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What HAVEN'T you done in Terraria yet?


By now I would say I have not done the Martian Maddness event & fought the fishy boss.

Finding an alien scout seems to be tricky. We haven't found one yet to initiate the event. We as in my friend and I. As I went through most the game with my friend. :dryadsmile:


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  • Defeat the Bosses Plantera, Duke Fishron, and Moon Lord using only Magic or Range Equipment in Expert Mode.
  • Defeat Expert Skeletron without getting Molten Armor and Weapons.
  • Defeat Moon Lord on Normal Mode (Where I can't rely on my main Giant Water Arena + Cute Fishron Strategy)
  • Set up Outposts and Teleport Points in the Underground Corruption/Crimson, Hallow, and Underworld.
  • Make my new main base look fancier.
  • Play a new 1.3 World and Character on Normal Mode.
  • Use a Mediumcore and Hardcore Character (If I ever even use one or the other, its going to be a Hardcore character for a fun "Only 1 life playthrough")
  • Fight the Frost Legion.
  • Build the Drill Containment Unit.
  • Obtain the Greedy Ring.
  • Reach Wave 20 in the Frost Moon on Single Player.
  • Do a "Monster Drop Only" playthrough where I can only use items dropped by enemies.
  • Do a "Fish Only Playthrough" Using only items that can be fished.
  • Legitimately Defeat all the Mech Bosses in 1.1 (This will never happen now since I won't downgrade Terraria from 1.3 or 1.2 Its my 2nd biggest regret in Terraria with using Inventory Editors coming up as the biggest regret)
There's a lot I still want to do in Terraria. Sadly Real Life, other games, and other things take priority, but Ideally some of the things here I'l be able to do before Terraria: Otherworld is released. I'll try to do some of the bigger things after 1.3.1 comes out.


Oh boy this is going to be a vague question with many vague responses. Isn't that just terrible, haha.

So I'm ticking off the things in my head that I've done in the many many dozens of years that I've been playing Terraria, (.24 dozen, to be exact.) and I realized that I have never truly legitimately had a Christmas Frost Moon event! I've never, ever used a Christmas tree thing or the lights. I've never gotten or used any of the gear that you normally get in the Frost Moon event. It's just never come up. I'd love to make a Christmas area. I don't even celebrate the holiday, but it just looks so lovely. ... and filled with pine trees and other pointy yet friendly things, like Reindeer and pinecones occasionally.

I really need to get on that! o_O

How about you? What things have you notably not done yet that you've really been meaning to get around to doing?

Kindly don't answer if you just purchased Terraria a few minutes ago. :p
Don't call me a lame but I didnt get Terrarian. xD I didnt kill moon lord that much so yeah.


I have not done any hard mode bosses, no expert mode and basically have not done any creativity type things yet. I re-rolled when 1.3 came out I have logged about 200 hrs in the game so far since I got it years ago.


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I have never went into Hardmode in Single Player. It's not that I don't have the balls to do so, far from it. It's just that I never prepared a proper arena.

Also, I've never killed Duke Fishron yet in Multiplayer. My friend and I keep getting our a**es whooped and my friend refuses to use potions after he respawns.


I've never built an arena, and I will never build one. Not even bridges or platforms. I fought all bosses in unmodified land.
This fact might be changed by expert mode when I try it though, based on what I hear...

I also haven't tried being serious with building.. I have lots of ideas for that..


I haven't made Potion farm since I play without Potions. I haven't made a mob farm since I beat the game by then. I haven't finished a start to end later than 24 hours. I've beaten the game about 10 times from 1.1-1.3 Singeplayer a few then rest Multiplayer and it was basically one more person that made a difference, and one more was basically a leecher. I haven't played Melee as a primary class. I think I found a Sunfury drop from that Underworld Worm back in 1.1? now it's changed to be found in the Shadow Chests. Although I'd like to play this game again it's just not fun like it used to be. Since Moon Lord is the "final boss" I probably won't go back


I have a couple of things I've never done before:

1: I have never made houses for all the npcs in the game.

2: I have never started a animal collection.

3: I have never played a Pumpkin Moon and survived.

4: I have never built anything else other than a house.

5: I have never died during a Goblin Army Invasion.

Changing Flask

1. A sorta of useless.
2. Useless, too
3. Maybe start a Plantera< Tier challenge?
4. Build a castle. Simply. Or death star 1.3.
5. Adorable.

I have never started Medcore or Hardcore playthroughs.


Kill Expert Moon Lord...

In fact I can't even kill Expert Skeletron. :/ Also I've never done any [...]-only playthroughs, I just always play normally.
It's pretty easy to kill him. Just get 500 hearts and full Mana, some op weapons, and you should be fine to kill him. If you want to know what I recommend to kill expert Skeletron, use an unreal sniper rifle, (use venom bullets) a jagged influx waver, have a chlorophyte mask, a solar flare breastplate, some solar flare leggings, get a stardust cell minion, and it should be a piece of cake.


I haven't played competitively pvp from fresh characters in 1.3, but man was it easy to dominate in 1.2...when people reached iron, etc or w/e crap I was basically very close to Wall of Flesh. I could perhaps get gud again and do it in 1.3 but real problem would be finding people that want to do this and aren't bad


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Gone mining and come back with ores. These trips usually seem to end in long falls, explosives, drinking from random bottles, and getting stoned.


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Still haven't built some sort of super-fancy base at all yet. My "base" is just a village of sorts.

I even prepared a ton of blocks to build with, but I haven't been motivated enough to actually build with them.
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