tModLoader Yggdrasil (WIP 1.4)


0.1.2 - Balance and Shenanigans
- Renamed Runic Silver sword for Runic Short Blade
- Major Ehwaz rune nerfed from 20% move speed down to 15%
- Perthro runes buffed from 1/2/3% for 2 sec up to 3/5/7% for 5 sec
- Raidho runes temporarily removed and being redesigned
- Isa runes changed from 25/50/100% buff below 10/12/15% HP to 10/20/30% buff below 30% HP
- Berkano runes nerfed from 5/10/20 life/mana regen down to 3/5/8 life/mana regen
- Nerfed snow weapons, dmg from 10 down to 9, KB from 4 down to 2, bow doesn't autoswing anymore and shoot slower dmg from 10 down to 7
- Fixed Frostcore spear/tome rarity color
- Nerfed Frostcore tome mana cost from 2 up to 10
- Changed the crafting recipe of the Grass Runic weapons
- Added a small icon to be used by the Bestiary for the mods enemies
- Added Bestiary biome entries for the mod's enemies
- Buffed Othala from 3/7/10% up to 10/15/20% chance to not consume ammo
- Nerfed Uruz runes from 5/10/25% attack speed down to 3/5/7%
- Buffed Wunjo runes from 1/3/% dmg reduction up to 3/5/7%
- Tyr Hand now grants autoswing for runic weapons (like the vanilla feral claw for melee weapons)
- Changed FrostCore text to Frostcore
- Fixed Tyr Hand crafting recipe (now can also be crafted using Vicious Powder)
- Added bestiary flavor text for some mod's enemies

Thoughts about the Runemaster class.

We've been discussing on the Discord about it. The goal for me was always to have a true Melee class. Thing with melee in Terraria is that coming to hardmode, it's all about projectiles like everything else in the game. So it's not really melee anymore to this extent. I Love the versatility of Yoyos. It's the best thing in the game! But I feel this gameplay avenue has already been taken by the Clicker class.
I don't think we'll end up creating a brand new super unique class but we'll do it step by step. I want this class to facetank bosses, survive and deals ton of damage like the other ones.
Problem with pure melee is that one has to reach their target and depending on the boss (like the Twins) it can almost be impossible so we will have that in mind, and size/reach of weapon can be a good fix for this (like Yoyos)
Another thing that I want to fix asap is that the Runic Weapons are really just looking like vanilla Melee Weapons but with their unique damage class. It was the goal but this leads to misunderstanding while equipping vanilla items granting power to melee weapons like the Feral Claws or the Magma Stone. Another quick fix we'll do soon is like all the other mods having -Runemaster Class- in the item description as maybe (probably) the runic damage text is not clear enough.
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0.1.3 - Some new items and more balance
- Runic weapons now display "- Runemaster Class -" in their description
- Fixed some typos for some item descriptions
- Vikings are now dropping Blood Drops (Blood Zombies and Dripplers don't drop Blood Drops anymore)
- Added a new accessory named Freya's Necklace. On hit with a runic weapon, has a chance to generate a heart.
- Tyr's Hand now requires Blood Drops to be crafted
- Berserker Boots now add runic attack speed
- Added a new crafting station, the Dvergr Forge. Used to craft many of the Yggdrasil items.
- Added a new item, Norseman Horn. Used in the snow biome will summon a Berserker.
- Added a new mini (micro?) boss, the Berserker. !!This enemy is a placeholder for better AI later!!
- Runemaster armor Berserker Set is now obtainable by killing a Berserker.
- Viking Leather set now also grants +1 defense
- Wooden Armring and Arming now grants +1 def
- Berserker Ring and Runic Necklace now grants +2 def
- Obsidian Runic Hammer projectiles disapear quicker
- New item Aesir Wind, lots of jumps and stuff in there
- Viking chests have more loots in them (can only be seen upon new world creation)
- All runes are now crafted at the Dvergr Forge
- Nerfed Mannaz Rune from 10/25/50% to 10/15/20% increase dmg
- Major and normal runes requires 1 of their lower tier instead of 3 to be crafted


0.2 - Revamp of the Runemaster

- Runemaster has been revamped with new weapons, accessories and armors effects
- All former runic items are also gone and replaced by the new "Tablets" weapon for the Runemaster
- Almost all accessories has been change to fit the new Runemaster class
- Viking set got nerfed
- Berserker has more total defense
- Dvergr Forge is now animated
- New Dverger Power Forge added
- Added Honey Mead
- Added Glacier Shards material
- Added Loki's Gift accessory
- New characters now spawn with a note informing them about a couple of things to help them with the mode and the Runemaster class
- A note can also be crafted by hand with nothing
- New mod icon


Hey, early on the mod's history you were looking for a simple structure to add to the snow biome that'd play a role akin to the desert's pyramid.

Well, how about making this structure be... Yggdrasil?

Terraria has giant trees made out of living wood or living mahogany blocks, in the forest surface and the underground jungle respectively. Why not do the same thing but for the snow biome? A truly giant tree made of living boreal wood, should be even larger than the giant trees from the surface (trunk thickness could be like 8-10 tiles instead of 4-5 tiles), growing taller and rooting deeper.


Interesting idea! I was thinking about this recently of having Yggdrasil in the world but maybe it'll be just a part of it as well, Midgård is either on the tree or the tree is around it.
I will see what I do about it soon enough!.


0.2.1 - Bug fixes, balance and addition
New Content
- UI for the runemaster weapons to show focus and insanity
- Added the Glacier armor set
- Added the Occult Sword
- Added the Shiny Sword
- Added the Glacier Sword
- Added the Jotun armor set
- Added the Jomsborg armor set
- Added a new Sturdy Leaf crafting material
- Added the Glacier Chunk runemaster weapon
- Added the Jotun Tablet runemaster weapon

Fixes and Tweaks
- Fixed a typo in the Protective Rune Slab. Now shows dmg reduction 5% instead of 50%
- The Berserker mini-boss low health attack will not trigger 100% of the time anymore
- Fixed summon mini-viking walking through the floor
- Zombiking now knock on doors like normal zombies
- Tweaked spawn rates of certain Vikings
- Völva is not spawning anymore. Will be kept for the future invasion
- Changed sprite of the viking key
- Nerfed Tablets weapons

And a few random sprites (that's what my low skill can achieve... heh)


0.2.2 - Having a full runemaster item progression
New Content
- Added the Develish Plate runemaster weapon
- Added the Vapourer runemaster weapon
- Added the Sun Tablet runemaster weapon
- Added the Ragnarök runemaster weapon
- Added the True Valhalla Warrior runemaster armor set
- Added new material, Sun Pebble
- Added new material, True Hero Fragment
- Added the Glacier Staff
- Added new Nordic wood material
- Added new furniture, Nordic Wood Work Bench
- Surtr Belt can now be crafted
- Viking Chest can now be crafted

Fixes and Tweaks
- Tablet related buffs now generate dust when active
- Reaching the insanity threshold will now always deal 25% max HP dmg
- Tyr Hand now also buff runic weapon range attack
- Attemps at fixing the unload issue
- Fixed runes not giving any buffs anymore
- Major runes are now crafted at the Dvergr Power Forge


How do
Small update. I felt like making pixel art and also try my first ever armor set.
Here is the Frostcore armor set using the Frostcore bar View attachment 282107

View attachment 282096 View attachment 282097 View attachment 282098 View attachment 282099

View attachment 282100 View attachment 282101

Also made a sword, a pickaxe and a spear-like weapon that could also be a staff I guess.

View attachment 282102 View attachment 282103 View attachment 282122
How do you get frost core items? I just started and don't know where to get them. I'm trying to get the Dvergr Forge.


How do

How do you get frost core items? I just started and don't know where to get them. I'm trying to get the Dvergr Forge.
Frostcore is spawned all over the snow biome. You can see it in a light teal color on the map.


Merge it with frost essence dropped by the Draugr enemies spawned in the ice biome and you'll get frostcore bar.

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Roly Yuva

Hello! I just discovered this mod yesterday, and this is an amazing idea! I was wondering though: how much minimum pickaxe power is required to mine Frostcore?


0.2.3 - The Viking invasion is back

New Content
- The Viking invasion is back! Use a norseman horn during the night and brace for impact.
- Added the Frost Giant Belt
- Added the Two Worlds Belt
- Added the Lunar Memorial runemaster weapon
- Added Viking and Draugr Banner
- Added the Glacier bow
- Added new night hardmode enemy, the Sliking
- Added new jungle hardmode enemy, the Bäckahäst

Fixes and Tweaks
- Slightly changed Clacier Shards sprite
- Frost Giant Shard and Hand cost less Frostcore Bar to craft
- Runic Potion renamed for Runic Mead
- Runic Necklace can now be seen on the character when equipped
- Norseman shield can now be seen on the character when equipped
- Freya's Necklace drops heart a bit less often



0.2.4 - First miniboss and town NPC
New Content
- Added new viking invasion hardmode enemies, Graywolf and Odin's Raven
- New Volva town NPC (will spawn if the player has a Viking Distaff and has a free house available)
- New nordic wood table and chair
- New viking invasion miniboss Valkyrie
- New Valkyrie Golden Shield
- New Vanir Shield
- New Runemaster Shield
- New Frostcore Yoyo
- New food Raggmunk
- New banners, Valkyrie, Graywolf, Odin's Raven
- New Credit Slab runemaster weapon
- New Sturdy Block runemaster weapon
- New Runemaster Necklace

Fixes and Tweaks
- Viking invasion now happens during the day
- Runes and other materials now have a selling value
- Dwarven medallion, Frost Giant Hand and Freya'a Necklace now have a visual when equipped



Yo this mod looks awesome I love Norse mythology so this is super cool! Also great job to you for being committed for about 2 years on this project super excited to see it in it's full form in the future!


Yo this mod looks awesome I love Norse mythology so this is super cool! Also great job to you for being committed for about 2 years on this project super excited to see it in it's full form in the future!
Thanks a ton! <3

The mod died (put on hold) when 1.4 was released because we decided to wait for a stable version of 1.4 tmodloader.
We restarted working on it this year. So I guess it's not really 2 full years of commitment!


New Content
- New post-moonlord Runemaster armor set
- New Viking statue
- Cold Iron ore is now generated "at some point" in hardmode
- New Nordic Sword
- New Nordic Hamaxe

Fixes and Tweaks
- Lunar Memorial now crafted at the Ancient Manipulator
- Refactor the viking house generation code and changed it to be an abandoned longhouse
- Viking chests will spawn deeper down the world now and in tiny ice caves
- Rune effects don't stack anymore. Only one rune of each type and tier can give effects.
- Sun Pebbles, Sturdy Leaves and Ragnarok willl now be dropped in normal mode too
- Condition for the Volva town NPC to spawn is now to just overcome the viking invasion once
- Blank runes are now crafted at work benches
- Fixed Tiwaz rune not giving the right amount of buffs
- Buffed Algiz and Ingwaz runes




New Content
- New biome! Svartalvheim. If you are lucky enough, a minecart track might lead you there. If not, you'll need a lot of mining power to get in. I would not venture there anyway...
- New Svartalvheim enemies. Let there be Dwarves!
- New unique gear found in the biome
- New Nordic gears and armor made out of cold iron
- New Glacier Spear
- New food Moldy Cheese (yep...)
- New Nordic wood furnitures

Fixes and Tweaks
- Cold Iron is now generated in the Svartalvheim biome upon world creation
- Added a bit more loot generated in Viking chests upon world creation
- Frostcore Arrow now only applies frostburn
- Dwarven Medallion now gives def when underground
- Fixed Volva town NPC animations
- Changed the spirtes of nordic wood
- Stuff I probably forget


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