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  1. CSz

    Resolved [Mobile] I use stick jump :swipe up and i can’t jump on the rope ;-;

    Same. I need to use the jump button to get out.
  2. CSz

    Mobile Purchase faster items

    strange, as far as I know in the mobile version, the buying speed is very slow compared to PC.
  3. CSz

    Mobile Purchase faster items

    I noticed that the speed of buying items is slower, compared to PC, would you have a chance to make buying items or even crafting faster in a future update? Thanks. :)
  4. CSz

    Mobile Terraria Mobile 1.3 Release Date Revealed!

    It's already 00:28, so ... I'm going to sleep to wake up to the beautiful news of the 1.3 update ... I am Brazilian, and surely others are waiting too!:happy:
  5. CSz

    Mobile Two laser eye (optic staff)

    I was in the dungeon killing some monsters, when I went to invoke the twin (optic staff), but instead of leaving a laser eye and another mouth, two laser eyes came out, not that it interferes, of course.
  6. CSz

    Console 1.3: The Final Push!

    "P.S: We're having discussions currently about a possible release date. We aren't avoiding the question; however we want to ensure we're giving out accurate information." Oh yes *w*
  7. CSz

    Console 1.3: A Progress Update on the Road to Certification

    Wanted to ask a question, will stability be better on versions 1.3 on console / mobile? or will it be worse?
  8. CSz

    One Terraria: An Introduction & Future Impacts

    really this is my dream have support for mods for terraria console / mobile :p, for example after you finish terraria completely since doing event and finish everything until fight against all the boss and to catch all the rare intens of the game (type I did it all I swear that took months to...
  9. CSz

    One Terraria: An Introduction & Future Impacts

    is sad but do what, at least the mobile terraria and console will get closer to being equal to the pc `:sigh: (Sorry for bad english)
  10. CSz

    One Terraria: An Introduction & Future Impacts

    A no Ocram I will miss you every time I think of 1.2 terraria mobile in the future I will miss you when you always killed me :naughty: but for now I'll enjoy it while you're alive!:pumpking:
  11. CSz

    no problem, new friend! ;)

    no problem, new friend! ;)
  12. CSz

    Eh eh, Thanks! :)

    Eh eh, Thanks! :)
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