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PC Which item did you have the most trouble with to obtain?

Black Scythe

As for me it would probably be the Death Sickle, took me forever to get that from the rarely occurring solar eclipses with the fairly low spawn rate of the reapers and the drop rate of 0.4%.
I still have quite a lot of items to obtain and I'm currently working on the bee mount, killed over 100 queen bees and still no luck, killed a batch of 40 queen bees a moment ago.

So how's your hunt going?


None since I usually don't grind for anything in particular, but will grind for stuff. However getting enough ectoplasm for the spectre set is annoying.


For some reason, I've never had trouble getting these things like... the sniper rifle... all those other rare drops that I wanted. The only item I've ever had trouble getting was a Clothier Voodoo Doll. RNG was being a crap that day...

Black Scythe

Probably the axe. Cause Plantera is such a pain in the :red:.
I got the axe at my first few kills with one of my previous characters, I didn't know when it dropped that it had such a low droprate.
But I've deleted all my worlds and saves when I started playing again about a week ago, wanted a fresh start with all the new stuff and have yet to obtain another one.


The Bone Pickaxe. I've gotten multiple Rods of Discord and Axes so far, and even among the low-tier items, I have tons of Bone Swords and Mining Armor, two Enchanted Swords, and even Binoculars, but that pick still eludes me.

Full Metal Kirby

Official Terrarian
A toss up between The Axe, Binoculars, and Reindeer Bells. After all this time playing, I only have two, one, and one of each respectively.


Eye of Cthulhu
The axe from plantera,i don't know is this a bug in the game but since 1.2.3 when i kill the furst 3 bosses in hard mode and unlock hardmode jungle,the eggs or hearts (i call them hearts) for plantera just dont spawn,it's very rare to see a heart to spawn the boss i have to wait 2 or more days in the game to find one


Official Terrarian
I have yet to receive a Paladin's Hammer/Shield so, that's something to grind for I guess. I have yet to receive an axe legitly :red: I need to grind the frost moon more. Everything obtained from the frost moon I have cheated in except the razorpine ;( Blizzard Staff is my favorite weapon, I feel so dirty :redspin:
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