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tAPI [WIP][Released] Metroid Mod


Official Terrarian
I'm curious. When balancing the mod, was it balanced and tested on Expert mode? How do you think the mod will function on other difficulties?
Well, thankfully a lot of Expert mode balance is automated (something like global multipliers on enemy HP that also affects mod enemies).
The only real issue is bosses aren't appropriately tweaked for Expert (vanilla bosses have extra attacks/changed behaviors, whereas I've yet to implement that kind of stuff).

While quite a bit of balance has already been done for first release, I imagine a lot more balancing will have to be done in the future.
I think it's becoming a running saying of "it'll be done in a future update."
Eager to see your work, scooter. Any update on progress?
Well, things were going smoothly, then I realized that none of the basic enemy/mob NPCs have their natural spawn code set up, so I have to set that all up now. But aside from that, we're like 90% done, I think.


Pretty random reply but I just wanted to say that the small fanbase following this mod has really grown over the years. It's just awesome to see how many people have a love and passion for both the Metroid franchise and the amazing, community-driven game that is Terraria. I'm still as hyped for the release as a was a few years back, and I must hand it to you Scooterboot, this mod really is stunning. Let's all continue to support this mod as well as our homie Scooterboot (is that wierd saying homie?) and lets play the heck out of it as soon as it releases. :)


Duke Fishron
I know that one of the high points of the mod is going to be its immersion. I fully intend on sticking to content from this mod as my entire gear. At that point it's just a matter of squeezing as much combat-related content out of the mod as possible.

I don't even know what kind of base I'd build, or what kind of creative Metroid-related options there will be for building. I'm more than willing to do what I need to do to make it feel worthwhile.


Official Terrarian
Oh wow, guys, geez. "No pressure" am I right? Lol

the anticipation is thick rn, also, Scooterboot, could you, or one of the other mod devs make a discord server specifically for this mod?
We currently have a private discord we use to coordinate our efforts. The plan is that after release, we modify the discord to be more friendly to newcomers (y'know, making our dev chat channels private, create roles, and etc), and then make it public.

Aight I was planning on sending this when the mod releases but, couldn't wait, here it is...
View attachment 278101
Anyone can use it free, i really don't care. And no offense but i think the other art felt a bit basic imo...Sorry, dont mean to offend...
Also yes, it is original and made by me. Just to clarify.
Decided to try my hand at banner making too
View attachment 278376
Wow, these both look amazing! I kept debating on making my own banner, though have had little time to actually do it, but you guys seem to have it handled!
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