a crystal storm/golden shower, the cursed flames aren't that great a weapon and with the platform arena they will be even worse. Or (if you can kill the twins) use a magic rod, golden shower combo, that does crazy damage!

(If you want to talk more about Skeletron Prime stratages then PM me, it could get this thread a bit off topic.)


~Never gotten to get to the 8-9 wave of the pumpkin moon.
~Get a 2nd broken hero sword to get the terra blade.
~Get a biome key mold
~to beat the ocram more than 2

P.S., I'm a IOS terraria user.


Kill Expert Moon Lord...

In fact I can't even kill Expert Skeletron. :/ Also I've never done any [...]-only playthroughs, I just always play normally.
Buttons is yet to do alot of things in Terraria. The first is to make an entire playthrough consisting of one weapon type (Melee, range, mage, summoner). Buttons also needs to get into Expert mode and play through the game in it's entirety. God damn, Buttons has a long list. Also, knight role-play playthrough, nerdy but awesome.
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