PC What would you like to have in 1.3?


I would really like a sleeping system. Like you can put how many hours you want to sleep. So if you want it to be night time, you can sleep until its night time. All you gotta do is put how many hours you gonna sleep. That way when its day time and you wanna fight a boss so badly, you can just sleep. Like is that to hard to ask fo this?


Skeletron Prime
I think it would be cool to have sheep in Terraria and be able to sheer them for wool, and make clothes with it perhaps almost like a substitute for those who don't want to find spider webs and make silk? Also it would be cool if depending on the area the sheep spawn the wool color would change, the hallow would give sheep either pink, blue or green wool, the crimson would give red wool, the corruption would have purple wool, and the other biomes would have white, brown, or black wool. :)
Perhaps we could even milk the sheep :naughty:
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