What was Old is Made New Again: Revisting the Terraria Experience

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also, exalibur currently does 57 damage base, the mimic has 30 defense, yet we can clearly see that a non crit hit does 70, 67, 67, 68 damage (an average of 68)! Taking into account that the hollowed set the player is wearing will grant 17% extra melee damage, that would approximately be 67 damage, however this would be only true to an enemy with no defense and the mimic has 30! That would mean either the hollowed armor has some new damage buff or the mimic was nerfed or the exalibur was buffed. (Maybe all of them?)

am I overthinking this?

If they're going though and rebalancing more or less everything, then you can't really know anything about the defense, Hp, damage, or other stats of any of this stuff. Maybe Excalibur does more damage, maybe Mimics have less defense, maybe they completely changed the way defense works entirely.

Magic Missile has been overhauled to be more lethal and fun to use than ever before!
Projectile is faster and has homing if you release it
Has a moderate AoE damage explosion on impact
Looks like the Magic Missile is closer to its never-missing original counterpart in DnD.
Moon lord can go through blocks now...…..

keep your kids away from this beast...… hiding isn't gonna help n------

Hey Re-Logic, if you are still looking for a name for the "Final Sword" then I have a few names to recommend you.

Dawn (might be a spin off to the large abundance of moon related weapons)
Anniversary (Journey's End is coming out on Terraria's Anniversary)
The Forbidden Blade (Just a sword)
The Coup de Grâce (Pronounced cou-de-gra Is french for a mercy killing, or the final slice to put a wounded person out of their misery, but we don't care about Moon Lord's misery, we just want him dead.

Just a few names that might be cool. Thank you! :D
There is no better fitting name for a final sword than 'Journey's End'.
^ I personally agree.. Journey's end is the greatest name for the final sword as a craftable item from some swords in the game like the terra blade. (but we probably need luminite to make it post moon lord)
Yes and personally i agree with the sword being called the Journey's End, except that I really can only see it as the update naming the sword instead of the journey itself. or maybe the sword is to name the journey. Also I've already heard of people talk about that sword's name and I thought that I would create my own. It's not going to get made, mine, but I think it is a cool name and even has a nice ring to it: "The Coup de Grâce" and also it may relate to the Journey's End being the final slice instead of the final part of the Journey. just think it would be epic if they even made a final sword: there are ENDLESS possibilities. :nursegrin: (and yea I don't know how we would even craft the final sword)
Solar Armor is no longer content to sit at the back of the line, so it's set bonus now grants more defense than ever before... along with a passive regen effect.
Solar Helmet critical chance bonus increased from 17% to 26%
Solar Breastplate melee damage bonus increased from 22% to 29%
Each piece of the set now gives 1 HP/s regen

Instead of 30% damage reduction whenever you have charges, part of Solar Armor's damage reduction is now active at all times, with the amount increasing when you have shield charges. This gives Solar Armor a more persistent durability.
Recharge time between shield charges reduced by 1 second

I am confused with the defense part of solar armor. Will you be getting more defense with the set bonus or is it just more defense because you have a constant damage reduction without shield charges now?
I personally prefer the current sprites, especially the Harp...i mean rock ones. I hope there will be an option to toggle back and forth between them similiar to how you can toggle the old lighting effects.
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