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  • Hi there!
    I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm going to be gone from the forums for a while. It is kinda taking up my life, but i really do like the forums. I will probably be gone for a while, maybe even forever, but thank you for being an amazing community. Peace.
    The vg song of the day.
    A really serene, almost alien sounding track. Thanks Thomas de Waard. (no srsly he graet composer)
    yad eht fo gnos gv eht
    I seriously am losing my mind
    stop screaming
    here is the vg song of the day.
    I don't think I have to explain why I like Calamity music, right?
    Here is the vg song of the day.
    This song gave me soooooo much nostalgia when I heard it in Castle Crashers (I only recently played castle crashers) because I remember playing this level in Geometry Dash. Judge me or not, I used to be OBSESSED with geometry dash, and this was the last level in the campaign that I actually beat, (Jumper) so when I heard this song, my mind imploded.
    This here is one of my favorites.
    MaestroRage's stuff is pretty great and I'm happy some of his music was in the game as, without it, I wouldn't have learned of his existence.
    that one is really good :D
    Here is the vg song of the day.
    Thing song is a remix from Kirby's adventure, in the stage rainbow resort. This song absolutely blew my mind once I heard it.
    Almost forgot to post da gud music o_o
    here it is
    I think the Cyclops should have erased this from the system. How is anyone going to abandon ship with this song playing in the background?
    I'ma bout to play Subnautica soon hope I don't get thalassophobia

    wish me luck
    Huge slamon
    Great game just the map Is 2 by 2km so don’t gimme past that or a big boi fish might come get you ;
    the reapers just want hugs :eek:
    Okie sorry i post two songs at a day but this song is just a masterpiece
    I hope someone understands why I'm always obsessing over kirb music
    also if you think is bad wait till 1:00
    On my list of top ten final boss themes
    Number one has to go to Queen Sectonia from Triple Deluxe
    Digitus Zero
    Digitus Zero
    Oh, the dark angel of dead with an eye in the mouth, i fought him on both modes, normal and EX, actually a good battle.
    Later we have Galacta Knight.
    I'm thinking about starting a challenge Terraria run called:
    Can you beat Terraria without killing?
    When you really think about it it might be possible
    You can only kill through NPCs, and uh, so far I think thats it
    If yall wanna do it your welcome to
    o and the WoF yeah
    To get to Moon Lord. In addition to WoF, the 3 mech bosses, Plantera, Golem, Skeleton, cultists, and lunar pillar enemies would have to be killed at minimum to get to Moon Lord and beat Terraria.

    If fishing for fish is not considered killing that could be used to help a little.
    actually i just remembered

    NPC kills do not count, so once you get the mechanic, you can use NPCs to trigger traps, however, you can not trigger them yourself.

    You can weaken bosses with your attacks, however, NPCs get the job done, so you technically did not kill them.
    Example: The guide will automatically kill slimes when they are near him.

    For skeletron just make sure it's not you who gets the final hit.
    I've decided to try some new roguelikes! Just got Dead Cells, Exit the Gungeon (The sequel) and soon Risk of Rain 2. Please avoid giving me spoilers unless I ask for them.
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