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Wooden Beam Change


"Wooden Beams are background furnitureitems that provide support for Torches, and can be used as decoration. They form continuous vertical pillars when stacked. Wooden Beams are found naturally in Underground Cabins, and can be crafted.

Wooden Beams can be stacked from the ground, and exist in the background, providing support for suspended Torches that will not inhibit character movement. In this way, Wooden Beams provide a function similar to Trees (which also exist in the background and allow the player to suspend high Torches), but which the player can construct where they like. Where background Walls exist, Wooden Beams can also be placed in "midair", without support from below.

Despite their appearance as background Walls, Wooden Beams instead share a layer with other furniture items (like Tables, Torches, Statues, Switches, Timers, etc.), thus the two cannot share the same tile space. They can also prevent a door from opening"
-The wiki

Uh... can they just act like walls? From usage they suck in placement.

Animus Viral

Skeletron Prime
I think it should be versatile, like a crafting recipe that allowed you to go back and forth with wall version and tile version. For those who like the tile/furnature version
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