tAPI [WIP][Released] Metroid Mod

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Don't know if some-else has reported this and I'm sorry for not looking back previous pages, but all your images in your 1st thread are broken, so they can't be seen anymore.
This was already reported and this was my reply:
It's not really much of an issue, considering the pics are for an older, almost no longer playable version (cuz trying to install tAPI now is too finicky). An entirely new thread will be made when the new tModLoader version gets released. Plus, as Gygas said, there are videos on my YT Channel (I actually updated the first page to include a link as well).
*was*, Phil has been missing for over half a year now with no trace of where he went, I have a personal hunch he just got tired of the rather toxic modding community (at times atleast) and silently left.
Huh, that's weird, and kinda sad to hear. I was actually interested in seeing how different his mod would turn out from mine.
22 days of silence...
i'm not the only one that keeps checking this thread every day, am i?
I do to, almost every day. Today I saw Scooteboot's youtube videos again. It seems like he will release the mod soon, hope so!

Edit: It seems we all do, right Lux Hikari? Hahaha, we replied almost at same time
I totally haven't been procrastinating for the last two weeks.
I too check daily. My schedule is so busy I'll have to submit vacation time to play when it releases, probably just call in sick though and/or let my grades suffer 😅
Posting after 3 years of waiting, still waiting patiently. Saw many people say they've been checking in daily, I've checked everyday enough to the point it's become a natural habit to just peep this thread in my free time. No pressure to the mod creator, just wanted to comment after all this time since the mod seems to be getting close to release. :p
I actually set my homepage on my browser to this, always opens right to the forums so I can check here. Also, don't worry Scooterboot. I procrastinate on almost every project I work on, including that whole tAPI one... `:sigh:
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