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PC (WIP) How to beat the game (Couldn't think of a better name)

Lord Ecramox the Almighty

Brain of Cthulhu
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I'm writing this guide while I'm doing my Master Mode playthrough, and as such it will not be finished as of the time this is posted. I will update this guide as I go, as well as take feedback. Keep in mind that I haven't played 1.4 as much as earlier versions (obviously) and as such, there are bound to be mistakes and outdated strategies that I simply haven't tried in my own playthrough. If that happens, feel free to point it out. This guide assumes no glitches or cheating.

The First Day
The very basics. chop down a couple of trees, make two basic houses on top of each-other, kill slimes, make torches, make wooden armor, a bow, some arrows, then go spelunking. Wear any accessories you find, mine all ores you can. I recommend making an extra Work Bench, Furnace, and Anvil. Keep this in your inventory at all time, so if you're stuck somewhere and need an upgrade to get out, plop these down and make a better sword out of the stuff you found.
By the end of this tier, it is recommended that you have the following:

Wooden Armor
Wooden Sword
Wooden Bow
At least 100 arrows
Any extra accessories that you found

The Rest of the Beginning
By the second day, you should've gathered enough money to have the Merchant move in. If you have one gold (You likely don't in normal mode due to less money being dropped), buy a Piggy Bank. It's pretty much essential due to how much money you drop in higher difficulties. If you can't buy a Piggy Bank, then buy a Bug Net. You'll be using it and it's upgrades for the rest of the game. Bug Nets lets you catch critters, which you can sell for about 2 silver each. That isn't much, but it stacks up throughout the game.

If you are the chosen one, you may receive a Slime Staff from a slime. It's incredibly rare and not that good outside of pre-boss, so I don't recommend farming it. Rather, enjoy the novelty and move on the second you get an upgrade.

When you find grenades, bombs, or dynamite, keep at least one. Build an underground house, and as long as you have said explosive in your inventory, the demolitionist will move in. He's a very useful NPC. For those of you wondering why he needs to be underground, 1.4 introduced NPC Happiness. I won't go too in-depth, but basically NPCS like and dislike certain biomes and other NPCs. Here's a link to to a guide of what your housing should look like in the end, although it may be different than what we will do before all the NPCs are moved in: Terraria 1.4 Optimal NPC Happiness Housing Guide - SteamAH

You may have noticed that the Merchant is selling an interesting thing called a "Forest Pylon". Pylons let you teleport to other Pylons as long as there are two NPCs nearby the one you're teleporting from and the one you're teleporting to. You cannot use Pylons while an event is happening or while a Boss is alive, and you can only have one Pylon per biome. Buy it if you can, but you won't have enough NPCs to make use of it this early on.

You'll likely find Life Crystals while spelunking. Use them as soon as possible, as they increase your max health by 20. The limit is 400 max health, but don't throw away and crystals you find after that. They can be used to make Heart Lanterns, which increase your regeneration when you're around them.

(I have to shut down my computer as of the moment I'm typing this, so it'll end here for now, but I'll work more on this later)


Skeletron Prime
Remember that if you have over 10 defense and 200 health the eye of Cthulhu has a high chance (essentially 33%) each night to spawn until defeated, if your world have 3 NPCs (e.g. guide, demolitionist, merchant, nurse). Slime rain also takes place (but king slime is actually somewhat hurtful, I can still barely beat it)

For early game (essentially the entire pre-hardmode), accessories are extremely powerful. 5 warding(s) give you 20 defense alone.

Jungle armor in 1.4 had actually been buffed, so if one can avoid (or survive from) all the hornet it will be rather pleasant (as in, you can acquire it before defeating any bosses)

A few (4 or 5) mana crystals, a diamond robe and a diamond staff will allow you to decimate the eye. Alternatively, make the best bow and get arrows. The Guide can actually be somewhat helpful in this case.
Get the enchanted sword! It's absolutely powerful (and it emits light so you can trash most torches). That's practically the only pre-hard weapon you need (aside from a hellwing bow or equivalent for the queen bee fight), although do remember to gather around things for the Night's Edge as it is rather important in hardmode.
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