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What's your most OH MY GOSH I JUST GOT THAT Moment?, I got a Hallowed Key Mold!


Ice Queen
paladins hammer. i got 3 or 4 paladins shields, 3 hallow key molds, and 2 corruption key molds. when i finally got it, i was like "GASP! OH MY GOODNESS I GOT A PALADINS HAMMER FINALLY!!!!!11!!!!ONEONEONEOONEECLAMATIONMARK!!!!"


I believe it was around the time of or something like that, when I was exploring an almost brand new hardmode underground hallow ice biome.

Hallowed Key.

After I stopped foaming, I calmly put it away in a chest, and waited to defeat Plantera before unlocking the chest in the dungeon. Call me crazy (or sensible, whatever fancies you), but I was one of those people advocating for something to lock Dungeon biome keys behind Plantera, and not usable before him. (Cue keymolds.)


I've probably ran out of moments, but one time on 1.2 Mobile, I had an Unholy Trident drop from the very second Red Demon I killed.

Garish Gnome

Damn RNG, I almost was like that, but when all I needed was an Inferno Fork, Tabi, and Sniper Rifle, 4 hours of sitting, clicking, and killing only got me 3 more Tact. Shotguns, another Hammer, 2 more shields, and a :red: ton of money, and another GODDAMN TACTICAL SHOTGUN!

I'll trade any of those extras for one of the three I don't have

You get paladins, sniper skeletons, or tactical skeletons depending on the background types around you. Judging by the drops you're getting, it looks like you're likely farming an area that's making it unfavorable/impossible for snipers to spawn. At the very least you might want to find/make/augment an area so you're only getting the two background types relevant to your hunt (the paladin area only offers the tabi which can be found in any of them anyways).

Rough Draft

Duke Fishron
When I realized after nine years the puns in the line 'ice on my fingers and my toes and I'm a taurus' in Meatwad's part of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force opening. I don't even like the show, but that took an actual literal nine-year time span for me to realize.

Techno Mancer

Brain of Cthulhu
I got my first keymold on a server. It was in a protected area which didn't allow teleports outside of the protected area so I spammed my rod of discord and glitched through and picked up the mold (but because I used it in a protected area it didn't hurt)
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