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Recent content by Banmei

  1. Banmei

    Lava Charm - Why not in every world?

    The boots are great and got even better when becoming Terraspark. The fact that you have all of those abilities jam packed into one accessory slot makes it a must use for a large portion of the game. Yeah all but the flight can be replaced with potions but as an avid potion user I get to the...
  2. Banmei

    Working as Designed Can't place a piggybank on platforms

    Not a bug, it works on the two flat platforms. But when one of the platforms is inclined with a hammer it ceases to become a 2-wide flat platform. So it's then invalid.
  3. Banmei

    I killed Fishron with paper airplanes and the moon lord with a wooden bow on master

    Have to be a Grinch here but I'd like to see you do that without the God-like Speed and movement abilities.
  4. Banmei

    Queen Slime vs. Everyone Else: Part 2

    I think I see where he was going with this and yes I do think with the right combination this all has the potential to be very useful for that time and period in the game. It all screams summoner to me minus a real effective summoning weapon at that point in the game. I also do not see why...
  5. Banmei

    Any tips for Hardcore mode?

    I disagree with #3. Monsters only spawn in and near discovered areas of a map. That's why the first time you explore anywhere the spawn is higher than normal. The more that is explored the more diluted and spread out the spawn is making it less likely that a mob will come from just one area.
  6. Banmei

    Ask the Execution of Ocram

    In your opinion, what is it that makes the Terraria forums community so great? It's highly praised and coveted by the moderators and.....some.....other folks....
  7. Banmei

    tModLoader Error (18,50) CS1503: Argument 2: cannot convert from 'string' to 'Terraria.Localization.LocalizedText'

    It seems as though a function is required to place the ore name into initialization. Might have something to do with localization. I found this in the tutorials, try replicating the format for your ore and see if it works: ModTranslation name = CreateMapEntryName(); name.SetDefault("Tutorial...
  8. Banmei

    Random Inquiries!

    Do you think the US truly had Naval superiority in WW2? When you look into some of the Japanese technology and experience kind of makes you wonder.
  9. Banmei

    PC Custom Hair-do's

    I feel the same way. Takes me a while to select my hair when making a new character. Not because there are so many options, but because there are so few that I like. Most IMO look like Anime or Glanour shots styles. I like this one.
  10. Banmei

    PC Ultimate basic guide to a pure world

    Judging from your picture it looks like a distance of four blocks. I never bothered to notice this before.
  11. Banmei

    I Was Wondering

    They already did for Ranger and Summoner. It's called Death. It's a Master Mode exclusive available very early on. In all seriousness though, isn't the Terraprisma crazy enough? At least as far as new super summons go.
  12. Banmei

    Endless Rocket 1's

    In single player I don't see why it would hurt I was thinking more along the lines of multiplayer. I hope you're not trying to make a statement that a Grenadier is a legitimate subclass of Ranged. You get your first rocket launcher mid-Hardmode and I think there is only one item that...
  13. Banmei

    I'm Running out of Ideas for Texture packs. HELP ME!

    Very nice! I see you added other FF things too.
  14. Banmei

    Looking for information on how Passive AI moves

    You've got part of it down. The stairs to the top right won't work because they are not connected. The AI doesn't process this. The basic concept of: Bedroom to left of living room, Bedroom to right of living room, Living room inbetween bedrooms is good. The seem to want to socialize when they...
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