Music What music do you listen to?

I love Celldweller, Caravan Palace, Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park.
And I'm also a Music composer of various sorts myself!
Thats my latest composition that im relatively proud of. I'm also the Lead Music composer for a mobile game dev team of about 70+ members! :D Exciting stuff! No spoilers on the game though. :p
I personally very much dislike LP because it feels like I'm listening to someone pandering to edge lords whenever I hear his music
To each their own. Heh, we all have our own music tastes. I actually feel the same way you do about Falling in Reverse and MCR.
I like pop, hip-hop and rock genres. Occasionally, I listen to classical music. I am addicted with boy pablo's "tkm" right now!
i listen to: wu-tang clan, nle choppa, ynw melly, mcr, panic! at the disco, i dont know how but they found me.
stuff along those lines
enjoy the music!
I listen to way too much Mick Gordon and Jack Wall.
If you need context, Mick Gordon did music for the Killer Instinct reboot, the new DOOM games, and Prey (2017), as far as I know.
And Jack Wall composed a lot of the music in the Call of Duty games.
i mainly listen to metal, but sometimes i listen to old school music, acoustic covers, and industrial music. it really depends on the mood tho. but the songs i hate the most are pop, kpop and jpop, songs by justin bieber, katy perry, taylor swift and limp bizkit. i also hate despacito.

edit: now im currently listening to video game soundtracks since im a :red:in gaming addict now
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