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PC Which item did you have the most trouble with to obtain?


When did you create you profile/world? Have you tried making another world? and Diamonds suck
Yes i made an up to date wprld but it was a mod that used diamonds to make a really good magic item but needless to say i got my diamonds finally!

Andrio Celos

As much as I'm not comfortable posting in a 184-strong thread... I think this honour shall go to the Vitamins.
As the only missing item from my Ankh Shield collection, it took me so long to get that I actually ended up finding a corruption key mould first.
At least I managed to find an enchanted sword by chance, and my third character got a Rod of Discord by chance.

Oh, and there was also the cave with about 40 diamonds in it...


Death Sickle and Terra Blade, I have literally had my world post mech for months and have not seen one solar eclipse, you could say I'm insanely unlucky.


I've gotta say one time I was trying to make a potion but I could not find any deathweed, I searched for hours...

Also another time I was playing on console a while back and I was looking for jungle spores, turns out there was a bug that caused them not to spawn on any of my worlds.

Vulpes Inculta

Empress of Light
The Ankh Shield was absolutely dreadful for me to acquire. So much grinding. T_T

Vampire Knives and the Bundle of Balloons were a pain as well.


Skeletron Prime
It's not really searching for a rare item, but rather that I probably wasted more than 20 platinum to get myself a Mythical Heat Ray. Damn RNG ._.

That and the Nazar.[/QUOTE
I got one as a drop. And I got the Ankh shield within the first 2 terraria days of hardmode. Pretty easy to get. I have almost everything in the game. All I want is binoculars, enchanted sword, coin gun, reindeer bells and grinch pet, and a 2nd axe, to reforge it to light. I have everything else in the game, nymph banner, etc. Only items I have never gotten are the bells and the grinch pet. When 1.3 comes out and the axe is easier to get, I will try to obtain a whole chest full of them, as it will be much easier to get in 1.3 and will be common, thank you for this change cenx!


That`s Logically Impossible
Logically unsound, but it's about the amount of time you measure. The amount of time it takes you to acquire something is randomized, but the amount of time you spend looking for it is what people measure.

Example A: You spend one hour in the underground jungle. After thirty minutes, you decide to hunt for a Bezoar. Thirty minutes later you find one.
Example B: You spend one hour in the dungeon. At the very beginning you are hunting for Armor Polish. At the end of the hour you find it.

In both cases it took you one hour to acquire the item. But in your mind the Bezoar only took thirty minutes because you didn't start looking for it right away.

The concept of "it drops better when you're not looking" is explained the same way. When you acquire something you weren't looking for you don't measure the time it actually took to find it, whereas when you're looking for it you measure the time because that is what you're focused on. Therefore it feels as though things drop faster when you're not hunting them because you're not focusing on the time it takes.

It's kind of a placebo effect.

Oh, and to remain on topic, the current item I'm having difficulty acquiring is a Blizzard Staff.
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