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Discussion in 'Released' started by Dennou coil, May 28, 2015.

  1. Dennou coil

    Dennou coil Terrarian

    Thanks a lot man, i will add even more borderlands weapons. But, i played borderlands soo long ago. Thanks to that, deciding is hard. You can request if you want. :)
  2. WavingCookie

    WavingCookie Steampunker

    Well, you could go with Tiny Tina's Teapot, the Infinity gun, Longnail, Octocannon and such ;)
  3. Mr.Willywonka

    Mr.Willywonka Skeletron

    Hey. I was looking thru ur mod, and one thing struck me as a good idea, with an ok sprite, but i felt like i could improve upon the Bloody Rage Sprite. Here's what I came up with Bloody Rage Resprite.png . Unfortunately, I don't have a Program that can remove white, but if someone could tell me one i would be gratefull.
  4. TheBilateralGamer

    TheBilateralGamer Spazmatism

    I use Paint.NET for all my spriting. I don't sprite anymore, but when I did, it worked fantastically. All you have to do is use the Magic Wand tool, click the white parts of the image, and press Delete on your keyboard.
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  5. Mr.Willywonka

    Mr.Willywonka Skeletron

    Thanks ALOT. I had looked EVERYWHERE for a program that would do that:).
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  6. Vladimier

    Vladimier Golem

    I wouldn't mind the mod but it doesn't fit the 16x16 bit style that terraria has it bothers me a bit. Another thing I suggest you add information about each weapon , stats and functions. But it looks like a fairly nice mod.