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  • The most epic story
    If the next ep baum says this series is not gonna end. This is gonna be the same till next year.
    *1 YEAR LATER, after the ep. 30 I mean*
    Baum : This is still not the last ep.

    So then next next year(2019, where I will get out of my school),this guy would do another one titled : Calamity:REVENGEANCE .
    The End
    Someone: Cool story bro!
    Cool 1.2 got released(calamity)soon after baum said he would look like a idiot when the new update comes out...Anyways, there is the new boss that requires (an easter egg) you to kill some new mobs in the dungeon, and I must say, I would look like a idiot to baum cause he already started recording and he already knew this and by the time he reads finish this he probably says he already he knew that.
    You know what? fulfill what everybody has been trying to achieve since the dawn of 1.3: kill the moonlord with a broken wooden hammer.
    U no wat?I think he is gonna craft the exoblade, and find the yharim's crystal, 2 words:Good Luck
    And too, if you actually fight doggy again and putting it as the thumbmail thing. Congarts, you just made your [Insert the number of worm bosses thumbmail thing cause I am too lazy to find out]worm tumbmail thing.
    B-Baum i-i want to tell you something... y-you are the best terraria youtuber i've ever watched good luck in the next mods and in the channel. Keep up the good work! I started watching your videos because: you are funny, a true pro and you have a great editing skills!
    well, baum, since the calamity series is about to end, i'd like to ask some questions.

    1. what was your favorite weapon you used?
    2. who was the easiest boss and the hardest boss?
    3. what was your favorite soundtrack?
    4. do you have any things this mod can improve? (i'm not a dev or anything. i'd just like to know.)
    Things that would stop baum:
    End of the world
    Revenge S.Calamitas
    Killing Moonlord in one hit
    ok ok now im serious i REALLY need your help on tips i asked everybody and im 100% sure that you'll say that im a noob but can you give me tips for expert skeletron? ik my noob level is 99999999999999999999999999+%. here's a picture of my stuff
    I can't believe that you thought of dark sun, but not a bloody orb which looks like a blood moon
    s-s-shut uuup
    I'm a pro and I 100% know what I'm doing!
    We'll see, if the next ep. you killed the final boss in less than 5 minutes.
    Or maybe you killed that pro 99% almost prepare to cary mode Yharon
    The final boss cannot be fought in the next ep.
    This warning came from a person who instantly got rekt by S.C. on a attempt to , use the phrase "I don't know the boss yet , I want to get to know him first,
    Y'Know hugs and kisses...
    ...Before he murders my face"
    Don't do what I did.
    Destroy everything for space.
    Don't use your world
    Hey baum! Another weapon for people who helped MountDrew!
    Omniblade , IDK why it took me that to find out , but I forgot how to craft dem dev bars,
    It is a good secondary weapon as the debuff (20%) will rekt 50 points of defence ,
    IDK about you but it is great.
    (I did 3106285 dam to a guardian IDK how...)
    Oh really sorry i didn't know
    ChaoticFlame 多情
    ChaoticFlame 多情
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    Hey Baum can you tell me the Terraria server IP for your server thanks
    Gearzoid II
    Gearzoid II
    Bud the server is closed for now. The closed BETA finished quite a while ago.
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