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  • Okay,
    so this advice comes .
    Kill some mothrons
    Gearzoid II
    Gearzoid II
    Once he defeats Yharon, Mothrons will drop Darksun Fragments, which he can use to craft some very special items.
    Right , and also , this advice comes when he started recording , and hopefully , killed [insert name here] already
    Baum! The Greatsword of Judgement got an upgrade! It now upgrades to the Greatsword of Blah! But you will need to kill Yharon first so after you kill him craft the greatsword.
    A memorial to the modder who inspired MountianDrew to create calamity...
    (Aside the fact Baum is also a person who inspire him, at give Baum a thing , weapon or something)
    Now he rekt bumble[insert word here],
    it is time to fight [insert dem names here].
    And also , here is a advice :
    Darken your screen
    The calamity mod series is probably the most enjoyable one to watch so far. Also, would you consider playing a mix of mods together ? Like Calamity X Thorium mod and such.
    D.O.G. deaths (me)
    21% Block
    5% spit on screen so I cannot see
    31%So slow until it freezes and when it starts moving I am dead
    3%FUS RO DAH!!
    10%Using a cell phone to teleport into the mouth , but somehow not choking him
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    E X P A N S I O N P A C K
    E X P A N S I O N P A C K
    It's so laggy on my potato that I took a bathroom break and it was still on the same frame when I came back.
    I use a potato to charge my computer.
    The ASUS Republic of gamer
    worth it
    Oh yeah , buam there is a new boss , and the summoning item needs lihzard bricks
    this guy gives you materials for bars of life and cores of calamity
    so the next summoning item is totally worth it,
    and it also drops cores of calamity and bars of life
    Terratomere(you are overpowered)
    Anarchy Blade (A broken hero to guide)
    Baleful harvester(the horseman's blade)
    Celestial Claymore(Keys o' light)
    Flarefrost blade(you should still have it)
    Phoenix blade ( Breaker blade)
    Stellar Striker (you should still have it)
    Terra Cotta (Brunt Sienna , meteorite bar to the guide)
    Draedon Forge(you know)
    Who said it was hard?

    Meme time! You might like this one, you might not. I thought it would be a good one though ^^.
    baum i challenge you to kill dog in Revengeance Mode it is like the prepare to cry mode but harder you will get murasama not muramasa its a powerful sword. and becareful THERE WILL BE BLOOD.
    Gearzoid II
    Gearzoid II
    Ohh, so your trying to play my game... Eh go ahead :P . And the bottom link wont open/work because it was copied from your file explorer.
    I think , since you are a Baum fan , you should know where I am going.
    Well , you should watch all the baum vids and find those memes.
    (There is also funny part where baum forgot about ep 1 , buffed vanilla bosses , but that is too late , he watched ep 1 again)
    How about a Exoblade?That thing is awesome , check it out on the latest update, it may be some reference to the Elemental Excalibur from the Avalon mod.
    Since it has that freeze debuff that even the final boss cannot stand , but that is sometimes.
    If you want to make it. Give a Hardmode anvil to the guide (Crafting station) , and a Terratomere .
    Wait. I am a few days to late
    You can win the devourer of gods easily by creating an arena.
    Try your best to stay on the same level for as long as possible cos he will charge at you with his head.then use the elemental lance to strike him and deal full damage to his head and 1 damage to his body parts. Thx for reading and good luck use any other weapon but i like tat lance
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