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Discussion in 'Console Quick Hookup' started by NillerMiller, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. NillerMiller

    NillerMiller Terrarian

    I feel like there is a lack of a community for the wii u edition of Terraria, so i was thinking: "why not make a thread, where everyone can post their Nintendo ids"

    So here it is!
    Feel free to post your ids!
    I'll start: YouTube123ja
    That's My id
  2. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    As far as I know, we don't have a thread yet for Wii U players to share their gamer ids to hook up with other players, so this is great. I'll move it to the Console Quick Hookup section and pin it with the Xbox and PlayStation threads.
  3. Vaporeon231

    Vaporeon231 Terrarian

    Hi! i donĀ“t have a wii U but i have a 3ds and i think you can play 3ds/ with wii u. i got terraria a few days ago. my id is vaporeon80
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  4. Supermh8

    Supermh8 Terrarian

    K what's your friend code ?
  5. Vaporeon231

    Vaporeon231 Terrarian

    my freind code is 2037 - 2824 - 1014 and my name is Sam
  6. carl7890

    carl7890 Terrarian

    you are right there is barely any wii u players for terreria wii u
    my user name is carlosbella.
  7. IshmaelC

    IshmaelC Terrarian

    Hate to see the wii u join list always empty
    My username is IshmaelC
  8. ZombieKillerX

    ZombieKillerX Terrarian

    Sweet, wii u players. My Wii u name is cool kid.
    My Id is drakexw.
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  9. ShyKid2956

    ShyKid2956 Terrarian

    Hi there! My ID is ShyKid2956
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    Hi there! My ID is ShyKid2956
  10. ZombieKillerX

    ZombieKillerX Terrarian

    I friended ShyKid and YouTube.
    Ready to play.
  11. ZombieKillerX

    ZombieKillerX Terrarian

    Hey, do you know when you will be able to play Terraria? We might be able to play together.
  12. ZombieKillerX

    ZombieKillerX Terrarian

    I am free all day today. Any one want to play Terraria?
  13. ZombieKillerX

    ZombieKillerX Terrarian

    I recently got Terraria 3ds. If you have that then we could play together. However, I don't know how to find my friend code. Can you tell me how I can find it.
  14. MasterNCM

    MasterNCM Terrarian

    You tap the friend list icon (it is orange and square). Then you tap the top rectangular box that has your mini on it. Your Nintendo Network Id is in orange. Mine is MasterNCM. If you friend me we can play on Wii U
  15. ZombieKillerX

    ZombieKillerX Terrarian

    Cool. I'm with my grandma though, so I don't have access to my will u right now. I will let you know when I get home. You can find my Wii u Nintendo I.d. If you friend me now, I should be able to accept it when I get home.
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    Ok. Found my 3ds friend code. It is 1221-1309-2355
    P.s. if you want to friend me, I also need to know your friend code.
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    I sent you a friend request. I believe to accept it you need my code. That is 1221-1309-2355. I have 3ds Terraria. We could play together.
  16. ZombieKillerX

    ZombieKillerX Terrarian

    I am playing Terraria today.