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tModLoader [WIP] DMode Mod

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by Doctor Moonbad, Dec 23, 2017.


Do you like the mod's concept?

  1. Great! I want to test this right away!

  2. Yeah. Cool.

  3. I'm afraid of breaking the game...

  4. Not so good. Needs polishing.

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  1. Doctor Moonbad

    Doctor Moonbad Plantera

    Capture 2017-12-28 11_38_58.png
    D-MODE is a TModLoader mod that increments RPG elements into Terraria.
    The newest version available to download is the Work-In-Progress Beta 0.560, released on the 1th day of June of 2019. This version of the mod already has:
    • A 4 attribute system for all characters, also with a leveling system.
    • 2 new item enhancements: Quality and Skill.
    • A World Leveling System.
    • 2 New enemy variants: Shadow and Boss.
    • New debilitating debuffs: Broken Bones and Pain.
    • 1 new hyper complex Loot Box.
    Disclaimer: as a work-in-progress mod, D-MODE may not work as expected while exposed to certain specific conditions. Also, the game is still in beta, meaning that some more features are yet to come. Keep these things in mind while playing this mod. If you detect any bug, glitch, grammatical errors, or problems with this version of the mod, please post it in the mod's Discord server: Join the D-MODE Discord Server! describing the problem. Thanks in advance.
    Current developing speed: 65% (Medium-High)

    DHeart.png Introduction DHeart.png
    Newly created characters receive the most valuable item of the mod, that can't be crafted, the D-Heart. It's description shows the R.P.G. stats of it's current owner.
    It can also be used to do the Reset of those stats, but only in Expert Mode worlds.​

    Souls and Soul Points
    Enemies drop floating Souls when they die. These will float towards the character that has killed the enemy, increasing his / her Soul Points. Reaching the maximum soul point capacity Levels Up the character, increasing his Max Life, his Max Mana and his Movement Speed. A little white text appears on character's head showing how many soul points have been acquired, being the minimum amount, 1 Soul Point. This kind of level up is called "General Level Up". The player can also craft a Soul Booster to speed up the process, but be careful, it can kill you.​

    Enemies and Levels
    All worlds may have a level that gets increased when a certain amount of enemies killed. Enemies that spawn receive the a random level from 1 to 5 plus the level of the world they are in. The higher the level of an enemy, the more life, defense and damage it has, consequently increasing it's soul point yield upon death. Also, there are new items that drop from them: Red Orbs and Green Orbs, which are used to upgrade the player's weapons and him / herself.​

    StrengthPowerCrystal.png Power Crystals StrengthPowerCrystal.png
    Power Crystals are crafted from a considerable amount of Red Orbs, there are 4 of these crystals, one for each attribute that they improve.

    DestinyBox.png Destiny Boxes DestinyBox.png
    Some enemies may drop a Destiny Box. This new box can be opened at the General Level 5 or higher, and usually contains a small amount of money, green orbs, obsidian, gemstones and Amber Points. The rewards of the box are separated in individual cumulative tiers, where every tier has a chance of dropping a set of items. If the player did not get any tiers when opening one, he / she receives a consolation prize and 1 Amber Point. Players receive Amber Points for every Destiny Box they open and when 100 Amber Points is reached, the player receives an amber. Many of these can be opened at once with an Amber Key.

    Item Quality and Skill
    Quality: the basic upgrade level of an item. Can be increased with Gems of Upgrade (that are crafted from both of the orbs), increasing the weapon's damage and critical strike chance, permanently, with no maximum capacity, for now, because it's really an expensive upgrade. It's recommended to use them on weapons the player really likes. These bonuses get weaker the more health the player has, reaching it's minimum bonus per level at 400 HP. if it's an armor, the player's armor is increased while having the armor equipped.
    Skill: the basic use level of a specific item for a specific player. Almost all items can be own by the player by using a Tome of Ownership. After it's used, no other player can use that specific item. As a reward for this limitation, the player so can increase his / her Skill with the item by using it constantly, or by using Green Orbs, increasing the item's speed and knock-back. If it's an armor, them the player's movement speed is slightly increased while having the armor equipped. The player can also remove the ownership of an item using an Ownership Nullifier Tome.​

    New enemy variants:
    Bosses: Has a small chance to spawn. This variant has a lot more health, some extra defense and damage, and also ignores knock-back effects.

    Shadows: Has a very small chance to spawn, and only spawns when the World level is quite high. This variant has more health, a lot more defense and lot more damage. When damaged, it may spawn a Shadow Appendage. This guy tries to attach himself with any other NPC (even critters), and while attached, it is buffed and the host begins to slowly die. When there's no one to be attached with, he will charge at the player at a constant pace.

    There's also a variant that is the combination of those 2, the Shadow Boss, whose chance to spawn is really, but really small.

    New enemy-inflicted debuffs:
    Broken Bones: Rarely inflicted by any enemy. Instantly decreases the player's speed by a considerable amount. Randomly inflicts Bleeding and Pain. While the player is Bleeding with this debuff, he / she receives damage over time based on the movement speed bonuses. Building defense greatly reduces the chances of receiving this debuff.

    Pain: Randomly applied when with low HP, and permanently applied when with extremely low HP. Reduces the player's damage by 25% (on hit) and increases the effectiveness of slowing debuffs by 25% if the player has any, if not, then the player's movement speed bonuses are nullified.

    Death's Grasp: Always inflicted by Shadow variants. Deals huge amounts of damage to healthy players and low damage to unhealthy players.

    Expert Mode and Destiny Points
    In Expert Mode, things are different. The player, on the start, is limited to have up to 8 Power Crystal Upgrades and a General Level of 8. This limit can be increased by making a Reset. All the character's stats will be reduced to zero again, but the maximum amount of Power Crystal Upgrades and General Levels is increased by 4 each. This process also yields Destiny Points proportional to the amount of General Levels and Power Crystal Upgrades the player had. The more Destiny Points the player has, the more powerful the Power Crystals' and General Levels' bonuses will be, making the journey to progress easier.

    I'm also accepting any suggestions from the community, so fell free to share your ideas on the mod's Discord server: Join the D-MODE Discord Server!

    The mod is officially available in the mod browser since November 22th of 2018, and sometimes this page is not updated at all... Join the mod's Discord server to ask questions, report bugs and everything else.​

    Known Bugs and Weird Interactions [Beta v0.560]

    - Enemies that are multi-segmented have multiple levels, one for each segment.
    - Enemies that crawl walls have their stats "re-rolled" every time they switch forms.

    What the developer is doing now?
    [VERY LOW PRIORITY]: Learning how to code GUI.
    [HIGH PRIORITY]: Improving the mod's systems, mechanics and overall content using the community suggestions and tips in the Discord server.
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2019
  2. Virukino

    Virukino Terrarian

    1. Why is the text so big?
    2. You can edit the original post, but use spoiler tabs so it's not so big.
  3. Doctor Moonbad

    Doctor Moonbad Plantera

    Sure thing. I just write it big to make it easy to read and also, I thought to insert the spoiler tab, but it looks like that I did not.:D
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2017
  4. Virukino

    Virukino Terrarian

    A lot of people don't like lots of text, and the bigger the text, the more there seems to be, and also, in the last message, that purple used with obsidian is a bit painful to look at and hard to read
  5. FruIT 2

    FruIT 2 Terrarian

    Hi! I was very interested in this mod. I want to play with him in multiplayer. Does this mod work in multiplayer? And I hope this mod is balanced. Right?
  6. Doctor Moonbad

    Doctor Moonbad Plantera

    I really did not test it yet in multiplayer, but it should work normally.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 26, 2018, Original Post Date: Jan 26, 2018 ---
    Sorry for the confusion, I hope you have read my "updates : x" sub-posts to know what has been changed. The main post is not always updated though, so please read all my updates, sorry for that again. I'm updating the main post with the new version and mod overview, thanks for your support.
  7. FruIT 2

    FruIT 2 Terrarian

    Enemies do not abandon Souls when they die. I do not know why. I'm using the latest version of mod. In previous versions, it was all right.
    Tested on a new character and in a new world.
  8. Doctor Moonbad

    Doctor Moonbad Plantera

    Thanks for the reply! I also identified this bug and it's being removed from the game. The version of the game without the bug will be uploaded within the next hour.
  9. Doctor Moonbad

    Doctor Moonbad Plantera

    Bug solved. Re-download the mod to apply the changes.
  10. FruIT 2

    FruIT 2 Terrarian

    Doctor Moonbad
    Do you have any plans to develop this mod? Will the GUI be added to the mod in next updates?
    Now there are 2 good rpg mods - "Kalciphoz's RPG Mod" and "Terraria Leveld". What feature will a D-mod? Will the D-mod be special or is it just a parody?
    I do not want to say anything wrong. I like rpg mods. But mod for it to be good and successful it should be either diverse and well-designed, or with its own specialty otherwise, it will not interest anyone and will not become popular. (this proposal is particularly bad translated, sorryXD) If you do not have any plan, then it's worth thinking about it. I (and not only me) would like to see something interesting and new. I hope you can do it. I wish you that you could do this. I wish success in the development of mod.
  11. Doctor Moonbad

    Doctor Moonbad Plantera

    Well, I don't exactly know what you trying to mean with that speech. First, I have a big plan for D-Mode and it's growing every day. Second, you complaining about a REALLY early project. Third, I'm trying my best, working hours on it to make it great.
    The inspiration for this mod, is the fact that I did not like the other's leveling up systems so far. I've played them for about 5 hours each, and my conclusions where that Kalciphoz's RPG mod is in fact broken and Terarria leveled is pretty, but boring. Guess what? I'm doing it my own for the Terraria community to have more options in this RPG modding scenario. Thank you for your support.
  12. FruIT 2

    FruIT 2 Terrarian

    I can read and partially understand what is written in English. But I'll probably never get to write the sentence myself according to all the rules) If this is better, I can write my wishes or comments in Russian.
    It would be nice to add a description of the theme for each poweer crystal. I used 60 spirit power crystals but did not receive additional slot for minions. How much need to use spirit crystals to get an extra slot for minions?
  13. Doctor Moonbad

    Doctor Moonbad Plantera

    I agree to add the descriptions, nice idea. To increase your maximum number of minions, you need at least 1 point in Mind and them, 25 points in spirit for each extra minion. As you already have 60 points in spirit, you should get 2 bonus minion capacity after using the Mind power crystal. Do you think a small wiki would help the players with this little details? (Спасибо для ваш поддержка!)
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2018
  14. FruIT 2

    FruIT 2 Terrarian

    I think for such a small mod do not need a wiki. It will be better to write a description in the topic itself, it's more convenient. In the future, when the mod is large, you can think about the wiki. (It's just my opinion, do as you know)
    In the meantime, in addition to the description in the topic, you can also, for example, add a description to the power crystals (item description in the game) or add an item that would write in the chat description of crystals etc. Probably it would be easier if there was a graphical interface.

    p.s Now I understood how my text sees those who know English ahahahahaha XD
  15. Doctor Moonbad

    Doctor Moonbad Plantera

    I appreciate your concern, thanks. Did I wrote "Thanks for your support" (Спасибо для ваш поддержка) the right way, or in a wrong way?
  16. FruIT 2

    FruIT 2 Terrarian

    Спасибо для ваш поддержка — "Thanks [to\of] your support" (maybe) I do not know exactly how to translate verbatim into English. — Wrong.
    Спасибо за вашу поддержку — "Thanks for your support" — Сorrectly.
    But it does not matter. I'm sure that I make a lot more mistakes, although I use google translate :)
  17. Doctor Moonbad

    Doctor Moonbad Plantera

    D-MODE has been updated to version Work-in-Progress Alpha 2.1.19.
  18. FruIT 2

    FruIT 2 Terrarian

    I see an update
    Most of the enemies have a random level that increases for every boss killed, being [0 - 4] the starting level range. The higher the level of an enemy is, the more life, defense and damage it has, consequently increasing it's soul value upon death."
    it's good

    mod already have a GUI?
    Doctor Moonbad likes this.
  19. Peach Head

    Peach Head Official Terrarian

    the mod looks pretty dope; you should slap the mod up on the mod browser because i want to know when it's updated n' all
    Doctor Moonbad likes this.
  20. Doctor Moonbad

    Doctor Moonbad Plantera

    Hi there, Doctor Moonbad here. 5-6 months ago, as you guys must remember, I stopped working on this mod. That's because soon I'll be entering faculty here in Brazil. In that moment, I saw myself running out of time because of this project, so I decided to leave it paused until 2019 or further if I fail to enter one of the faculties I'm aiming for, however, it will not be abandoned. I appreciate all the concern of you that have tested the mod. If the mod continues to be paused for 8 more months, I'll make the open source so that anyone can work on it. Thank you.

    EDIT: Mod Update released today (15th of July), also, thanks to a miracle, will be able to continue developing the mod, but slowly on my free time during the 2nd semester. You may see DMode on the mod browser when it reaches the Beta Stage (Pretty Close), then, Ad.fly will be removed and a Patreon for those who like my work may be created.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2018