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What's Your Favorite Class and Why?

Discussion in 'The Crossroads: General Cross-Platform Talk' started by HunkySenpai, May 22, 2017.


What's Your Favorite Class?

  1. Melee

  2. Ranged

  3. Mage

  4. Summoner

  5. Miscellaneous (Throwing, Building, Mining, etc.)

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  1. HunkySenpai

    HunkySenpai Skeletron

    Let me know why the class is your favorite by replying! :happy:
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  2. Kylee~

    Kylee~ Retinazer

    Ranged! Nothing quite like shooting a Minishark at your enemies until they die. (Followed by the Megashark, then the S.D.M.G.)
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  3. Chuggs Gaming

    Chuggs Gaming Terrarian

    Melee. Probably because I like taking damage. I like tanking and pushing the limits.

    Also, probably because I like brute force and taking mobs head on in general. I like the challenge. In any game, I like to pile up loads of enemies and then ram my weapons down their throats.

    However, I like playing all classes. But if someone had a gun to my head and made me pick just one it would be Melee.
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  4. Terry N. Muse

    Terry N. Muse Terrarian

    Mage, most likely. I've played around with a different character for every class build (and the occasional mixed build), but my very first character ended up a mage because of the sheer utility it provides. It's as solid as any class in the early game, remains solid throughout the entire game, and picks up even more steam near the end. In particular, I've found it peaks at the very beginning and end - the former with the Gem Staves, Waterbolt (if you got lucky), and especially Space Gun, and the latter with the Spectre and Nebula armour sets.

    Nebula armour in particular deserves some attention. I personally consider it the single best endgame armour set with incredible durability (life nebula), incredible freedom of attack (mana nebula), and incredible damage output (the already powerful Nebula Pillar/Moon Lord spells plus damage nebula). This isn't even getting into the magic weapons themselves like Space Gun, Demon Scythe, Nettle Burst, Razorblade Typhoon, Last Prism... the list goes on.

    A very close second would be melee, which is itself quickly followed by summoner - but both only in the very late stages of the game, and both mainly because of the phenomenal Valhalla Knight armour pieces. When it comes down to it, magic will always be my weapon of choice.
  5. WingedOracle

    WingedOracle Eye of Cthulhu

    Melee. I might be biased here, since I have more knowledge in Melee, Ranged, and somewhat in Summoner, but I never use a mage weapon after I get to hard mode.
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  6. AbstractLime

    AbstractLime Terrarian

    I prefer Mage because 1: wizards are cool and 2: every different item is another attack that can be drastically different from others.
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  7. Mage and Summoner - former because of the buffs from the Spectre suit and Nebula armor, latter because I love having a platoon of minions following me in tow(and being able to resummon them through walls!).
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  8. Fudjijama

    Fudjijama Plantera

    My favourite class is mage, because it was the first one I ever played and because I love the last two armor sets, since they are amazingly useful when playing with others.
    Another reason would be that many weapons are almost impossible to miss with or even homing, so I can focus more on dodging and surviving rather than aiming.
    Last reason is a bit lame: The weapons are just very pretty to look at. You're basically a one-man-lightshow.
  9. ratchetNL

    ratchetNL Terrarian

    Mage is my favorite as it provides a lot of utility and I really like the uniqueness of each weapon that the class has to offer.

    By the way. Who didn't love to run around playing god when the spectre set was still OP?
  10. N1NJ4W4RR10R

    N1NJ4W4RR10R Terrarian

    With the way I play, melee. All other classes are to squishy for me.

    Can be a pain sometimes though. Bosses are annoying (though with boomerangs they arent impossible like they would be without them...seriously, imagine killing spaptazm without a boomerang, lol)
  11. Hypalaser

    Hypalaser Skeletron

    Ranged. I've used ranged the most, even when I started playing.

    I like it because of how some ammo is op (Star Cannon, etc.). Some I like because of the pierce.
  12. ChaoticFlame 多情

    ChaoticFlame 多情 The Destroyer

    Mage and Ranged.

    Mage because of its extreme versatility, diversity in weapon choice, being somewhat of a challenge to monitor health and mana, and towards the endgame, (especially in co-op), the ability to deal ludicrous amounts of damage and heal/buff your allies consistency is the best feeling in the entire goddamn world.

    Ranged because I laugh like a maniac seeing hundreds of my projectiles make contact with my enemies, tearing them to shreds. Also a relatively easy class to play with very good DPS and reasonable defense.
  13. Hypalaser

    Hypalaser Skeletron

    I've changed. Mage is now my favorite and a bit of ranged.
  14. JTM7655

    JTM7655 Spazmatism

    I like throwing, as you have to constantly grind. and in modded fight bosses for more ammo, also I feel really badass throwing spears and knives at enemies.
  15. Essa20

    Essa20 Terrarian

    Mix of Summoner and Melee Tank
    Summoner because it's fun having an army of minions at your disposal and melee tank because while my army is fighting i need to protect myself

    Other than that i also use a few mage and ranged weapons
  16. Ezel

    Ezel Brain of Cthulhu

    I kinda prefer mage, maybe melee with certain weapons but the thing is that melee has so much weapons it's not that fun as for example mage. Some weapons also are strong even without the needed gear compared to the other classes.

    Mage however is quite fun to play. With good enough gear it can be super strong and it has quite varied weapons. The set bonuses or buffs are also nice. The only disadvantage is managing mana but with a good strategy it's not much of a problem.

    When I play the game, I usually have a mix of melee and mage or only mage. Rarely I do only melee or only ranger.
  17. superscrub42

    superscrub42 Terrarian

    playing as a builder/miner is the worst (and my favorite thing ever) I play with my friends a lot, they always make me do the mining, so I get miners armor and never participate in the boss fights I just kind of watch
  18. Trash Boat

    Trash Boat Retinazer

    Where is my Ranged love ;-;

    But yeah, ranged is my favorite. I've probably done 40% of my playthroufhs as a ranger, ultimately because no matter how underpowered you are, you can use strategy to your advantage in almost any situation (with the exception of bosses). As I typically take the strategic route in games, it fits my preferred playstyle perfectly.
  19. Nawpaw

    Nawpaw Terrarian


    It's fun to sit back and watch all your enemies die by your minions, also it's really useful when building and you don't have to deal with random enemies attacking. Although a very difficult start it gets way easier as you progress.
  20. hamstar

    hamstar Steampunker

    Anti-class. No 2 weapons or armor of the same relative set or damage type affiliation. Maybe even different tiers, too.

    Maybe there could be a mod to give fun set bonuses for this?
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2017