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Why Is This non-Valid Housing

Why Isn't this considered valid housing?

  • Walls

  • Too High

  • The Glass

  • No Idea

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I've been playing Terraria for a like a year now and I can't figure out why this wouldn't work as housing. I want to turn in into my bedroom with a lot of room to put stuff down, so that's why its so big.


Try to divide it by using platforms and add more light. Should fix the issue.

Splitting it with platforms would fix it, but adding extra lighting isn't necessary unless you don't already have a light source in the area you want to be valid. Bonus tip 1: A house only needs one light source regardless of the size, so it doesn't matter if it's entirely lit or not. Bonus tip 2: Light sources that have been disabled by wiring are still valid light sources and won't break the house -- you could make your NPCs live in complete darkness if you wanted to.
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