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tModLoader ZoaklenMod

Change Boomerangs damage to Throwing?

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*Sry bad english


Due to this mod not being continued I will publish the source code of it, I give total permission to use it if you want to use it for learning modding or updating it for newer versions. Thanks you guys for making this mod one of the most popular mods for casual modded Terraria.


This is a mod for Terraria & tModLoader

Hi guys, my name is Zoaklen, I am here to present you my first tModLoader mod.
This mod adds some new armors, accessories combinations, weapons and especially customizations and items for the Throwing Class, but not focus on this.
In time I will create more items.

This mod also add the dead mod "Tree of Life" [created by Torwent] accessories.

If you have a suggestion for me just add me on Steam or reply this post.


Magical Cube: Summoned by using a Complex Cube (10 Moon Fragments + 3 of all Lunar Fragments)
200000 health (300000 in expert mode)
If you are in a Normal world, the loot will be of the type of the most dealt damage type, so if you kill him only with melee and then end it with a magic weapon, it will certainly drop a Blink Blade.

If you are in a Expert world, after collecting the boss bag it will get your most dealt damage type, so if you helped killing the boss with magic damage it will drop you a Tech Smite, datas are lost on disconnect.

50% chance of dropping a Hard Coded wings.

Expert prize: Suspicious Looking Joystick (reskin for the Companion Cube)

Do you really want spoilers from this boss fight?
The battle starts, you will easily kill him... or not, in the first stage it only dashes slowly in your direction, if you can't even dodge this, don't even try the rest.
When you kill it the first time it will recover his health and then,

The real battle begins...

He gets some new moves:

- Bit Explosion: He starts moving slow and rotating slow, then explode a bunch of bits 3 times. Projectiles are numberous(er), faster and stronger in expert mode.

- Dash: His dash is now faster and stronger. Dashes even faster in expert mode.

- Bit Storm: He creates a cloud of bits above you and what you can do? RUN! Projectiles fall faster in expert mode.

- Bit Lightning: His most random attack, he will summon 3 retro bit lightnings in his last-known position, good luck.

- Anti-Healer: Passively, he will reduce your Nebula buffs effects, and removes your mana when doing this, also he gives the Moon Leech debuff for his target.

- Anti-Runner: You cannot use mounts

- Weaknesses: Some damage types deals more and less damage to him (for balancing reasons)

'Se fode ai cuzão' - Zoaklen, 2016

Own music (some cuts by me, used with permission by the author):

Hidden Shooter Set: 3 Ice Cores + 59 Titanium Bars or 59 Adamantite Bars (Mythril Anvil)
- 27 defense
- 15% increased throwing and ranged critical strike chance
- Enables zoom with all ranged and throwing weapons
- 15% increased throwing and ranged damage
- Enemies will focus other person if possible
- 75% chance to not consume thrown or ranged ammo
- Permanent Warmth effect
- Immunity to Chilled and Frozen debuffs
- Increases critical strike damage by 50%

Chameleon Warrior Set: Full Jungle Set + 20 Souls of Fright + 20 Souls of Might + 20 Souls of Sight (Mythril Anvil)
- 42 defense
- 22% increased throwing damage
- 18% increased throwing critical strike chance
- 7% increased movement speed
- Adapts to the biome you currently are (including colors).
+ Detailed infos:
You can look in the helmet to see the detected biome.

Pacific Place:
4 defense
5% increased throwing damage

Space & Sky:
50% increased wings time

Immunity to fire blocks
1 second extra immunity to lava

Illuminating aura
Minor life regen increase

Illuminating aura

Crimson & Corruption:
Major life regen increase
5% increased throwing critical strike chance

Lovestruck Potion effect
10% increased throwing damage

Gives Shroomite invisibility to get up to 30% increased throwing damage and 10% increased throwing critical strike chance

Negates fall damage
Detects next creatures

Immunity to Chilled and Frozen

Sonar potion effect
Greatly extends your breath duration

Chlorophyte Crystal Leaf minion
5% damage reduction
Honey buff

Shadow Ninja Set: Full Ninja Set + 20 Souls of Night + 12 Shadow Cores (Mythril Anvil)
- 40 defense
- 20% increased throwing velocity, damage and critical strike chance
- 50% chance to not consume thrown item
- Major life regeneration
- Semi-invisibility on stand still (invisibility increases throwing damage, critical strike chance and reduces the chance to being targeted)
+ After-move effects

Paladin Set: 30 Paladin Bars (Mythril Anvil) or 10% chance to drop any part from Paladin
- 51 defense
- Attackers also take full damage
- Increases maximum health by 40
- 15% increased throwing velocity, damage and critical strike chance
- Increases boomerang-styled items base damage by 50%
+ Your holyness shines

(sprite made by @--Elias--)
Stellar Ninja Set: 45 Stellar Fragments + 36 Luminite Bars (Ancient Manipulator)
- Ninja abilities:
Immunity to knockback
Immunity to Frozen and Chilled debuffs
Increases your armor penetration by 10
Negates fall damage
Allows you to run extremely fast
Increases your pickaxe speed
- 30% increased throwing damage
- 20% increased throwing critical strike chance
- 50% chance to not consume thrown item
- 57 defense (+8 with Stellar Ninja Soul)
- Set bonus: Major life regeneration
- Set bonus² (Requires Stellar Ninja Soul): Attack enemies with throwing weapons to stock up to 3 teleports and then press [Z] to quick-teleport (You can change the key in your Controls menu)
+ Lights golden color
+ After-move effects
+ The most teleports you have, the larger will be your aura
+ Your aura can be dyed by dyeing the armor slot

Stellar Ninja Soul: Ninja Knuckles + Ninja Amulet + Master Ninja Gear (Ancient Manipulator)
- 15% increased throwing damage, velocity and critical strike chance
- Increases armor penetration by 5
- Allows player ability to dash
- Double tap into a direction
- May confuse nearby enemies after being struck
- Increases length of invincibility after taking damage
- 8 defense

Stellar Fragment: 3 other Lunar Fragments(Ancient Manipulator)
- Used to craft Stellar items

Throwing Mastery: 100 Shurikens (Work Bench)
- Combine with some items to convert to throwing damage

Paladin Bar: Drops 2 from Paladin (2~3 in Expert Mode)
- Used to craft Paladin items

Vortex Emblem: Ranger Emblem + 5 Vortex Fragments (Ancient Manipulator)
- 25% increased ranged damage

Nebula Emblem: Sorcerer Emblem + 5 Nebula Fragments (Ancient Manipulator)
- 25% increased magic damage

Solar Emblem: Warrior Emblem + 5 Solar Fragments (Ancient Manipulator)
- 25% increased melee damage

Stardust Emblem: Summoner Emblem + 5 Stardust Fragments (Ancient Manipulator)
- 25% increased summon damage

Ninja Emblem: 25% chance to drop from Wall of Flesh
- 15% increased throwing damage

Stellar Emblem: Ninja Emblem + 5 Stellar Fragments (Ancient Manipulator)
- 25% increased throwing damage

(@Unicorn666 + shadow fixes)
Divine Shield: Ankh Shield + Paladin's Shield + Frozen Turtle Shell (Tinkerer's Workshop)
- Mix all their abilities + 10 defense

Celestial Ring: Celestial Cuffs + Celestial Stone + Celestial Emblem + Diamond Ring (Tinkerer's Workshop)
- Mix all their abilities
* Diamond Ring can now be crafted with 1 Shackle and 1 Diamond

Ichor Sack: 2% chance drop from Ichor Sticker
- Immune to Ichor debuff
- Inflitcs 7 seconds of Ichor debuff to attackers

Cursed Eye: 2% chance drop from Clinger
- Same as Ichor Sack but for Cursed Inferno

Shadow Quiver: Master Ninja Gear + Magic Quiver + Panic Necklace (Tinkerer's Workshop)
- Mix all their abilities

(sprite made by @--Elias--)
Stellar Shuriken: 1 Stellar Fragment makes 111 (Ancient Manipulator)
- 80 damage throwing weapon
- Summons 3 Ghost Shurikens when hits an enemy

Creeper Staff: 2% drop chance from Creepers (BoC)
- 10 damage creeper summon

Orb Staff: 2% drop chance when breaking a part of the Eater of Worlds
- 10 damage shadow orb summon

Shadowflame Staff: 33% drop chance from Goblin Summoner
- 30 damage shadowflame apparition summon

Amethyst Shuriken: 50 Shuriken + 1 Amethyst makes 50 (Anvil)
- 13 damage

Topaz Shuriken: 50 Shuriken + 1 Topaz makes 50 (Anvil)
- 15 throwing damage
- 5% faster projectile velocity

Sapphire Shuriken: 50 Shuriken + 1 Sapphire makes 50 (Anvil)
- 17 throwing damage
- Penetrates 1 enemy
- 10% faster projectile velocity
- 6% base critical strike chance

Emerald Shuriken: 50 Shuriken + 1 Emerald makes 50 (Anvil)
- 19 throwing damage
- Penetrates 1 enemy
- 15% faster projectile velocity
- 6% base critical strike chance

Amber Shuriken: 50 Shuriken + 1 Amber makes 50 (Anvil)
- 21 throwing damage
- Penetrates 2 enemies
- 10% faster projectile velocity
- 6% base critical strike chance

Ruby Shuriken: 50 Shuriken + 1 Ruby makes 50 (Anvil)
- 23 throwing damage
- Penetrates 2 enemies
- 15% faster projectile velocity
- 6% base critical strike chance

Diamond Shuriken: 50 Shuriken + 1 Diamond makes 50 (Anvil)
- 25 throwing damage
- Penetrates 2 enemies
- 20% faster projectile velocity
- 8% base critical strike chance
- Use time decreased by 1

Endless Holy Quiver: 3996 Holy Arrows (Crystal Ball)
- Same effects as the Holy Arrow
- 100% chance to not consume this ammo

Hard Coded: Read about Magical Cube.
- Very high flying time

Blink Blade: Read about Magical Cube.
- 200 melee damage
- Auto-swing
- Right-click: Blink into a direction, hitting all the enemies in the way. (340 melee damage, very slow use time)

Arcade Staff: Read about Magical Cube.
- 80 summon damage
- Left click: Summon 3 different types of Invaders.
- Right click: Summon a Pac-Man

Cube Staff: Read about Magical Cube.
- 120 summon damage
- Summons a magical cube who explodes
- Lefts for 5 minutes

Tech Smite: Read about Magical Cube.
- 500 magic damage
- Very slow use time
- Auto-swing
- Summons 3 bit-lightning in the cursor position.

Bit Cannon: Read about Magical Cube.
- 100 ranged damage
- Very fast use time
- 29% base critical strike chance
- Spams retro bits

Bit Hole: Read about Magical Cube.
- 300 ranged damage
- Extremely slow use time
- 8% base critical strike chance
- Shots a projectile that first transforms into a bit hole, sucking enemies nearby and then exploding into retro bits, damaging them

Cyber Card (Agile): Read about Magical Cube.
- 200 throwing damage
- Passive: Reduced use time and increased projectile speed
- Alt-fire to change card type
- Does not consumes ammo

Cyber Card (Sharp)
: Read about Magical Cube.
- 200 throwing damage
- Passive: Infinite penetration
- Alt-fire to change card type
- Does not consumes ammo

Cyber Card (Intelligent): Read about Magical Cube.
- 200 throwing damage
- Passive: Homes into next enemies
- Alt-fire to change card type
- Does not consumes ammo

Cyber Card (Viper): Read about Magical Cube.
- 200 throwing damage
- Passive: Inflicts Virus!, Confused and Broken Armor on hit
- Alt-fire to change card type
- Does not consumes ammo

Cyber Card (Vampire): Read about Magical Cube.
- 200 throwing damage
- Passive: Returns damage as health
- Alt-fire to change card type
- Does not consumes ammo

Elemental Dagger: Magic Dagger + 5 Ice Cores + 5 Fire Cores + 5 Shadow Cores (Mythril Anvil)
- 40 damage throwing weapon
- Auto-swing
- 50% slower use time than Magic Dagger
- Inflicts Shadowflame, On Fire and Frostburn debuffs on hit
- No penetration
+ Colored trail

Ice Core:
(At a Crystal Ball)
Amarok makes 3
Ice Blade makes 1
Frost Brand makes 3
Ice Sickle makes 5
North Pole makes 20
Ice Boomerang makes 1
Ice Bow makes 1
Blizzard Staff makes 20
Flower of Frost makes 5

Fire Core:
(At a Crystal Ball)
Hel-Fire makes 3
Fiery Greatsword makes 3
Cascade makes 1
Sunfury makes 3
Hellwing Bow makes 3
Molten Fury makes 3
Phoenix Blaster makes 3
Flame Thrower makes 5
Elf Melter makes 20
Flamelash makes 5
Inferno Folk makes 10
Flower of Fire makes 3
Imp Staff makes 3

Shadow Core:
(At a Crystal Ball)
Shadowflame Knife makes 3
Shadowflame Bow makes 3
Shadowflame Hex Doll makes 5
Shadowflame Staff makes 3
Shadowbeam Staff makes 3

Star Kitty: Meowmere + Star Wrath + 20 Moon Fragments (Ancient Manipulator)
- 160 melee damage
- Shoots a nyan cat that:
-- If hits an enemy it rains cat from the skies
-- If hits the ground, two cats comes from the edges of the screen
-- If your sword melee-hits an enemy, cats comes from the corners of the screen
- Auto-swing
- No penetration

Phantasmal Buster: Phantasm + Vortex Beater + 20 Moon Fragments (Ancient Manipulator)
- 45 ranged damage
- Shoots missiles, arrows and Phantasm's arrows
- Extremely fast attack speed
- Auto-swing

Last Soul: Last Prism + Rainbow Rod + 20 Moon Fragments (Ancient Manipulator)
- 300 magic damage
- Extremely high mana cost
- Shoots a single soul that is manually controlled by your mouse

Year of the Dolphin: S.D.M.G. + Celebration + 20 Moon Fragments (Ancient Manipulator)
- 80 ranged damage
- Musket Bullets converted to Party Bullets
- Auto-swing
- Shoots an extra bullet
- 66% chance to not consume ammo
+ You can switch the color by right-clicking it

Sky Breaker: Daybreak + Solar Eruption + North Pole + 20 Moon Fragments (Ancient Manipulator)
- 100 melee damage
- Launches a mini-Daybreak that shoots mini-Solar Excaliburs
- Solar Excaliburs explodes when touch the ground
- Spear have infinite penetration
- Auto-swing

(sprite created by Hayar)
Nebula Crystal Staff: Rainbow Crystal Staff + Nebula Blaze + 20 Moon Fragments (Ancient Manipulator)
- 100 summon damage
- Summons a sentry-style Nebula Crystal that spams Nebula Blaze if any hostile enemy is next

Endless Diversified Pouch: Endless Crystal Pouch + Endless Chlorophyte Pouch + Endless Luminite Pouch + Endless Ichor Pouch (Crystal Ball)
- Shoots random types of bullets

Endless Diversified Quiver: Endless Holy Quiver + Endless Chlorophyte Quiver + Endless Luminite Quiver + Endless Ichor Quiver + Endless Jester Quiver (Crystal Ball)
- Shoots random types of arrows

Phoenix Blade: 1 Fiery Greatsword + 3 Fire Cores + 10 Souls of Light + 10 Souls of Night (Mythril Anvil)
- 60 melee damage
- Doubles damage if enemy have Cursed Inferno debuff
- Reduces Cursed Inferno debuff time on hit
- Right-click: Shoots 3 fireballs that causes 40% of weapon damage each
+ Lights when attack

(made by @MrTheEpicNinja)
The Hallow's Eve: 1 Daedalus Stormbow + 10 Souls of Light + 50 Crystal Shards (Mythril Anvil)
- 40 ranged damage
- Converts Wooden Arrows to Hallowed Arrows
- Shoots 3 arrows in a row

Hallowed Arrow: 111 Wooden Arrows + 1 Soul of Light + 3 Crystal Shards (Mythril Anvil)
- 12 arrow damage
- Penetrates 2 enemies
- Lights orchid color

Space Blaster: 1 Vortex Beater + 1 Sniper Rifle + 5 Illegal Gun Parts + 20 Moon Fragments (Ancient Manipulator)
- 185 ranged damage
- Shoots 4 bullets straight forward (like a shotgun-sniper)

Stylish Stalker: 1 Star Cannon + 1 Cannon + 5 Illegal Gun Parts + 20 Moon Fragments (Ancient Manipulator)
- 300 ranged damage
- Shoots cannonballs

Celestial Clock: 1 Enchanted Sundial + 5 Solar Tablets (Crystal Ball)
- Indefinitely switches between day and night

Deck Card: 1 Cobweb makes 5 (Loom)
- 10 throwing damage
- 6% base critical strike chance

Explosive Card: 25 Deck Cards + 1 Explosive Powder makes 25 (Anvil)
- 34 throwing damage
- 6% base critical strike chance
- Auto-swing

Golden Card: 25 Deck Cards + 1 Gold Bar or Platinum Bar makes 25 (Anvil)
- 17 throwing damage
- 6% base critical strike chance
- Auto-swing
- Inflicts Midas effect on critical strike
- Penetrates 5 enemies
+ Lights

(sprite made by @--Elias--)

Stellar Card: 333 Deck Cards + 1 Stellar Fragment makes 333 (Ancient Manipulator)
- 85 throwing damage
- Homing effect
+ Lights

Ichor Card: 25 Deck Cards + 1 Ichor makes 25 (Mythril Anvil)
- 29 throwing damage
- 6% base critical strike chance
- Auto-swing
- Inflicts Ichor debuff on hit
+ Lights

Cursed Card: 25 Deck Cards + 1 Cursed Flame makes 25 (Mythril Anvil)
- 30 throwing damage
- 6% base critical strike chance
- Auto-swing
- Inflicts Cursed Inferno debuff on hit
+ Lights

Crystal Card: 25 Deck Cards + 1 Crystal Shard (Mythril Anvil)
- 33 throwing damage
- 6% base critical strike chance
- Auto-swing
- Splits into minor parts after some time in the air

Kunai: 1 Iron Bar + 2 Cobwebs + 1 Crystal Shard makes 10 (Anvil)
- 27 throwing damage
- 10% base critical strike chance
- Auto-swing
- Bounces on the wall (reduces speed, does not bounce if wet)
- Penetrates 3 enemies (loses penetrations when it bounces)

(sprite made by @--Elias--)
Shiny Kunai: 1 Paladin Bar + 1 Gold Bar + 1 Crystal Shard makes 90 (Mythril Anvil)
- 75 throwing damage
- 10% base critical strike chance
- Auto-swing
- Bounces on the wall (reduces speed a bit)
- Penetrates 5 enemies

(made by @MrTheEpicNinja)
Magic Skyblade: Starfury + Night's Edge + 10 Meteorite Bars + 10 Hellstone Bars + 10 Obisdians (Any Altar)
- 50 melee damage
- On-swing: Launches a cyan projectile that causes 125% of the weapon damage
- Auto-swing
+ Lights when attack

Sun Dagger: 4 Solar Tablet Fragments + 1 Fire Core makes 111 (Mythril Anvil)
- 50 throwing damage
- Auto-swing
- Inflicts Cursed Inferno debuff on hit
+ The projectile lights

Sun Sword: 12 Solar Tablet Fragments + 5 Fire Cores (Mythril Anvil)
- 83 melee damage
- Auto-swing
- Throws sun blasts on swing

Sun Flower: 8 Solar Tablet Fragments + 10 Fire Cores (Mythril Anvil)
- 71 magic damage
- Left-click: Throws a sun blast
- Right-click: Makes a sun blast storm in your mouse X position
- Auto-swing
- 12 mana cost

The Chosen Glasses: Sunglasses + Mining Helmet + 10 Spelunker Potions (Work Bench)
- Can view treasures
- Night vision
- Ore detector
- Creature detector
- Lights green
+ Green matrix particles

Moon Fragment: Drops from 6-16 (13-25 in expert) from Moon Lord
- Used to empower Moon Lord items

Cookie: 3 Acorns + 3 Seeds (Furnace)
- Well Fed and Happy buffs for 4 minutes

Assassin Mark: 5 Platinum Coins (Sold by Merchant | Only appears if you have 5 platinums in your inventory)
- Increases damage by 50%

Bullseye Mark: 5 Platinum Coins (Sold by Merchant | Only appears if you have 5 platinums in your inventory)
- Doubles your critical damage
- Critical strike chance reduced by 20%

Protector Mark: 5 Platinum Coins (Sold by Merchant | Only appears if you have 5 platinums in your inventory)
- Greatly increases your defense

Stealth Mark: 1 Platinum Coin (Sold by Merchant | Only appears if you have 1 platinum in your inventory)
- Gives you 100% critical strike chance with any ninja-related item

Diamond Mark: 2 Platinum Coins (Sold by Merchant | Only appears if you have 2 platinums in your inventory)
- Increases cards damage by 30%
- Increases cards critical strike chance by 20%
- Card attack speed increased by 15%

Rotten Beehive: 30 Bee Wax + 5 Souls of Night + 10 Bottled Honeys + 10 Hives + 5 Chlorophyte Bars (Honey Dispenser)
- Enrages your bees (Change colors to red and greatly increases their damages)

Zoaklen Coat: 6 Gold Coins + 6 Silver Coins + 6 Copper Coins (Sold by Merchant | Only appears during Pumpkin Moon)
- Vanity item
- Extra effects when equipped with the EE item
+ Representation of my favorite coat

Card Glove: 10 Silk + 3 Cobweb (Loom)
- 10% increased card damage
- 33% chance to not consume thrown cards

Tera Card Glove: Card Glove + 10 Chlorophyte Bars + 1 Life Fruit (Mythril Anvil)
- 20% increased card damage
- 50% chance to not consume thrown cards
- Gives you a second chance to crit when hitting with cards

Odd Quiver: 500 Wooden Arrows + 5 Iron/Lead Bars + 50 Woods (Work Bench)
- Increases arrow damage by 5%
- 10% chance to not consume arrows


Enhanced Sniper Scope: Sniper Scope + 30 Archery Potion + 30 Ammo Reservation Potion
- Increases view range for guns (right click to zoom out)
- 10% increased ranged damage and critical strike chance
- Permanent Archery & Ammo Reservation buffs

Firespark Boots: Frostspark Boots + Lava Waders + Panic Necklace + 30 Swiftness Potion
- Allows flight, hiper fast running and extra mobility on ice
- Grants immunity to Chilled and Frozen debuffs
- Grants 5 seconds of immunity to lava
- Increases movement speed after being struck
- Bonus: Negates fall damage
- Grants permanent Swiftness buff
+ Fire trail while running

Frozen Shiny Stone: Shiny Stone + Frozen Turtle Shell + Charm Of Myths + Worm Scarf + Spore Sac
- Greatly increases health regen when not moving
- Puts a shell around the owner when below 50% life that reduces damage
- Provides life regeneration and reduces cooldown of healing potions
- Reduces damage taken by 10%
- Summons spores that damages enemies over time (40 summon damage)
- Stops generating spores if you hide it's visual

Mana Tear: Mana Flower + Celestial Emblem + Magic Cuffs + Mana Regeneration Band + 30 Magic Power Potion + 30 Mana Regeneration Potion
- Increases max mana by 60
- Increases mana regeneration rate
- 10% reduced mana usage
- Automatically uses mana potion when needed
- 15% increased magic damage
- Increases pickup range for mana stars
- Restores mana when damaged
- Permanent Mana Regeneration & Magic Power buffs

Night Quiver (modified Enhanced Magic Quiver): Shadow Quiver + 30 Archery Potion + 30 Ammo Reservation Potion
- Shadow Quiver abilities
- Permanent Archery & Ammo Reservation buffs

(sprite made by @Unicorn666)
Ninja Amulet: Shield of Cthulhu + Brain of Confusion + Cross Necklace
- Allows player to dash into an enemy
- Double tap into a direction
- May confuse nearby enemies after being struck
- Increases length of invincibility after taking damage
- 25 melee damage

Ninja Knuckles: Flesh Knuckles + Putrid Scent + Shark Tooth Necklace
- Increases armor penetration by 5
- 4% increased damage and critical strike chance

Invoker Emblem: Pygmy Necklace + Summoner Emblem + Papyrus Scarab + 30 Summoning Potion
- Increases your max numbers of minions by 3
- 30% increased minion damage
- Permanent Summoning buff

Endless Luminite/Ichor/Chlorophyte/Crystal Pouch: 3996 of respective bullet (at a Crystal Ball)
- Same as the respective bullet, but infinite

Endless Luminite/Ichor/Jester/Chlorophyte Quiver: 3996 of respective arrow (at a Crystal Ball)
- Same as the respective arrow, but infinite

There is one Easter Egg item that i didn't mentioned here

Cheat Items/Upcoming Items

This mod also adds some items for you who wants to test something or use cheat mods like the Cheat Sheet.

Zoakard: Currently obtainable through cheats
- 5000 throwing damage
- Homes into next enemies

Vanilla Customizations

This mod modifies some items from the Vanilla Terraria.

Obsidian Set: Is now a Throwing class armor
- 15% increased throwing velocity
- 15% increased throwing damage
- 25% increased throwing critical strike chance
- 33% chance to not consume thrown ammo
- 20 defense

Gladiator Set: Is now a throwing armor
- 20% increased throwing critical strike chance
- 20% increased throwing damage
- 10% increased movement speed
- Increases Javelins and Bone Javelins damage by 15%
- 18 defense
+ This armor now have 25% chance to drop from Hoplites instead of 2%

Shurikens can now be crafted with 1 Lead/Iron Bar

Weapons below can be converted to Throwing Damage by combinating with the Throwing Mastery

Scourge of The Corruptor

All Boomerang-styled items


Vampire Knives

Magic Dagger
This vanilla weapon also have these modifications:
- Auto swing too
- Damage reduced to 35

Marks System
> Buy a mark with the Merchant
> Right click the mark (a message will display saying you activated it)
> Be sure the mark is in your inventory
> When you use any health healing potion the mark effect will activate for 5 seconds

>> Logging out from the character will deactivate the mark, so you have to activate it again when you enter


You can find the download link for this mod in the tModLoader - Mod Browser (BETA)
Or you can manually download the latest version here:

* The mediafire links can be a bit outdated
* If you use Windows it's highly recommended to use the Mod Browser

Latest Version (





- Shadowflame Staff damage reduced to 30 from 50
- Deck Cards doesn't have auto use anymore
- Modified Magic Sword:
-- Changed name to Magic Skyblade (made by @MrTheEpicNinja)
-- Changed sprite
-- Weapon size is now smaller
-- Right-click projectiles are now in the normal swing
-- Attack speed is now slower
- Fixed a bug where Magical Cube disappears if all the players are in the space
- Removed some debug code that left in the Magical Cube's code
- Magical Cube now advises where he will use the Bit Lightning
- Magical Cube's dash in the third stage is now harder
- Created a even more harder than expert way to fight the Magical Cube (Using the name "Tryhard"), gives double-random loot
- During the Magical Cube's fight, the time is set to a day time
- Changed the Sun Sword's hilt
- Updated to Terraria and tModloader
- Changed The Hallow's Eve sprite (made by @MrTheEpicNinja)
- Removed Magical Cube's anti cheat system

Old Versions

- Fixed Traps not working with monsters in multiplayer
- Fixed Tera's Card Glove crafted with Tera's Card Glove and not Card Glove (wtf)
- Fixed the Odd Quiver item file in the wrong path
- Changed the Cyber Card (Economic) to Cyber Card (Vampire)
- Changed a bit the Ninja Knuckles sprite
- Totally resprited the Shadow Ninja set (also the eyes now glows), Amber Shuriken, Terraria Bronze Plate, Stellar Fragment, Star Kitty
(@--Elias--), Essences, Divine Shield (modified a bit the @Unicorn666 version), Magic Sword.
- Shadow Ninja set now makes you just semi-transparent
- Changed Paladin Set:
-- Reduced defense
-- Also grants bonus for any boomerang-styled item and not only Paladin's Hammer
- Reduced Stellar Shuriken damage and use time (still the best single-target throwing weapon)
- Stellar Fragment can now be crafted using only 3 types of fragments
- New boss: Magical Cube
-- Main theme of the update
-- Boss themed items
-- Own music used with permission by Bossfight
- Increased Cyber Cards damage
- New melee: Blink Blade (Originally suggested by @Unicorn666 as Flash Sword)
- Fixed a bug related to stucked Firespark Boots
- Fixed Thrown Vampire Knives getting health even with Moon Bite debuff
- New summon weapon: Arcade Staff
- Cyber Cards are now infinite
- Changed Stylish Stalker, Phantasmal Buster and Space Blaster use position
- Updated to Terraria and tModLoader
- New magic weapon: Tech Smite
- New ranged weapon: Bit Cannon
- Modified the three essences
- Frozen Shiny Stone can now stop generating spores by hiding its visual
- New armor: Chameleon Warrior
- Reduced Star Kitty damage and use time
- New easter egg
- Changed Neo Glasses name and recipe
- New ranged weapon: Bit Hole
- New wings: Hard Coded
- Converting Throwable items now uses Throwing Mastery again, but cannot be converted back (Bug about changing from melee to throwing to get a better modifier)
- Removed an old boss 'prototype' from the mod (Lunar Sigil)
- New summoner item: Cube Staff
+ I don't know if this will be the last content update of the mod, I'm currently very unmotivated with Terraria, probably the other updates will be bugfixes only, also, this update was not finished, I just wanted to publish it before i quit.

- Resprited Mana Tear
- Updated to tModLoader
- Changed Stellar Card card from "1" of diamonds to the ace of diamonds
- Increased Paladin Bar drop in Normal and more in Expert
- Stellar Ninja set and Firespark Boots particles are now dyeable
- Firespark Boots and Stellar Ninja set rocket boots effect now stacks each other
- Suggested by TeraXVoid:
-- New items: Card Glove and Tera Card Glove
-- New card: Crystal Card
-- New item: Odd Quiver
- Wasp and Hornet items now get bonuses from Rotten Beehive instead of just Bee items
- Reduced Stellar Shuriken damage
- Reduced pre-Hardmode cards damage
- Increased Hardmode cards damage (exc Stellar Card and Cyber Cards)
- Greatly reduced the Stealth Mark price
- Changed the Assassin Mark particle animation

v0.6.3.71 [Hotfix]
- Fixed a wrong information in Stellar Ninja Breastplate
- Increased Cyber Card (Agile) attack speed and projectile speed
- Fixed player getting Stellar Ninja skill without equipping the set

- Changed Stellar Ninja Set (Credits goes to @--Elias--):
-- Defense increased from 50 to 57
-- Changed some bonus to not conflict with the bonuses of Stellar Ninja Gear
-- Changed extra ability conditions
-- Changed throwing damage bonus
- Fixed Stellar Ninja Gear not showing as an expert item as it requires an expert item to be created
- Reduced Stellar Ninja Gear throwing bonus as I increased the Stellar Ninja Set damage
- Increased Cyber Card (Agile) speed
- Virus! debuff now makes the target 20% less resistant to damage
- Fixed Thrown-vanilla projectiles not having thrown damage as the item
- Fixed Solar-excaliburs from Sky Breaker piercing the ground
- Changed Stellar Ninja Set, Stellar Shuriken and Shiny Kunai sprites (All credits to @--Elias--, used with permission)
- Changed Stellar Ninja Gear sprite and name

- Changed drop rates and recipes from Paladin items
- Fixed miss spelling from some texts
- Fixed Firespark Boots particle position when mounted
- Updated to tModLoader 0.8.2 & Terraria
- Fixed a bug related with an annoying zoom
- Fixed a bug related with non-transparent projectiles
- Started the "Cyber" items
- Changed Spoiled Honey name
- Stealth Mark now works with ninja-related items from other mods
- Updated Mark tutorial

v0.6.3.51 [Hotfix]
- Fixed world don't loading due to a "paladinGive" variable
- Fixed Bee Keeper not getting bonuses from Spoiled Honey
- Added a way to get the Zoaklen's Coat
- Increased Spoiled Honey bonus damage
- Also fixed wrong details in the mod description

- Common Shurikens can now be crafted
- Fixed a "small" bug where Stealth Mark is not sold by the Merchant
- Added my developer "armor"
- Easter Egg item now have a new particle animation
- Changed Neo Glasses matrix particles animation
- Fixed Kunais don't being crafted with Lead Bars
- Renamed "Gilded" items due to not having a Space-related name
- New item: Spoiled Honey
- Updated to Terraria 1.3.1/tModLoader 0.8.1
- Reduced Golden Card damage and penetrations
- Paladin Set is now a throwing set

- Reduced Kunai damage
- New thrown weapon: Shiny Kunai
- Changed the Frozen Shiny Stone sprite a bit
- Changed Shadow Ninja set recipe
- Frozen Shiny Stone now have 40 base damage and is summon damage based
- Flying Knife, Toxic Flask and Shadowflame Knife can now be converted to throwing damage
- Changed Throwing Mastery tooltip to not confuse it as a Material
- New mark: Stealth Mark
- Changed some items tooltips
- Changed some elements from the Gilded Ninja Set:
-- Changed Gilded Ninja set bonus
-- Equipping the Gilded Ninja Gear with the full set now gives a new bonus
-- The armor now protect from Chilled and Frozen
-- Reduced the leggings speed due to the new bonus
-- Changed a bit the Gilded Set items inventory icon
- Updated thrown versions inventory icons
- Fixed Scourge of the Corruptor being deleted when you change it to throwing

- Shadow Ninja Set now increases the throwing damage/critical strike chance instead of ranged
- Changed some pixels from the Gilded Shuriken, The Hallow's Eve and the Hidden Shooter Set
- The Hallow's Eve ability changed
- Fixed Shadow Ninja Set bonus tooltip
- Renamed Space Buster to Space Blaster
- Resprited Cookie
- Inverted Hallowed Arrow inventory icon to look more like the other arrows
- New thrown weapon: Kunai
- Ghost Shurikens now pass through walls
- Removed Gilded Shuriken fixed critical strike chance

- New ranged weapon: The Hallow's Eve
- Changed Nebula Crystal:
-- Shooting range reduced from 1000ft to 300ft
-- Now spawns in your mouse position
-- Damage decreased to 100
-- Changed staff sprite (Created by Hayar)
- New ammo: Hallowed Arrow
- New ranged weapon: Space Buster
- New ranged weapon: Stylish Stalker
- Gilded Ninja set now have a Golden light effect
- Changed some set bonus tooltips (the text was a bit strange with new lines)
- Fixed Elemental Dagger costing mana
- Changed Elemental Dagger sprite

- Changed Sky Breaker recipe, sprite, damage, use time and use type
- Nerfed all the cards:
-- Increased use time by 25%
-- Damage reduced
-- Diamond Mark now costs 2 Platinums
- Fixed Endless Holy Quiver dropping more holy arrows
- Gem Shurikens now have their own light color
- New food: Cookie
- Gilded Cards are now pre-Moon Lord
- Changed Neo Glasses recipe
- Fixed the permanent buff items showing 1 sec as time left
- New summoner weapon: Nebula Crystal

- New weapons: Sun Dagger, Sun Sword and Sun Flower
- Last Soul rarity and mana cost changed
- Star Kitty storm cats doesn't penetrates enemies anymore
- Firespark Boots now grants Swiftness buff
- Firespark Boots and Gilded Ninja Leggings now have hovering sounds
- Changed some Essences calculations, now rarer items gives more essences
- Fixed Elemental Dagger not crafting with the common Magic Dagger
- Changed the Essences sprites
- Reduced Phoenix Blade size a bit
- New Easter Egg item to comemorate the 10000 downloads of the mod
- New item: Neo Glasses
- Phoenix Blade recipe changed, now it can only be crafted in hardmode
- Reduced Year of the Dolphin confetti particles
- Changed Summoner Necklace sprite and name
- New material: Moon Fragments
- Changed a bit the Phoenix Blade cursed inferno damage buff

- Removed Throwing Mastery
- Now you can convert items from melee to throwing damage by right-clicking them
- Resprited Phoenix Blade
- Reduced Assassin and Bullseye Mark damage
- New sprite animation for Protector Mark
- Fixed Thrown Vampire Daggers throwing just 1 Vampire Dagger
- Year of the Dolphin now have 6 colors
- New card mark: Diamond Mark
- Shadowflame Staff damage increased from 30 to 50
- Shadowflame Staff is now an ingredient for the Shadow Essence
- Shadowflame Apparition minion now have a shadowflame trail
- New card: Gilded Card (Switched sprite with the Golden Card and the new sprite)
- Fixed an exploit related to Life Crystals and Marks
- Gilded Ninja Set now have a major life regeneration bonus
- Paladin's Hammer is now a throwable item

- Increased Phoenix Blade sprite size
- Phoenix Blade now have particle effects
- Phoenix Blade fireballs now throws 3 fireballs with 40% of the original sword damage
- Phoenix Blade attacks now creates light
- Added new mark: Protector Mark
- Added new melee weapon: Magic Sword
- Fixed Obsidian Set bonuses
- Gladiator Armor is now a throwing armor
- Hoplites (Skeleton Gladiators) now have 25% chance to drop a Gladiator Armor instead of 2%
- New throwing items: Deck Card, Ichor Card, Cursed Card, Golden Card and Explosive Card
- Fixed Celestial Clock can't being craftable

- Fixed Throwing Bloody Machete & Wooden Boomerang inventory icons
- Fixed Throwing Flamarang can't being crafted with Throwing Enchanted Boomerang & 10 Hellstone Bars
- Created the marks system
- Added Assassin Mark and Bullseye Mark
- Removed Hidden Shooter invisibility bonus
- Hidden Shooter Set now increases your critical strike damage by 50%
- Fixed Hidden Shooter set not craftable with Adamantites
- Fixed Paladin Set not increasing Paladin's Hammer damage
- Added Celestial Clock
- Gilded Shuriken critical damage is fixed in 50% no matter your critical strike chance
- New melee weapon: Phoenix Sword

- Updated mod to tModLoader 0.8
- I am stupid so I skipped 2 versions of this mod cause of fails

- Lowered Sky Breaker particles
- Changed Sky Breaker description
- Fixed Firespark Boots not walking over liquids
- Changed Hidden Shooter Head sprite
- Changed Gilded Shuriken ability
- Changed Gilded Ninja Belt name
- Gilded Ninja Belt now increase throwing velocity
- Fixed some Gilded Ninja Belt tooltips
- Year of the Dolphin converts Musket Balls to Party Bullets
- New ammo: Endless Diversified Quiver and Pouch
- Changed Last Soul attack system (It was so OP that you could kill instantly any boss by spamming before the battle)
Suggested by @Leh Rummy:
- Lowered gem shurikens damage
Suggested by @Unicorn666:
- Changed Ninja Amulet skin (Made by himself)
Suggested by @Mine_Sasha:
- Frozen Shiny Stone nows summons spores just like the original one

- Fixed Rainbow Rod & Last Prism not being Materials to craft the Last Soul
- Phantasm Buster damage increased from 25 to 45
Suggested by @3LAMESTUDIO:
- Sky Breaker projectiles spawntime increased
- Sky Breaker projectiles damage increased
- Year of The Dolphin extra shoot is now the same bullet of the original
- Star Kitty storm cats increased from 5 to 6
- Star Kitty now have a new power
- Lowered final weapons sell and reforge price

- Fixed Elemental Dagger using common Magic Dagger as recipe instead of the thrown one
- Final items combinations now costs 10 Platinum
- New magic weapon: Last Soul
Suggested By @Cyanogynist:
- New ranged weapon: Year of the Dolphin
- New melee weapon: Sky Breaker

- Star Kitty storm cats now falls exactly in the center where the Nyan Cat disappeared
- Star Kitty edge cats now have 6 cats instead of 2
- The vanilla throwing customized items now need to be converted to throwing damage using a "Throwing Mastery"
- New ranged weapon: Phantasm Buster

- Star Kitty edge cats now falls exactly in the center where the Nyan Cat disappeared
- Retextured Paladin's Armor
- Enchanted Paladin Hammer and Bar removed
- Paladin now have 75% chance to drop 1 Paladin Bar
- Expanders will be added later unbuggy
- Removed a lost item in the mod (a Barrett M28A1 that could be crafted with 10 Illegal Gun Parts and 1 Sniper Rifle)

- Fixed bug where some accessories/set bonuses doesn't work in Expert mode
- Easier ways to get the recipes for the Easter Egg item
- Firespark Boots now only have the fire trail while running and touching ground
- Firespark Boots now negates fall damage
- Novice Expander (new expanders will be added later, suggested by Durcky, based on Accessory Slots +R1 [this item does not modify the GUI])
- New melee sword: Star Kitty

- Decreased Elemental Dagger damage from 45 to 40
- Elemental Dagger debuffs time increased from 5 to 10 seconds
- Fire Essence now can be crafted with any fire-themed item
- Ice Essence now can be crafted with any ice-themed item
- Shadow Essence now can be crafted with any shadow-themed item
- New Ranged/Throwing arctic-themed set (Suggestion by robofifty5)
- Also lowered Elemental Dagger trail size

- Fixed bug where the Gilded Emblem is crafted with the Warrior Emblem and not with the Ninja Emblem
- Elemental Dagger now have a multi-colored trail
- Easter Egg item now have particle effects like the original item
- Changed Enchanted Paladin Bar crafting recipe
- Changed Paladin Bar drop rate
- Firespark Boots now have a flaming effect
- Slightly increased Firespark Boots speed

- Magic Dagger no longer consumes mana
- Magic Dagger is now auto-swing
- Magic Dagger damage reduced from 40 to 35
- Added Elemental Dagger
- Fixed Shadowflame Staff damage

- Added Gilded Emblem and Throwing Emblem
- Added Shadow Ninja Set

- Now really fixed the Minion remove bug - thanks to @jopojelly
- Added Endless Holy Quiver As suggested by @Microwave (OP-ness)! ❤

- Fixed bug where you can't remove your minions by removing the buff
- Removed Minion Sacrifice Staff

- Added Minion Sacrifice Staff (Staff that sacrifices one minion on use)
- Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond and Topaz Shurikens
- Gilded Ninja Set now have an after-move effect
- Enchanted Paladin's Hammer damage reduced from 200 to 100 (Attack while you have the entire Enchanted Paladin Set equipped increases the base damage by 50)
- Enchanted Paladin's Hammer use time increased from 10 to 15
- Enchanted Paladin's Hammer base critical strike chance decreased from 30 to 20

- Some pre-hardmode and hardmode weapons are now throwing (but I will create more)
- Obsidian set is now a Throwing armor with 20 defense

- The first version that I think it needed to be released

Mod Marks


Zoaklen - Original creator
Deivix - Giving me the idea of reviving the Tree of Life mod
Sprite Anon - I took some suggestions from him in the forum
Torwent - Original Tree of Life mod
--Elias-- - Made some nice sprites and helped me spriting
abluescarab - Updated it/owner of the github source-code

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just a thought but it might be a good idea to keep a changelog on this page, i like this mod but i can't keep up with the content added, i don't know what there is. :0

shoot i almost forgot to mention, the creeper staff, the orb staff and the shadowflame staves all act weird, i can't cancel them all, only one, then i have to wait for them to despawn or exit and re-enter the world
After updating the mod a few minutes ago, the mod items that I had in my inventory (from this mod), which I'd used almost an hour to make, vanished. PS. On second glance, all my mod items got removed, like, from all mods I have.


Yup, too much yellow. You should make those items more... white maybe? Golden and white together look amazing.


Amazing mod! I'll be sure to use it on my next playthrough! Might just be my love for yellow, but I have no problems with the yellow items. I actually love them.



I will put a changelog, and thanks for the bug-report I will try to fix it


Gilded Ninja Set or Paladin Set?
I meant both in fact. Ninja has some whitness in it but I think that it's still too bright. It's a ninja set, shadows, right? :)
(I don't get that Easter Egg, so maybe it should be that way)



Yes but because of that I named it the "Gilded" Ninja
But I can add a "Shadow" Ninja set

(It's not the sprite, it's just a style for the set)


- Minion Sacrifice Staff (Staff that sacrifices one minion on use)
- Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond and Topaz Shurikens
- Gilded Ninja Set now have a after-move effect
- Nerfed Enchanted Paladin's Hammer:
Damage reduced from 200 to 100 (Using while you have the entire Enchanted Paladin Set equipped increases the base damage by 50)
Use time increased from 10 to 15
Base critical strike chance decreased from 30 to 20
I'm editing the content with the infos and images
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